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Mega Man X8

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Game Info
MMX8 - Box Art NA.png
Box Art
General information
Game Title(s):Mega Man X8, Megaman X8, Rockman X8
Release Date(s):
PlayStation 2:
JP: March 10, 2005
NA: December 7, 2004
EU: February 11, 2005
KO: February 3, 2005
JP: March 10, 2005
EU: September 21, 2005
KO: April 14, 2005
Genre(s):Action, Platformer
Game mode(s):Single Player
Platform(s):PlayStation 2

Mega Man X8, known in Japan as Rockman X8 (ロックマンX8, Rokkuman X8) is the eighth and last entry of the main X series, developed and published by Capcom for the PlayStation 2 in 2004-2005. A Windows port was later released outside of North America only.


Name Sprite Description
X File:MMX8 - X.png
Zero File:MMX8 - Zero.png
Axl File:MMX8 - Axl.png
Sigma File:MMX8 - Sigma.png
Vile File:MMX8 - Vile.png
Lumine File:MMX8 - Lumine.png
Alia File:MMX8 - Alia.png
Layer File:MMX8 - Layer.png
Pallette File:MMX8 - Pallette.png
Signas File:MMX8 - Signas.png
Dr. Light File:MMX8 - Dr. Light.png via Hologram recorded messages


Minor Enemies


Name Sprite Description Weapon Weakness
X Axl Zero X Axl Zero
Avalanche Yeti File:MMX8 - Avalanche Yeti.png Drift Diamond Ice Gattling Hyoryuushou Thunder Dancer Plasma Gun Raikousen
Bamboo Pandamonium File:MMX8 - Bamboo Pandamonium.png Green Spinner Blast Launcher Youdantotsu Melt Creeper Flame Burner Enkoujin
Burn Rooster File:MMX8 - Burn Rooster.png Melt Creeper Flamer Burner Enkoujin Drift Diamond Ice Gattling Hyouryuushou
Dark Mantis File:MMX8 - Dark Mantis.png Shadow Runner Black Arrow Rasetsusen Shining Ray Ray Gun Tenshouha
Earthrock Trilobyte File:MMX8 - Earthrock Trilobyte.png Crystal Wall Round Blaster Rekkyoudan Squeeze Bomb Spiral Magnum Juuhazan
Gigabolt Man-O-War File:MMX8 - Gigabolt Man-O-War.png Thunder Dancer Plasma Gun Raikousen Crystal Wall Bound Blaster Rekkyoudan
Gravity Antonion File:MMX8 - Gravity Antonion.png Squeeze Bomb Spiral Magnum Juuhazan Shadow Runner Black Arrow Rasetsusen
Optic Sunflower File:MMX8 - Optic Sunflower.png Shining Ray Ray Gun Tenshouha Green Spinner Blast Launcher Youdantotsu

Mini Bosses



Name Sprite Description Weakness
X Axl Zero
Crab Mechaniloid File:MMX8 - Crab Mechaniloid.png X-Buster Z-Saber
Vile (all 8 Maverick Stages) File:MMX8 - Vile.png Drift Diamond Ice Gattling Hyouryuushou
Vile (Jakob) File:MMX8 - Vile (Jakob).png Drift Diamond Ice Gattling Hyouryuushou
Sigma Copy File:MMX8 - Sigma Copy.png Shadow Runner Black Arrow Rasetsusen
Vile (+ Goliath) File:MMX8 - Vile + Goliath.png Drift Diamond Ice Gattling Hyouryuushou
Sigma File:MMX8 - Sigma.png Shrink Ray Ray Gun Tenshouha
Lumine File:MMX8 - Lumine.png Varies
Lumine's Final Form File:MMX8 - Lumine's Final Form.png Drift Diamond Ice Gattling Hyouryuushou


For X

Name Sprite Description
X-Buster File:MMX8 - X-Buster.png
Crystal Wall File:MMX8 - .png
Drift Diamond File:MMX8 - Drift Diamond.png
Green Spinner File:MMX8 - Green Spinner.png
Melt Creeper File:MMX8 - Melt Creeper.png
Shadow Runner File:MMX8 - Shadow Runner.png
Shining Ray File:MMX8 - Shining Ray.png
Squeeze Bomb File:MMX8 - Squeeze Bomb.png
Thunder Dancer File:MMX8 - Thunder Dancer.png
X's Special Moves:
Giga Crush File:MMX8 - Giga Crush.png
X-Drive File:MMX8 - X-Drive.png
Nova Strike File:MMX8 - Nova Strike.png

For Axl

Name Sprite Description
Black Arrow File:MMX8 - Black Arrow.png
Blast Launcher File:MMX8 - Blast Launcher.png
Bound Blaster File:MMX8 - Bound Blaster.png
Flame Burner File:MMX8 - Flame Burner.png
Ice Gattling File:MMX8 - Ice Gattling.png
Plasma Gun File:MMX8 - Plasma Gun.png
Ray Gun File:MMX8 - Ray Gun.png
Spiral Magnum File:MMX8 - Spiral Magnum.png
Guardroid File:MMX8 - Guardroid.png
Rolleroid File:MMX8 - Rolleroid.png
Skyroid File:MMX8 - Skyroid.png
Sphereoid File:MMX8 - Sphereoid.png

For Zero

Name Sprite Description
Z-Saber File:MMX8 - Z-Saber.png
Dairettsui File:MMX8 - Dairettsui.png
Enkoujin File:MMX8 - Enkoujin.png
Hyouryuushou File:MMX8 - Hyouryuushou.png
Juuhzan File:MMX8 - Juuhzan.png
Raikousen File:MMX8 - Raikousen.png
Rasetsusen File:MMX8 - Rasetsusen.png
Rekkyoudan File:MMX8 - Rekkyoudan.png
Tenshouha File:MMX8 - Tenshouha.png
Youdantotsu File:MMX8 - Youdantotsu.png
Zero's Blades:
B Fan File:MMX8 - B Fan.png
D Glaive File:MMX8 - D Glaive.png
K Knuckle File:MMX8 - K Knuckle.png
T Breaker File:MMX8 - T Breaker.png



Name Sprite Description
Energy Capsule File:MMX8 - Energy Capsule.png
Weapon Energy Pellet File:MMX8 - Weapon Energy Pellet.png
Retry Chip File:MMX8 - Retry Chip.png
Life Tank File:MMX8 - Life Tank.png
Weapon Tank File:MMX8 - Weapon Tank.png
Metals File:MMX8 - Metals.png
At Gem File:MMX8 - At Gem.png
Rare Metals File:MMX8 - Rare Metals.png
Ride Armor File:MMX8 - Ride Armor.png


Name Sprite Description
Chain Combo File:MMX8 - Chain Combo.png
Chip Discount File:MMX8 - Chip Discount.png
D. Barrier File:MMX8 - D. Barrier.png
Escape Boost File:MMX8 - Escape Boost.png
Hyper At File:MMX8 - Hyper At.png
Life Up File:MMX8 - Life Up.png
Metal Generator File:MMX8 - Metal Generator.png
Prickle Barrier File:MMX8 - Prickle Barrier.png
Saber Skill File:MMX8 - Saber Skill.png
Shield Armor File:MMX8 - Shield Armor.png
Shock Absorber File:MMX8 - Shock Absorber.png
Spare Energy File:MMX8 - Spare Energy.png
Speedy Recovery File:MMX8 - Speedy Recovery.png
Spike Walker File:MMX8 - Spike Walker.png
Weapon Bottle File:MMX8 - Weapon Bottle.png
Weapon Up File:MMX8 - Weapon Up.png


Name Sprite Description
Buster Parts I File:MMX8 - Buster Parts I.png
Body Parts I File:MMX8 - Body Parts I.png
Head Parts I File:MMX8 - Head Parts I.png
Foot Parts I File:MMX8 - Foot Parts I.png
Buster Parts H File:MMX8 - Buster Parts H.png
Body Parts H File:MMX8 - Body Parts H.png
Head Parts H File:MMX8 - Head Parts H.png
Foot Parts H File:MMX8 - Foot Parts H.png
Buster Parts U File:MMX8 - Buster Parts U.png
Body Parts U File:MMX8 - Body Parts U.png
Head Parts U File:MMX8 - Head Parts U.png
Foot Parts U File:MMX8 - Foot Parts U.png


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