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1 UP

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A 1 UP,[1][2] also spelt 1-UP[3] or referred to by various other names such as Spare Body[4] or Extra Life Capsule,[5] is a common item in the Mega Man franchise that grants the player another "life" when picked up. In most games, the player begins a game with a set number of these lives, which are used up when the player character dies and allow the player to continue from the last reached checkpoint as long as they have lives left. If all are lost, a Game Over is reached, which typically boots the player back to the stage select or title screen and resets the life counter to the starting amount for the next attempt.

1 UPs are rare items characteristically represented by the active player character's head (or sometimes helmet), though other designs have also been used, such as an iconic letter "Z" in the Zero era. Due to their power of extending the player's playtime until a Game Over, they are treated as valuable items that are often hidden, though they also have a low chance of dropping from defeated enemies in almost all games that include them.



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