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Mega Man II

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Damage data
Game Info
MMII - Box Art NA.jpg
Box Art
General information
Game Title(s):Mega Man II, Rockman World 2
Publisher(s):Capcom (JP, NA), Nintendo (PAL)
Release Date(s):
JP: December 20, 1991
NA: February 1992
EU: July 31, 1992
Genre(s):Action, Platformer
Game mode(s):Single Player
Platform(s):Game Boy

Mega Man II, known in Japan as Rockman World 2 (ロックマンワールド2, Rokkuman Wārudo Tsū) is the second Game Boy series game in the Classic era of the Mega Man series, developed by Biox and published by Capcom (or by Nintendo in PAL regions) for the Game Boy in 1991-1992.

The game is the only Game Boy series entry not to be developed by Minakuchi Engineering, though it nonetheless keeps the same basic premise of its predecessor, Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge, this time reimagining content from the NES Mega Man 2 and Mega Man 3, as well as newcomer Quint, a brainwashed Mega Man from the future.

Four Robot Masters from each game appear, each with their own stage, while the gameplay bases itself on that of Mega Man 3, introducing both Rush and the slide ability to the Game Boy series.


Name Sprite Description
Mega Man File:MMII - Mega Man.png
Dr. Light File:MMII - Dr. Light.png
Dr. Wily File:MMII - Dr. Wily.png


Minor Enemies

Name Sprite Description HP Damage Stage(s)
Batton MMII - Batton.png A bat that starts on the ceiling and takes some time to wake up, then chases Mega Man. If it touches him, it slowly flies back onto the ceiling. Can only be harmed while it is awake. 2 4 Wood Man's stage
Bikky MMII - Bikky.png A giant, jumping robot. It can only be harmed while its visor is open, shortly before and during its jump. 6 8 Needle Man's stage
Blocky MMII - Blocky.png A slow-moving stack of blocks; only the one with eyes can be harmed. Non-lethal damage makes it break apart into harmful, indestructable blocks, then reform. 2 8 Crash Man's stage
Cannon MMII - Cannon.png Opens up to shoot cannonballs at Mega Man in an arc. The cannonballs are indestructible and deflect shots. Can only be harmed while the shield is open. 3 (Cannon) 6 (contact)
2 (cannonballs)
Wood Man's stage, Needle Man's stage
Fly Boy MMII - Fly Boy.png A pullstring robot that falls from the sky and respawns endlessly. It uses its string to pull itself straight up, jumping forward at its highest point and falling back down. 5 4 Crash Man's stage
Giant Springer MMII - Giant Springer.png Slides along the ground and fires the indestructible missile from its head, which circles around and tries to target Mega Man. If Mega Man gets too close, it spring up and harms him. 8 6 (contact)
2 (missile)
Magnet Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Goblin MMII - Goblin.png A large head that hangs in the sky and spawns Petit Goblins from its ears, which launch upwards and then float towards Mega Man. It acts as a platform, but its retracting horns cause damage. - (Goblin)
(Petit Goblins)
2 (horns)
(Petit Goblins)
Air Man's stage
Hammer Joe MMII - Hammer Joe.png A stationary Joe that swings an iron ball around and throws it forward, which deflect Mega Man's shots. It can only be harmed when its eye is open, shortly before and during its throwing animation. 8 4 (contact)
2 (hammer)
Hard Man's stage, Needle Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Hari Harry MMII - Hari Harry.png A large hedgehog that stands still and shoots destructible needles in five directions three times, then rolls to another spot as an invincible sphere. 6 (Hari Harry)
1 (needles)
6 (contact)
2 (needles)
Needle Man's stage
Have "Su" Bee MMII - Have Su Bee.png A bee that flies in from the side and drops a nest of five Chibees, which chase Mega Man. 3 (Have "Su"&nbspBee)
1 (Chibee)
6 (contact)
2 (nest)
3 (Chibee)
Hard Man's stage
Kaminari Goro MMII - Kaminari Goro.png A robot riding a cloud that goes in circles while throwing thunder bolts in an arc at Mega Man. Defeating it lets him ride its cloud. 3 4 Air Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Kukku MMII - Kukku.png A rooster than runs very fast and jumps at certain points. It spawns infinitely and has to be avoided. 10 4 Wood Man's stage
Komasaburo MMII - Komasaburo.png A stationary enemy that releases destructible tops from its belly, which move along the ground. It is often found at the top of stairs. 6 (Komasaburo)
1 (tops)
6 (contact)
2 (tops)
Top Man's stage
Mag Fly MMII - Mag Fly.png A flying magnet that slowly pulls Mega Man upwards and can carry him. 1 4 Magnet Man's stage
Matasaburo MMII - Matasaburo.png A stationary robot that blows Mega Man away with the fan in its body. 5 6 Air Man's stage
Mechakkero MMII - Mechakkero.png A jumping enemy that is flat and harder to hit with the Mega Buster while it is on the ground. 1 3 Top Man's stage
Metall Deluxe MMII - Metall Deluxe.png Hides under its helmet until Mega Man comes near, then shoots bullets in three directions and quickly dashes forward before hiding again. Only vulnerable while attacking or running. 1 4 (contact)
2 (projectiles)
Wood Man's stage, Top Man's stage, Magnet Man's stage, Needle Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Mole MMII - Mole.png Drill bits that constantly spawn to Mega Man's left and right in certain corridors, drilling up or down through solid tiles and through the air. 5 4 Metal Man's stage
Needle Press MMII - Needle Press.png A stationary spike on the ceiling or floor that extends and detracts in a set rhythm, harming Mega Man if he touches it. It deflects all shots. N/A 4 Wood Man's stage, Needle Man's stage
New Shotman MMII - New Shotman.png A stationary enemy that fire three projectiles in a row to both sides and sometimes flings two projectiles at Mega Man in an arc if he is near. The latter cannot pass through walls. 3 4 (contact)
2 (projectiles)
Top Man's stage, Magnet Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Peterchy MMII - Peterchy.png An eyeball with plunger legs that plods along the ground. 3 4 Magnet Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Pickelman Bull MMII - Pickelman Bull.png A Pickelman that advances towards Mega Man on a tall bulldozer, occasionally stopping. Only the Pickelman on top can be harmed. 3 6 Hard Man's stage, Top Man's stage
Pierobot MMII - Pierobot.png A clown robot balancing on a gear, which can be damaged separately and makes the robot drop off the screen if destroyed first. Unlike in Mega Man 2, destroying the clown first does not slow down the gear, but makes it easier to jump over. 1 (robot)
6 (gear)
4 Metal Man's stage
Pipi MMII - Pipi.png A bird that flies overhead and drops an egg. If the egg reaches the ground without being destroyed, six Copipis are released that dart towards Mega Man after a while. If the Pipi is destroyed while it is holding an egg, the egg also disappears. 1 (Pipi)
1 (egg)
1 (Copipis)
4 (contact)
4 (egg)
2 (Copipis)
Air Man's stage, Crash Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Press MMII - Press.png An invincible, spiked press on a chain that drops down, then is slowly pulled up again. N/A 8 Metal Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Returning Monking MMII - Returning Monking.png A monkey that jumps onto the ceiling and hangs there, waiting for Mega Man. When he comes near, it drops down and attempts to jump on him. 8 3 Hard Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Robbit MMII - Robbit.png A robo-rabbit that hops and fires three carrots at Mega Man between jumps. 10 4 (contact)
2 (projectile)
Wood Man's stage
Scworm MMII - Scworm.png A contraption on the ground that flailing metal tubes jump out of. Mega Buster shots go over it if Mega Man is on the same level. 5 (Scworm)
5 (tubes)
2 (contact)
2 (tubes)
Air Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 1
Shotman MMII - Shotman.png A stationary robot that fires shots in an arc to the left, occasionally changing its firing angle. 5 4 (contact)
2 (projectile)
Crash Man's stage
Springer MMII - Springer.png Slides along the ground, speeding up when on the same level as Mega Man and popping up on a spring when touched. Can only be harmed by special weapons. 3 4 Metal Man's stage,
Telly MMII - Telly.png A spinning robot that slowly floats towards Mega Man. They are usually spawned endlessly from holes or the side of the screen. 1 2 Crash Man's stage
Wanaan MMII - Wanaan.png A bear trap-like robot that pops out of the ground after Mega Man walks across its hiding spot, harming him if he stops on top of it. N/A 4 Hard Man's stage
Yambow MMII - Yambow.png A dragonfly that hangs in the air until Mega Man comes near, then flies forward, descends when it is behind him, and darts forward again when it is at his current height. 3 3 Needle Man's stage


Name Sprite Description HP Damage Stage(s)
Friender MMII - Friender.png A gaint dog that stands in place and breathes a line of fire in an inverted arc. 20 8 (contact)
4 (projectile)
Wood Man's stage
Tama MMII - Tama.png A giant cat that tosses a yarn ball, which bounces around. If it is destroyed or leave the screen, it releases three tiny, hopping flea enemies, and cycles back to throwing a yarn ball if the fleas are destroyed. 10 (Tama)
4 (yarn balls)
1 (fleas)
8 (contact)
3 (yarn ball)
2 (fleas)
Top Man's stage


Robot Masters

Name Sprite Description Stage Weapon Weakness
First Batch
Crash Man MMII - Crash Man.png Crash Man's stage Crash Bomber Air Shooter
Metal Man MMII - Metal Man.png Metal Man's stage Metal Blade Crash Bomber
Wood Man MMII - Wood Man.png Wood Man's stage Leaf Shield Metal Blade
Air Man MMII - Air Man.png Air Man's stage Air Shooter Leaf Shield

The second set of Robot Master stages is accessed through a teleporter room in Dr. Wily stage 1. Though all of these Robot Masters possess complete stages (unlike the previous game), they are technically part of Dr.Wily's fortress, and no weapon energy is restored after beating the boss.

Name Sprite Description Stage Weapon Weakness
Second Batch
Hard Man MMII - Hard Man.png Hard Man's stage Hard Knuckle Magnet Missile
Top Man MMII - Top Man.png Top Man's stage Top Spin Hard Knuckle
Magnet Man MMII - Magnet Man.png Magnet Man's stage Magnet Missile Needle Cannon
Needle Man MMII - Needle Man.png Needle Man's stage Needle Cannon Air Shooter
Top Spin

Fortress Bosses

Name Sprite Description Stage Weapon Weakness
Quint MMII - Quint.png Dr. Wily stage 1 Sakugarne Hard Knuckle
Crash Bomber
Name Sprite Description Stage Weakness
Wily Machine II (phase 1) MMII - Wily Machine II (phase 1).png Dr. Wily stage 2 Mega Buster
Wily Machine II (phase 2) MMII - Wily Machine II (phase 2).png Dr. Wily stage 2 Sakugarne
Wily Machine II (phase 3) MMII - Wily Machine II (phase 3).png Dr. Wily stage 2 Sakugarne


Name Sprite Description
Mega Buster MMII - Mega Buster.png
1st batch
Crash Bomber MMII - Crash Bomber.png
Metal Blade MMII - Metal Blade.png
Leaf Shield MMII - Leaf Shield.png
Air Shooter MMII - Air Shooter.png
2nd batch
Hard Knuckle MMII - Hard Knuckle.png
Top Spin MMII - Top Spin.png
Magnet Missile MMII - Magnet Missile.png
Needle Cannon MMII - Needle Cannon.png
Rush Coil MMII - Rush Coil.png
Rush Jet MMII - Rush Jet.png
Rush Marine MMII - Rush Marine.png
Sakugarne MMII - Sakugarne.png


Crash Man's stage (Mega Man II)Metal Man's stage (Mega Man II)Wood Man's stage (Mega Man II)Air Man's stage (Mega Man II)Hard Man's stage (Mega Man II)Top Man's stage (Mega Man II)Magnet Man's stage (Mega Man II)Needle Man's stage (Mega Man II)Mega Man II Stage Select
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Name Sprite Description
1 UP MMII - 1 UP.png
Energy Pellet File:MMII - Energy Pellet.png
Energy Tank MMII - Energy Tank.png
Weapon Capsule File:MMII - Weapon Capsule.png



Relation to other games

  • Mega Man 2: Crash Man, Metal Man, Wood Man and Air Man come from here
  • Mega Man 3: Hard Man, Top Man, Magnet Man and Needle Man come from here
  • Ports, Remakes and Compilations:
    • Nintedo 3DS (Virtual Console)

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