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Bubukan Mk-II

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Enemy Info
MMIII - Bubukan Mk-II Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man III.
General information
Name(s):Bubukan Mk-II
Appearances:Mega Man III
Game Info
HP:3 (Bubukan)
1 (legs)
Damage:4 (Bubukan)
2 (legs)
Other Info

Bubukan Mk-II[1] is an enemy appearing in Mega Man III on the Game Boy. It is a variant on the original Bubukan from Mega Man 3, appearing very similar apart from trading in its plunger-like vaulting pole for the ability to split off the upper part of its body. Its official artwork also shows it to be blue rather than the original's orange, though this is not visible in the game due to the console's monochromatic nature.

In the Games

Mega Man III

In-game sprite.

In Mega Man III, Bubukan Mk-II appears only in Snake Man's stage, the only stage reimagined from the NES game that contained the original Bubukan enemy. Like its predecessor, Bubukan Mk-II runs towards Mega Man and makes a single, large bound over him when it gets close. Unlike the original model, it does so by separating its spring-like torso from its legs, which can hurt Mega Man for 2 damage as they fall off the screen. Upon landing, its upper body sways helplessly in place for a moment, then begins to quickly bounce after Mega Man, attempting to collide with him for 4 points of damage.

Bubukan Mk-II is invicible while running, but can be destroyed in 3 hits from the Mega Buster (or a charged shot) after it lands. Its legs can also be destroyed in one hit as they fall, which may cause them to drop an item. Alternatively, the player can evade it by standing in place when it jumps, often allowing them to scroll it off the screen while it remains incapacitated.

Related Enemies

  • Bubukan (Mega Man 3) - Uses and drops a vaulting pole rather than splitting its body, then keeps running.


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