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Mega Man X4

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Damage data
Game Info
MMX4 - Box Art.jpg
Box Art
General information
Game Title(s):Mega Man X4, Megaman X4, Rockman X4
Publisher(s):Capcom (JP, NA), Virgin Interactive (PAL)
Release Date(s):
JP: August 1, 1997
NA: September 25, 1997
EU: October 13, 1997
Sega Saturn:
JP: August 1, 1997
NA: October 1, 1997
JP: December 3, 1998
NA: 1999
EU: 1999
Genre(s):Action, Platformer
Game mode(s):Single Player
Sega Saturn

Mega Man X4, known in Japan as Rockman X4 (ロックマンX4, Rokkuman X4) is the fourth entry in the main X series, developed by Capcom and released for the PlayStation and Sega Saturn in 1997, and later for Windows in 1998-1999. It is the first X era game exclusive to 32-bit consoles, introducing a new style that would be kept by the following two entries.


The aerial fortress Sky Lagoon comes under attack, causing a catastrophe as it falls on top of a city. Suspicion falls on Repliforce, but when the Maverick Hunters request an investigation, the militia refuses. As a result, Repliforce is branded Maverick. Mired in resentment and aiming for independence, Repliforce enters a large-scale conflict against the Hunters. While X and Zero try to control the situation, Sigma secretly fuels the confrontation from both sides...[1]


Name Sprite Description
X MMX4 - X.gif X is the main character. He is captain of the Maverick Hunters 17th Unit. His heart is constantly torn between a sense of duty to protect peace and a kindness that makes him hesitant to fight.[2]
Zero MMX4 - Zero.gif An SA-Class Hunter who is a close friend of X, being one of the few to understand him. He is the captain of the Special 0 Unit, and always stays calm and carries out his duties without hesitation.[2]
Double MMX4 - Double.png A novice Hunter who has joined the Maverick Hunters. His personality is rash and clumsy. As X's assistant, he provides various support.[2]
Iris MMX4 - Iris.png Colonel's younger sister. She was saved by Zero during this incident, and she gradually became attracted to him. She tries to stop the fight between her brother and Zero, but...[2]
Colonel MMX4 - Colonel.gif A young officer in Repliforce, an army made up entirely of Reploids. He is not only an excellent soldier, but also has a kind side that cares for his subordinates and his sister.[2]
General MMX4 - General.png The supreme commander of Repliforce, who is trusted and respected by all his soldiers. However, he suddenly starts a coup d'état and becomes hostile to X and the others.[2]
Sigma MMX4 - Sigma (2nd form).png A former Maverick Hunter leader, who became Maverick himself after an encounter with Zero. Sigma was thought to be eliminated, but now appears to be secretly pulling the strings of both Repliforce and the Maverick Hunters.
Dr. Light MMX4 - Dr. Light.gif The creator of X, who has left Light Capsules to deliver him Armor Parts years after his own passing.
Dr. Wily MMX4 - Dr. Wily.png A mysterious silhouette appearing in Zero's dreams. In reality, Dr. Wily is Zero's creator, and urges him to fulfill his destiny by destroying X.


Minor Enemies

Name Sprite Description
Batton Bone B81 MMX4 - Batton Bone B81.png
Beam Cannon MMX4 - Beam Cannon.png
Blast Raster MMX4 - Blast Raster.png
Death Guardian MMX4 - Death Guardian.png
Dejira MMX4 - Dejira.png
E-AT MMX4 - E-AT.png
Fly Gunner MMX4 - Fly Gunner.png
Giga Death MMX4 - Giga Death.png
Guardian MMX4 - Guardian.png
Hornet MMX4 - Hornet.png
Hover Gunner MMX4 - Hover Gunner.png
Ice Wing MMX4 - Ice Wing.png
Item Carrier MMX4 - Item Carrier.png
Kill Fisher MMX4 - Kill Fisher.png
King Poseidon MMX4 - King Poseidon.png
Knot Beret B MMX4 - Knot Beret B.png
Knot Beret G MMX4 - Knot Beret B.png
Knot Beret S MMX4 - Knot Beret S.png
Kyunbyuun MMX4 - Kyunbyuun.png
Mad Bull 97 MMX4 - Mad Bull 97.png
Magma boulder[conj.] MMX4 - Magma boulder.png
Mega Nest MMX4 - Mega Nest.png
Metal Gabyoall MMX4 - Metal Gabyoall.png
Metal Hawk MMX4 - Metal Hawk.png
Metall D2 MMX4 - Metall D2.png
Miru Toraeru MMX4 - Miru Toraeru.png
Obiiru MMX4 - Obiiru.png
Plasma Cannon MMX4 - Plasma Cannon.png
Prominence MMX4 - Prominence.png
Raiden MMX4 - Raiden.png
Spider Core MMX4 - Spider Core.png
Spike Marl MMX4 - Spike Marl.png
Spiky Mk-II MMX4 - Spiky Mk-II.png
Tentoroid BS MMX4 - Tentoroid BS.png
Tentoroid RS MMX4 - Tentoroid RS.png
Togerics MMX4 - Togerics.png
Tonboroid S MMX4 - Tonboroid S.png
Trap Blast MMX4 - Trap Blast.png
TriScan MMX4 - TriScan.png
Walk Shooter MMX4 - Walk Shooter.png
Yukidarubon MMX4 - Yukidarubon.png

Mini Bosses

Name Sprite Description Weakness
X Zero
DG-42L MMX4 - DG-42L.png
Eyezard MMX4 - Eyezard.png
Generaid Core MMX4 - Generaid Core.png
Tentoroid MMX4 - Tentoroid.png



Name Sprite Description Weapon Weakness
X Zero
Web Spider MMX4 - Web Spider.png Comes down from the ceiling by a thread and launches a web that homes in on X/Zero, which not only damages the Hunter but also renders him immobile until he is able to wiggle free. At half health, he gains a new pattern, spinning webs in the centre of the screen that he quickly scitters between diagonally, either continuing to fire homing webs or releasing small spiders that crawl up the walls.

His weakness can cause him to fall down and be briefly stunned if used on the thread he is hanging by, but only during his first phase.

Lightning Web Twin Slasher Kuuenbu
Cyber Peacock MMX4 - Cyber Peacock.png His weakness interrupts his attacks and causes him to teleport away immediately, potentially preventing him from ever attacking. Aiming Laser Soul Body Ryuenjin
Storm Owl MMX4 - Storm Owl.gif Flies in from different directions to use various attacks. His weakness interrupts his attacks and forces him to leave. Double Cyclone Aiming Laser Rakuhouha
Magma Dragoon MMX4 - Magma Dragoon.png His weakness resets his pattern, forcing him to jump over X/Zero and potentially preventing him from ever attacking. Rising Fire Double Cyclone Shippuuga/Raijingeki
Jet Stingray MMX4 - Jet Stingray.gif Floats down from the sky on either side of the room to release ground-tracing enemies and/or swoop down at X/Zero. He may also sink into the water and generate a vortex to draw X/Zero towards him. At half health, he gains another attack that allows him to fly vertically at X/Zero from above or below.

His weakness interrupts his attacks and causes him to leave immediately after floating down, potentially preventing him from ever attacking.

Ground Hunter Frost Tower Hyouretsuzan/Kuuenbu
Split Mushroom MMX4 - Split Mushroom.gif A fast opponent able to create holographics clones of himself. His weakness knocks him down and resets his pattern, forcing him to jump and cling to the opposite wall when he gets up and potentially preventing him from ever attacking. Soul Body Lightning Web Raijingeki
Slash Beast MMX4 - Slash Beast.png His weakness knocks him down and resets his pattern to attempting to lunge at X/Zero repeatedly. Twin Slasher Ground Hunter Kuuenbu
Frost Walrus MMX4 - Frost Walrus.gif His weakness briefly sets him on fire and resets his pattern. Frost Tower Rising Fire Ryuenjin

Other Bosses

Name Sprite Description Weakness
X Zero
Colonel (Memorial Hall) MMX4 - Colonel.gif Frost Tower Kuuenbu
Colonel (Space Port) MMX4 - Colonel.gif Frost Tower Kuuenbu
Double MMX4 - Double.gif Only fought by X. Attacking him with his weakness causes bouncing saw blades or horizontally moving saucers to spawn from his body, making the fight harder. Double Cyclone N/A
Iris MMX4 - Transformed Iris.gif Only fought by Zero. N/A Kuuenbu
General MMX4 - General.png Twin Slasher Kuuenbu
Sigma (1st form) MMX4 - Sigma (1st form).gif Rising Fire Ryuenjin
Sigma (2nd form) MMX4 - Sigma (2nd form).png Lightning Web Kuuenbu
Sigma (phase 3) Mini Bodies MMX4 - Sigma Mini.png Sigma's conscious is split between two main entities - an alien gunner (Sigma Gunner) and a giant head (Earth Sigma)- accompanied by three additional elemental-based heads, with the fight alternating between phases of fighting each form or dealing with the heads by themselves.

The gunner form may aim and fire multiple shots in a row, or one big laser that traces the floor; the giant head may inhale and spit out debris or blow X/Zero towards a wall of spikes on the right; the elemental heads appearing by themselves use different patterns depending on which head takes priority, with either the blue head tracing the ground with freezing breath, the red head spitting fire from the left side, or the electric head aiming plasma shots from the upper middle that split into electricity.

Both main entities have separate health bars, and must be destroyed individually, which removes them from the phase sequence; the elemental heads can be destroyed, but reappear on the next phase.

N/A Kuuenbu
Earth Sigma MMX4 - Earth Sigma.png Ground Hunter Shippuuga
Sigma Gunner MMX4 - Sigma Gunner.png Soul Body Kuuenbu


X Weapons

By default, X wields the X-Buster, a long-range buster. By defeating the eight Maverick bosses, he copies their Special Weapons with unique properties and elements. He can also upgrade his X-Buster and gain the Nova Strike by obtaining the Fourth Armor.

Name Icon Description Source
MMX4 - X-Buster Icon.png
X's default weapon. It fires up to three shots horizontally, and can be charged up for a Charge Shot of two levels. Collecting the Arm Parts alters the properties of the max Charge Shot. Default
Lightning Web
MMX4 - Lightning Web Icon.png
Fires an electric spider web that can be climbed like a wall.
Charge Shot fires an electric web that splits into eight giant webs.
Web Spider
Soul Body
MMX4 - Soul Body Icon.png
Projects an orange silhouette of X, which mimics his movement and deals damage on contact.
Charge Shot summons an invincible copy of X, which the player controls while the real X stays still.
Split Mushroom
Ground Hunter
MMX4 - Ground Hunter Icon.png
Fires a stingray drone that slides along the ground. Pressing down puts make it dive vertically.
Charge Shot fires a giant stingray drone that fires energy bolts if up or down is pressed.
Jet Stingray
Double Cyclone
MMX4 - Double Cyclone Icon.png
Throws two wind vacuums around X, which rise before disappearing.
Charge Shot throws two horizontal cyclones around X.
Storm Owl
Frost Tower
MMX4 - Frost Tower Icon.png
Summons a tower of ice around X, which falls to the ground.
Charge Shot summons giant icicles to fall from the top of the screen in groups.
Frost Walrus
Rising Fire
MMX4 - Rising Fire Icon.png
Uppercuts to throw a fireball upwards, which can burn or melt some objects.
Charge Shot uppercuts into the air surrounded by fire before releasing a fireball.
Magma Dragoon
Aiming Laser
MMX4 - Aiming Laser Icon.png
Projects a crosshair which can be angled up or down. Once the crosshair touches a target, pressing fire shoots a laser directly at them.
Charge Shot fires a constant laser in front of X, which can be angled up and down.
Cyber Peacock
Twin Slasher
MMX4 - Twin Slasher Icon.png
Fires two energy blades at two different angles.
Charge Shot fires eight energy blades in a spread, which can destroy some obstacles.
Slash Beast
Nova Strike
MMX4 - Nova Strike Icon.png
A Giga Attack that makes X jump and dash forwards, destroying anything he touches. Arm Parts

Zero Weapons

Zero wields the Z-Saber, a close-range beam saber. By defeating the eight Maverick bosses, he gains Techniques to perform with his saber. Some of these Techniques are ability upgrades, while others are brand new attacks.

Name Icon Description Source
Z-Saber N/A Zero's default weapon. On the ground, it can slash three times in quick succession for a combo. In the air, on walls, and on ladders, it can only slash once at a time. Default
MMX4 - Raijingeki Icon.png
Zero rears back before stabbing forwards, his Z-Saber becoming a lightning bolt. Web Spider
MMX4 - Kuuenzan Icon.png
Paired with Kuuenbu, Zero can perform a rolling slash while midair. Split Mushroom
MMX4 - Hienkyaku Icon.png
Zero can perform an Air Dash. Jet Stingray
MMX4 - Tenkuuha Icon.png
Turns the Z-Saber purple, giving it the ability to destroy projectiles. Storm Owl
MMX4 - Hyouretsuzan Icon.png
Zero descends into a falling stab, his Z-Saber becoming a giant icicle. Frost Walrus
MMX4 - Ryuenjin Icon.png
Zero performs a rising uppercut slash, his Z-Saber becoming a flaming blade. Magma Dragoon
MMX4 - Rakuhouha Icon.png
Zero punches the ground, releasing nine energy bolts in a peacock tail pattern. Cyber Peacock
MMX4 - Shippuuga Icon.png
Zero cancels his dash into a spinning slash. Slash Beast


Jungle (Mega Man X4)Cyber Space (Mega Man X4)Air ForceVolcano (Mega Man X4)Marine BaseBio LaboratoryMilitary TrainSnow BaseMega Man X4 Boss Select Screen
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Name Sprite Description
Life Energy MMX4 - Life Energy Small.gif MMX4 - Life Energy Large.gif MMX4 - Life Energy Max.gif Small units restore 4 points of Life Energy.
Large units restore 16 points of Life Energy.
MAX units fully restore all Life Energy.
Weapon Energy MMX4 - Weapon Energy Small.gif MMX4 - Weapon Energy Large.gif MMX4 - Weapon Energy Max.gif Small units restore 4 points of Weapon Energy.
Large units restore 16 points of Weapon Energy.
MAX units fully restore all Weapon Energy.
1-UP MMX4 - 1-UP (X).gif MMX4 - 1-UP (Z).gif Grants an extra life.
Ride Armor MMX4 - Ride Armor Raiden.png MMX4 - Ride Armor Eagle.png In a Ride Armor, the player takes no damage and can use powerful attacks. The Raiden is found in Volcano and Military Train, and can punch and slash. The Eagle is found in Air Force and Final Weapon 2, and can fly and fire homing shots.
Ride Chaser
MMX4 - Ride Chaser.png
On a Ride Chaser, the player can dash and fire laser shots. One is used in Marine Base.
Life Up
MMX4 - Life Up.gif
Permanently increases maximum Life Energy by 4 points.
Sub Tank
MMX4 - Sub Tank.gif
Grants a reserve tank which can be filled by Life Energy pickups and used later.
Weapon Sub Tank
MMX4 - Weapon Sub Tank.gif
Grants a reserve tank which can be filled by Weapon Energy pickups and used later.
EX Item
MMX4 - EX Item.gif
Permanently increases the player's initial amount of extra lives by 2.
Light Capsule
MMX4 - Light Capsule.gif
Grants Armor Parts, which apply an upgrade to X's abilities. They only appear in X's story.

Armor Parts


Related Media


Ports and Remakes

Icon Title Unlocked by Related Games
File:MMXLC - Way of the Saber.png Way of the Saber Use all of Zero's special saber techniques in a single playthrough of Mega Man X4. Mega Man X4
File:MMXLC - Fourth Armor.png Fourth Armor Obtain all four armor parts in Mega Man X4. Mega Man X4
File:MMXLC - Pew Pew.png Pew Pew Fire fully-charged shots using all of X's weapons in a single playthrough of Mega Man X4. Mega Man X4
File:MMXLC - Half the Saga.png Half the Saga Complete Mega Man X1, X2, X3, and X4. Mega Man X, Mega Man X2, Mega Man X3 and Mega Man X4
File:MMXLC - Fully Charged.png Fully Charged Obtain the EX Item, and have max. lives, energy, weapon energy, and full Sub Tanks in Mega Man X4. Mega Man X4
File:MMXLC - Tragic Destiny.png Tragic Destiny Complete Mega Man X4 (cannot be earned in Rookie Hunter mode). Mega Man X4
File:MMXLC - True Hero.png True Hero Complete Mega Man X4 as X without using the Ultimate Armor Mega Man X4
File:MMXLC - Promise Me, Zero.png Promise Me, Zero Complete X's story in Mega Man X4. Mega Man X4
File:MMXLC - He Brought Fists to a Mech Fight.png He Brought Fists to a Mech Fight Use a Ride Armor to score the final hit against Magma Dragoon in Mega Man X4. Mega Man X4
File:MMXLC - Mavericks After All.png Mavericks After All Complete Zero's story in Mega Man X4. Mega Man X4
File:MMXLC - He's Actually Called Vava.png He's Actually Called Vava Complete the opening stage of any game in both the English and Japanese versions. Mega Man X, Mega Man X2, Mega Man X3 and Mega Man X4
File:MMXLC - It Ain't Ova Till It's Nova.png It Ain't Ova Till It's Nova Use Nova Strike to score the final hit against a boss in Mega Man X4. Mega Man X4
File:MMXLC - It's Definitely Over.png It's Definitely Over Defeat Sigma Gunner and Earth Sigma in Mega Man X4 Mega Man X4

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