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Enemy Info
MM1 - Mambu Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man 1.
General information
Name(s):Mambu, Flying Shell
Appearances:Mega Man 1, Mega Man: The Wily Wars, Mega Man Powered Up
Game Info
Damage:1 (contact)

Mambu,[1] also known as Flying Shell[2] or mistakenly referred to as Kamadoma,[3] is an enemy first appearing in the original Mega Man. It is a floating metal sphere that can open up to reveal a pair of eyes, giving it an appearance vaguely similar to the original Metall.

In the Games

Classic era

Mega Man

Mambu sprite from Mega Man.

In Mega Man, Mambus are found in Cut Man Stage and Bomb Man's stage. Appearing near the end of the level, they float in from the right side of the screen, occasionally stopping in midair to open their shell fire off shots in eight directions. Once a Mambu leaves the screen or is destroyed, another floats in at the same height.

Mambus can be destroyed in one hit from any weapon, awarding 800 points, but are only vulnerable while their shell is open. As they always follow the same pattern and stop in the same spots, it is possible to memorise where their shots will be and dodge them accordingly.

Name Sprite Description HP Damage Points Stage(s)
Mambu MM1 - Mambu.png Flies across the screen from right to left, occasionally stopping to open its shell and fire bullets in eight directions. Respawns infinitely and is only vulnerable while attacking. 1 1 (contact)
800 Cut Man's stage, Guts Man's stage


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