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Mega Man II

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Game Info
File:MMII - Box Art.png
Box Art
General information
Game Title(s):Mega Man II, Rockman World 2
Release Date(s):1992
Genre(s):Action, Platformer
Game mode(s):Single Player
Platform(s):Game Boy, 3DS Virtual Console


Name Sprite Description
Mega Man File:MMII - Mega Man.png
Dr. Light File:MMII - Dr. Light.png
Dr. Wily File:MMII - Dr. Wily.png


Minor Enemies

Name Sprite Description
Batton MMII - Batton.png
Bikky File:MMII - Bikky.png
Blocky File:MMII - Blocky.png
Cannon File:MMII - Cannon.png
Fly Boy MMII - Fly Boy.png
Giant Springer MMII - Giant Springer.png
Goblin (Petit Goblin) File:MMII - Petit Goblin.png
Hammer Joe File:MMII - Hammer Joe.png
Hari Harry MMII - Hari Harry.png
Have "Su" Bee (Chibee) MMII - Have Su Bee.png
Kaminari Goro MMII - Kaminari Goro.png
Komasaburo MMII - Komasaburo.png
Kukku MMII - Kukku.png
Mag Fly MMII - Mag Fly.png
Matasaburo MMII - Matasaburo.png
Mechakkero File:MMII - Mechakkero.png
Metall MMII - Metall.png
Mole MMII - Mole.png
Needle Press File:MMII - Needle Press.png
New Shotman MMII - New Shotman.png
Peterchy File:MMII - Peterchy.png
Pickelman Bull File:MMII - Pickelman Bull.png
Pierrobot MMII - Pierrobot.png
Pipi MMII - Pipi.png
Press File:MMII - Press.png
Returning Monking MMII - Returning Monking.png
Robbit MMII - Robbit.png
Scworm MMII - Scworm.png
Springer MMII - Springer.png
Shotman MMII - Shotman.png
Telly MMII - Telly.png
Wanaan File:MMII - Wanaan.png
Yambow MMII - Yambow.png

Mini Bosses

Name Sprite Description
Friender File:MMII - Friender.png
Tama File:MMII - Tama.png

Robot Masters

First Batch
Name Sprite Description Weapon Weakness
Crash Man MMII - Crash Man.png Crash Bomber Air Shooter
Metal Man MMII - Metal Man.png Metal Blade Crash Bomber
Wood Man MMII - Wood Man.png Leaf Shield Metal Blade
Air Man MMII - Air Man.png Air Shooter Leaf Shield
Second Batch
Name Sprite Description Weapon Weakness
Hard Man MMII - Hard Man.png Hard Knuckle Magnet Missle
Top Man MMII - Top Man.png Top Spin Hard Knuckle
Magnet Man MMII - Magnet Man.png Magnet Missle Needle Cannon
Needle Man MMII - Needle Man.png Needle Cannon Top Spin / Air Shooter

Fortress Bosses

Name Sprite Description Weakness
Quint File:MMII - Quint.png
Wily Machine II File:MMII - Wily Machine II.png


Name Sprite Description
1st batch
Crash Bomber MMII - Crash Bomber.png
Metal Blade MMII - Metal Blade.png
Leaf Shield MMII - Leaf Shield.png
Air Shooter MMII - Air Shooter.png
2nd batch
Hard Knuckle MMII - Hard Knuckle.png
Top Spin MMII - Top Spin.png
Magnet Missile MMII - Magnet Missile.png
Needle Cannon MMII - Needle Cannon.png
Rush Coil MMII - Rush Coil.png
Rush Jet MMII - Rush Jet.png
Rush Marine MMII - Rush Marine.png
Sakugarne MMII - Sakugarne.png



Name Sprite Description
1 UP File:MMII - 1 UP.png
Energy Pellet File:MMII - Energy Pellet.png
Energy Tank File:MMII - Energy Tank.png
Weapon Capsule File:MMII - Weapon Capsule.png



Relation to other games

  • Mega Man 2: Crash Man, Metal Man, Wood Man and Air Man come from here
  • Mega Man 3: Hard Man, Top Man, Magnet Man and Needle Man come from here
  • Ports, Remakes and Compilations:
    • Nintedo 3DS (Virtual Console)

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