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Star Man

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Robot Master Info
MM5 - Star Man Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man 5.
MM5 - Star Man Portrait.png
Stage portrait(s).
General information
Name(s):Star Man, Starman
Group(s):Robot Masters
Appearances:Mega Man 5, Mega Man (Game Gear)
Related Numbers:Serial Number: DWN-037
Mega Man & Bass CD: 037
Built by:Dr. Wily
Designer:Tatsumi Saegusa
Game Info
Weapon(s):Star Crash
Weakness(es):Water Wave
Stage(s):Star Man's stage (Mega Man 5), Star Man's stage (Game Gear)

Star Man (or Starman) is a Robot Master appearing in Mega Man 5. He is one of the Robot Masters ostensibly working for Proto Man in a bid for world domination, though like the others, he is later revealed to have been created by Dr. Wily.

Star Man is a space-themed, brown and golden robot with a torso shaped like a star and more stars adorning his helmet and joints. He is able to create a shield of spinning stars around him and take advantage of the low gravity environment of space to jump very high.

In the Games

Mega Man 5

Boss sprite from Mega Man 5.

In Mega Man 5, Star Man is one of the main eight Robot Master bosses and appears as the sixth choice (in reading order) on the stage select screen. his stage is set in space and affected by low gravity throughout, making for a similar experience to underwater stages in other NES Mega Man games.

Star Man is fought in the same low-gravity environment found throughout his stage, enabling both him and Mega Man to jump all the way to the ceiling. He fights by activating his Star Crash shield and making long or tall jumps across the room, eventually stopping in midair near the ground or at the peak of a tall jump to throw the shield at Mega Man. The shield blocks shots and is relatively large, but does not move very fast.

Star Man's weakness is the Water Wave from Wave Man, which not only deals 4 damage to him, but also goes through and instantly removes his shield, effectively disarming him. Defeating him grants Mega Man the Star Crash and Super Arrow.

Battle Network era

Star Man has a Net Navi equivalent in StarMan.EXE, with a motif based on an alien and a shooting star. He appears in Mega Man Network Transmission and RockMan.EXE 4.5 Real Operation and has no operator.

Official Data

Mega Man & Bass CD

In Mega Man & Bass, Star Man's CD is found in Astro Man's stage, who shares his space theme. It is found after the first Melody Response Cannon sub-boss and can be reached with Mega Man's slide.

037 Star Man
MM&B - CD - Star Man.png A robot created for space exploitation. GOOD POINT:
"Can you see the star over there?" DISLIKE:
Realist robot

Mega Man Legacy Collection Database

Star Man appears under "Mega Man 5" in the Database in Mega Man Legacy Collection and is the fifth Robot Master listed for the game. Like other Robot Masters, he can be fought by pressing a designated button while viewing his data.

MM5 - Star Man Art.png Star Man
A robot who manages a satellite base. You can only damage him when his barrier is down!
HP 28 AT 05 MMLC - Icon Weakness.png MMLC - Icon Water Wave.png

Related Robot Masters

Star Man is one of a handful of Robot Masters with a space theme. Others include:

He is also one of many that use a spinning shield as their signature move. Others include:


  • Star Man is one of four Robot Masters from Mega Man 5 never to appear in a Game Boy series game, due to Mega Man IV containing only half of the game's Robot Masters and Mega Man V abandoning the concept of recycling bosses rather than featuring the other half. The other three are Gravity Man, Wave Man and Gyro Man.