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Crescent Grizzly

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Maverick Info
MMX5 - Crescent Grizzly Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man X5.
Stage portrait(s).
General information
Name(s):Crescent Grizzly, Grizzly Slash
Title(s):Wild Iron Claw[1]
Appearances:Mega Man X5
Inspiration:Grizzly bear, Moon bear
Designer:Haruki Suetsugu[1]
Game Info
Weapon(s):X5 C-Shot
X5 C-Sword
Weakness(es):X5 Spike Ball
X5 Twin Dream
Stage(s):Runaway Truck Stage

Crescent Grizzly (クレッセント・グリズリー), also known as Grizzly Slash, is a Maverick from the X era, appearing as one of the main bosses in Mega Man X5. He is a blade-themed Reploid based on a grizzly bear, who attacks with his giant drill and curved claws. He is an illegal weapons broker who possesses the Crystal Ball required for the Enigma project.

In the Games

Mega Man X5

Sprite from Mega Man X5.

Crescent Grizzly debuts in Mega Man X5 as one of the eight Mavericks on the Stage Select screen. He is a black market weapons broker who holds the Crystal Ball needed for the Enigma in the Runaway Truck Stage. He moves and attacks somewhat slowly, but can surprise the player by digging through the earth. Defeating Crescent Grizzly grants C-Shot to X and C-Sword to Zero. His weakness is the Spike Ball or Twin Dream from Spike Rosered, which briefly stuns him. A boss attack rematch with Crescent Grizzly later occurs in Zero Space Stage 4: Birth.

Other Game Appearances

Other Media

  • In the Rockman X5 manhua, Crescent Grizzly reprises his role from Mega Man X5.
  • In the Rockman Zero manga, Crescent Grizzly has a cameo appearance.
  • In the Archie Mega Man comic, Crescent Grizzly appears in the "Worlds Unite" arc as one of the many Mavericks resurrected in Sigma's army.

Official Data

Mega Man X5

Wild Iron Claw
Crescent Grizzly
A powerful bear Reploid who loves to fight tough opponents and sell the weapons he takes as trophies on the black market. He used to feel that his purpose in life was fighting and winning weapons, but lately he seems to be busier with arms dealing and doing business. Using the drill arm attached to his left hand, he can dig underground and through solid rock, and he can fire crescent shots from his giant claws. The scar on his right eye was left by Zero in a previous scuffle. He owns the Crystal Ball which can be used in the Enigma.[2][3]

Compendium of Rockman X

MMX5 - Crescent Grizzly Art.png
Runaway Truck Stage Crescent Grizzly
Weapon: C-Shot/C-Sword Weakness: Spike Ball/Twin Dream
Profile: Thanks to the rocket booster on his back, he moves lightly despite his huge body and launches himself at his opponent. He approaches the player with terrible attacks using his huge claws and drill.
Attack: Effect:
Crescent Shot Fires small crescent moon-shaped shots.
Drill Arm Drill attack from below when the player is on high ground.
Crescent Claw Claw attack from above when the player is on low ground.
Mega Crescent Shot Fires one big crescent moon-shaped shot.
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Mega Man X Legacy Collection Gallery

MMX5 - Crescent Grizzly Art.png Crescent Grizzly
An arms dealer who uses his custom-built drill arm in battle. In the past, he lived to fight and take the best weaponry from his fallen opponents, but in recent years he only concerns himself with selling his weapons to the highest bidder.
His drill lets him burrow rapidly through the earth in any direction, and the Crescent Shots launched from his claws are sharp enough to slash through any armor.

Behind the Scenes

Developer Commentary

"Actually, he started off as a pig. (laugh) I wanted to make a large boss, so I'd established him as a pig with poison gas, but I was worried about how ethical poison gas would be as a weapon, so I scrapped that idea. (sweat) He's the first boss, so I wanted him to be big and impressive but all bark and no bite, so I decided to make him a bear based on the advice of a senior colleague. The instant I decided on a bear, I easily figured out his attack methods and name." - (Developer Comments)[3]
"A bear with a built-in drill (his red hand transforms). Working from that, there was no way he couldn't look powerful. That's why I tried emphasizing his drill arm by painting it red. Being that he's a moon bear, I was lost as to how to work in the moon marking, but I eventually inserted it as part of the structure around his neck." - (SENSEI, Designer Comments)[3]
"I drew Grizzly to look like a construction foreman; the kind of guy you'd want to call "Boss!" He has heavy machinery on one hand, and has a neck like a log from working out." - (Haruki Suetsugu)[1]


Language Name Origin
Japanese Crescent Grizzly (クレッセント・グリズリー) "Crescent" refers to a crescent moon shape, while "Grizzly" refers to the grizzly bear.
English Crescent Grizzly / Grizzly Slash "Grizzly Slash", his name in the initial English release of Mega Man X5, was inspired by Slash, the lead guitarist of the rock band Guns N' Roses. In the game's Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 re-release, his name was changed to "Crescent Grizzly" to match his original Japanese name.


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