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Mega Man V

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Game Info
MMV - Box Art NA.jpg
Box Art
General information
Game Title(s):Mega Man V, Rockman World 5
Developer(s):Minakuchi Engineering
Release Date(s):
JP: July 22, 1994
NA: September 1994
EU: November 15, 1994
Genre(s):Action, Platformer
Game mode(s):Single Player
Platform(s):Game Boy

Mega Man V', known in Japan as Rockman World 5 (ロックマンワールド5, Rokkuman Wārudo Faibu) is the fifth and final Game Boy series game in the Classic era of the Mega Man series, developed by Minakuchi Engineering and published by Capcom for the Game Boy in 1994.

The game is the only Game Boy series title to not reimagine any content from previous games, instead introducing the Stardroids, a group of alien robots led by Terra, as a completely new set of bosses. Though the basic Classic era gameplay remains intact, Mega Man V brings back the shop from the previous game and replaces the traditional Mega Buster with the Mega Arm, which fires Mega Man's arm as a returning projectile when charged. The robotic cat Tango also makes his debut, taking the place of Rush as an animal companion to Mega Man.


Name Sprite Description
Mega Man File:MMV - Mega Man.png
Dr. Light File:MMV - Dr. Light.png
Rush File:MMV - Dr. Wily.png
Rush File:MMV - Rush.png
Proto Man File:MMV - Proto Man.png
Tango MMV - Tango.png


Minor Enemies

Mini Bosses


Name Sprite Description Weapon Weakness
Mercury MMV - Mercury.png Grab Buster Black Hole
Neptune MMV - Neptune.png Salt Water Spark Chaser
Mars MMV - Mars.png Photon Missile Salt Water
Venus MMV - Venus.png Bubble Bomb Photon Missile
Pluto MMV - Pluto.png Break Dash Grab Buster
Uranus MMV - Uranus.png Deep Digger Break Dash
Jupiter MMV - Jupiter.png Electric Shock Bubble Bomb
Saturn MMV - Saturn.png Black Hole Electric Shock

Fortress Bosses

Name Sprite Description Weakness
Terra MMV - Terra.png
Enker File:MMV - Enker.png
Quint File:MMV - Quint.png
Punk File:MMV - Punk.png
Ballade File:MMV - Ballade.png
Dark Moon MMV - Dark Moon.png
Sunstar MMV - Sunstar.png
Wily Machine V (1st time) File:MMV - Wily Machine V 1st Time.png
Wily Machine V (2nd time) File:MMV - Wily Machine V 2nd Time.png
Wily Machine V (3rd time) File:MMV - Wily Machine V 3rd Time.png
Wily Machine V (4th time) File:MMV - Wily Machine V 4th time.png


Name Sprite Description
Black Hole MMV - Black Hole.png
Break Dash MMV - Break Dash.png
Bubble Bomb MMV - Bubble Bomb.png
Deep Digger MMV - Deep Digger.png
Eclectic Shock File:MMV - Eclectic Shock.png
Grab Buster MMV - Grab Buster.png
Photon Missile MMV - Photon Missile.png
Salt Water MMV - Salt Water.png
Spark Chaser MMV - Spark Chaser.png
Mega Buster MMV - Mega Buster.png
Rush Coil File:MMV - Rush Coil.png
Rush Jet File:MMV - Rush Jet.png


Mercury's stage (Mega Man V)Neptune's stage (Mega Man V)Mars's stage (Mega Man V)Venus's stage (Mega Man V)Pluto's stage (Mega Man V)Uranus's stage (Mega Man V)Jupiter's stage (Mega Man V)Saturn's stage (Mega Man V)Terra's stage (Mega Man V)Mega Man V Stage Select
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Name Sprite Description
Energy Pellet File:MMV - Energy Pellet.png
Energy Capsule File:MMV - Energy Capsule.png
Weapon Energy Pellet File:MMV - Weapon Energy Pellet.png
Weapon Energy Capsule File:MMV - Weapon Energy Capsule.png
Super Capsule File:MMV - Super Capsule.png
Power Chip File:MMV - Power Chip.png
1 UP File:MMV - 1 UP.png
Energy Tank File:MMV - Energy Tank.png
Weapon Tank File:MMV - Weapon Tank.png
Super Tank File:MMV - Super Tank.png
Mini Energy Tank File:MMV - Mini Energy Tank.png
Energy Balancer File:MMV - Energy Balancer.png
Power Generator File:MMV - Power Generator.png
MH File:MMV - MH.png
CL File:MMV - CL.png



Relation to other games

  • Ports, Remakes and Compilations:
    • Nintedo 3DS (Virtual Console)

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