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Mega Man X8

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Damage data
Game Info
MMX8 - Box Art NA.png
Box Art
General information
Game Title(s):Mega Man X8, Megaman X8, Rockman X8
Release Date(s):
PlayStation 2:
JP: March 10, 2005
NA: December 7, 2004
EU: February 11, 2005
KO: February 3, 2005
JP: March 10, 2005
EU: September 21, 2005
KO: April 14, 2005
Genre(s):Action, Platformer
Game mode(s):Single Player
Platform(s):PlayStation 2

Mega Man X8, known in Japan as Rockman X8 (ロックマンX8, Rokkuman X8) is the eighth and last entry of the main X series, developed and published by Capcom for the PlayStation 2 in 2004-2005. A Windows port was later released outside of North America only.


The year is 21XX. Endless turmoil between humans and Reploids continues to wreak havoc on Earth, and humankind has placed its hopes of survival on an exodus to space. A full-fledged evacuation to the satellite moon has begun, thanks to the completion of Jakob, a giant rail elevator. A large contingent of new generation Reploids has already been sent to the moon to construct a base.

However, these new generation Reploids, capable of transforming into anyone else with the right DNA, pose a secret threat, as they have copied some very dangerous DNA — the DNA of Sigma, thought to have been previously destroyed. Reploid revolts are springing up all over. X, along with Zero and Axl, heads to space on a mission to investigate — and squelch, if possible — this extremely hazardous situation.[1]


Name Image Description
X MMX8 - X Art 2.jpg Former leader of the 17th Unit. X is the strong-willed Maverick Hunter who put an end to Maverick rebellion. At the same time, he has doubts about the stability of peace that can only be obtained through fighting.[2]
Zero MMX8 - Zero Art 2.jpg Former leader of the Special 0 Unit, this highly-skilled SA-Class Hunter has worked together with X to solve many problems. Unlike X, he tackles any mission thrown his way with a clear mind.[2]
Axl MMX8 - Axl Art 2.jpg Prototype new generation Reploid who left the vigilante group Red Alert to become a Maverick Hunter. He has the unique special ability of being able to mimic a person's looks and skills.[2]
Alia MMX8 - Alia Art.jpg One of the operators supporting X and the Maverick Hunters from behind the scenes. She excels in analysis and assists with battle status, as well as proving to be a great help in problem-solving.[2]
Layer MMX8 - Layer Art.jpg Operator supporting the Hunter team. Her strength is battle analysis, and she excels in figuring out the enemy's weak points.[2]
Pallette MMX8 - Pallette Art.jpg One of the operators who backs up the Hunter team. She is skilled in area analysis, providing vital support such as finding hidden routes.[2]
Signas MMX8 - Signas Art.jpg Commander of the Maverick Hunters. He has the most advanced CPU processor of all current Reploids.[2]
Lumine File:MMX8 - Lumine Art.jpg The director of the Jakob project, who is confident in the abilities of new generation Reploids.
Vile File:MMX8 - Vile V Art.jpg Former SA-Class Hunter who went Maverick and became a wanted criminal. He is an old foe of X and Zero.
Sigma File:MMX8 - Copy Sigma Art.jpg A past leader of countless Maverick rebellions, who was seemingly destroyed. The new generation Reploids can mimic his form, a fact that disturbs X.
Dr. Light MMX8 - Dr. Light Art.jpg The creator of X, who has left Light Capsules to deliver Armor Parts to him, years after his own passing.


Minor Enemies


Name Sprite Description Weapon Weakness
X Axl Zero X Axl Zero
Avalanche Yeti File:MMX8 - Avalanche Yeti Render.png Drift Diamond Ice Gattling Hyoryuushou Thunder Dancer Plasma Gun Raikousen
Bamboo Pandamonium File:MMX8 - Bamboo Pandamonium Render.png Green Spinner Blast Launcher Youdantotsu Melt Creeper Flame Burner Enkoujin
Burn Rooster File:MMX8 - Burn Rooster Render.jpg Melt Creeper Flamer Burner Enkoujin Drift Diamond Ice Gattling Hyouryuushou
Dark Mantis File:MMX8 - Dark Mantis Render.png Shadow Runner Black Arrow Rasetsusen Shining Ray Ray Gun Tenshouha
Earthrock Trilobyte File:MMX8 - Earthrock Trilobyte Render.png Crystal Wall Round Blaster Rekkyoudan Squeeze Bomb Spiral Magnum Juuhazan
Gigabolt Man-O-War File:MMX8 - Gigabolt Man-O-War Render.jpg Thunder Dancer Plasma Gun Raikousen Crystal Wall Bound Blaster Rekkyoudan
Gravity Antonion File:MMX8 - Gravity Antonion Render.png Squeeze Bomb Spiral Magnum Juuhazan Shadow Runner Black Arrow Rasetsusen
Optic Sunflower File:MMX8 - Optic Sunflower Render.png Shining Ray Ray Gun Tenshouha Green Spinner Blast Launcher Youdantotsu

Mini Bosses



Name Sprite Description Weakness
X Axl Zero
Crab Mechaniloid File:MMX8 - Crab Mechaniloid.png X-Buster Z-Saber
Vile (all 8 Maverick Stages) File:MMX8 - Vile.png Drift Diamond Ice Gattling Hyouryuushou
Vile (Jakob) File:MMX8 - Vile (Jakob).png Drift Diamond Ice Gattling Hyouryuushou
Sigma Copy File:MMX8 - Sigma Copy.png Shadow Runner Black Arrow Rasetsusen
Vile (+ Goliath) File:MMX8 - Vile + Goliath.png Drift Diamond Ice Gattling Hyouryuushou
Sigma File:MMX8 - Sigma.png Shrink Ray Ray Gun Tenshouha
Lumine File:MMX8 - Lumine.png Varies
Lumine's Final Form File:MMX8 - Lumine's Final Form.png Drift Diamond Ice Gattling Hyouryuushou


X Weapons

X's default weapon is the X-Buster, a long-range buster that can fire Charge Shots. By defeating the eight Maverick bosses, he copies new Special Weapons with various elements and properties. He can also upgrade his X-Buster and gain special moves such as the Giga Crash, X-Drive, Nova Strike, and Shouryuuken, by equipping full sets of Armor Parts.

Name Icon Description Source
MMX8 - X-Buster Icon.png
Shining Ray
MMX8 - Shining Ray Icon.png
Optic Sunflower
Squeeze Bomb
MMX8 - Squeeze Bomb Icon.png
Gravity Antonion
Shadow Runner
MMX8 - Shadow Runner Icon.png
Dark Mantis
Thunder Dancer
MMX8 - Thunder Dancer Icon.png
Gigabolt Man-O-War
Melt Creeper
MMX8 - Melt Creeper Icon.png
Burn Rooster
Drift Diamond
MMX8 - Drift Diamond Icon.png
Avalanche Yeti
Crystal Wall
MMX8 - Crystal Wall Icon.png
Earthrock Trilobyte
Green Spinner
MMX8 - Green Spinner Icon.png
Bamboo Pandamonium
MMX8 - X-Drive Icon.png
Hermes Armor
Giga Crash
MMX8 - Giga Crash Icon.png
Icarus Armor
Nova Strike
MMX8 - Nova Strike Icon.png
Ultimate Armor
Shouryuuken N/A

Axl Weapons

Axl's default weapon is the Axl Bullets, a handgun that can rapid-fire in eight different directions. He can also use the Copy Shot to steal the DNA of enemies, granting him temporary transformations via A-Trans. Defeating Maverick bosses grants him Special Weapons in the forms of new firearms with different properties.

Name Icon Description Source
Axl Bullets
MMX8 - Axl Bullets Icon.png
Ray Gun
MMX8 - Ray Gun Icon.png
Optic Sunflower
Spiral Magnum
MMX8 - Spiral Magnum Icon.png
Gravity Antonion
Black Arrow
MMX8 - Black Arrow Icon.png
Dark Mantis
Plasma Gun
MMX8 - Plasma Gun Icon.png
Gigabolt Man-O-War
Flame Burner
MMX8 - Flame Burner Icon.png
Burn Rooster
Ice Gattling
MMX8 - Ice Gattling Icon.png
Avalanche Yeti
Bound Blaster
MMX8 - Bound Blaster Icon.png
Earthrock Trilobyte
Blast Launcher
MMX8 - Blast Launcher Icon.png
Bamboo Pandamonium
Copy Shot
MMX8 - Copy Shot Icon.png
MMX8 - A-Trans Icon.png

Zero Weapons

Zero's default weapons is the Z-Saber, a close-range beam saber that can perform a three-slash combo. By collecting Rare Metals, he can also equip new weapons with other properties. By defeating the eight Maverick bosses, he gains new Techniques to perform with these weapons. Some Techniques are ability upgrades, while others are brand new attacks.

Name Icon Description Source
Zero's Weapons
MMX8 - Z-Saber Icon.png
B Fan
MMX8 - B Fan Icon.png
Rare Metal (Primrose)
T Breaker
MMX8 - T Breaker Icon.png
Rare Metal (Inferno)
K Knuckle
MMX8 - K Knuckle Icon.png
Rare Metal (Primrose)
Σ Blade
MMX8 - Σ Blade Icon.png
Secret code
Zero's Techniques
MMX8 - Z-Saber Combo Icon.png
MMX8 - Tenshouha Icon.png
Optic Sunflower
MMX8 - Juuhazan Icon.png
Gravity Antonion
MMX8 - Rasetsusen Icon.png
Dark Mantis
MMX8 - Raikousen Icon.png
Gigabolt Man-O-War
MMX8 - Enkoujin Icon.png
Burn Rooster
MMX8 - Hyouryuushou Icon.png
Avalanche Yeti
MMX8 - Rekkyoudan Icon.png
Earthrock Trilobyte
MMX8 - Youdantotsu Icon.png
Bamboo Pandamonium


Stage Select


Name Image Description
Life Energy (Small)
Life Energy (Large)
Life Energy (MAX)
Weapon Energy (Small)
Weapon Energy (Large)
Weapon Energy (MAX)
AT Gem
Ride Armor
Rare Metal
Light Capsule

Armor Parts



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