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Enemy Info
MM6 - Squidon Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man 6.
General information
Appearances:Mega Man 6
Game Info
Damage:4 (contact)
2 (missile)
2 (ice cube)
Other Info
Similar Enemies:Yudon

Squidon[1] is a miniboss-like enemy appearing in Mega Man 6. It is a large, green robot resembling a squid, though with four flat feet at the bottom that allow it to stand on the ground.

In the Games

Mega Man 6

in-game sprite.

In Mega Man 6, Squidon is used similarly to a miniboss, appearing only once in the Ancient City (Centaur Man) stage and Dr. Wily stage 1, and twice in Frozen Island (Blizzard Man), always by itself. It cannot move, but releases up to two small missiles from a hatch in its mantle that constantly follow Mega Man, promptly replacing any that are destroyed. While doing so, it additionally spits small ice cubes, which slide along the ground at high speed, but disappear when they touch a wall. Both of projectile types can be destroyed through damage, though they can withstand more than one Mega Buster shot and the missiles' small hitbox size can make them hard to hit, while the ice cubes can block a clear shot on the Squidon.

Squidon is the most resilient non-boss enemy in the game at 16 hit points, giving it 1 more HP than even the game's minibosses. It takes extra damage from all boss weapons, however, with Beat destroying it instantly (at the cost of most of his weapon energy) and Flame Blast, Plant Barrier and Centaur Flash each doing so in 4 hits. It also does not prevent Mega Man from leaving the room like a true miniboss would, allowing him to skip the fight entirely should he be able to get around it or willing to accept the 4 contact damage it deals.

Official Data

Squidon appears under "Mega Man 6" in the Database in Mega Man Legacy Collection.

MM6 - Squidon Art.png Squidon
A mecha made to attack intruders on the seafloor. Its guided missiles are a nuisance, so take it down quickly with a weapon that plays on its weakness.
HP 16 AT 04 MMLC - Icon Weakness.png MMLC - Icon Beat.png

Related Enemies

Though not a squid, a similarly-named enemy features in the previous game, which bears some similarities to Squidon in its behaviour and rarity.

  • Yudon (Mega Man 5) - A large, stationary robot that releases homing missiles from a hatch and has a hard-to-hit weak point.


  • Despite its Database entry claiming that it was designed to "attack intruders on the seafloor", none of the Squidons in Mega Man 6 are underwater, and the one in Dr. Wily's fortress is placed in a stage that contains no water at all.


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