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Third Armor

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Armor Info
MMX3 - Third Armor X Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man X3.
General information
Name(s):Third Armor, Normal Armor, Max Armor
Game(s):Mega Man X3, Mega Man X DiVE
Game Info
Head Parts:Quarry Stage
Body Parts:Power Control Center Stage
Arm Parts:Safari Park Stage
Foot Parts:Frozen Town Stage

The Third Armor (サードアーマー)[1], also known as the Normal Armor (ノーマルアーマー)[2] or Max Armor (マックスアーマー)[3][4], is a set of Armor Parts obtained from the Light Capsules in Mega Man X3.

In the Games

Mega Man X3

The Third Armor debuted in Mega Man X3. It is most notable for its Variable Air Dash, Cross Charge Shot, and Defense Shield. It also features the unique capacity to equip a single Chip,[5][6] each hidden in a separate set of four red Light Capsules, to access additional enhancements. Alternatively, he can wait to find the secret Hyper Chip to gain the powers of all four Chips simultaneously.

Armor Parts
Parts Icon Location Effect
Head Parts
MMXC - Head Parts (X3).png
Quarry Stage Grants X the Item Radar (アイテムレーダー).[6] At the beginning of every stage, it displays a rudimentary map of the stage with the locations of its hidden upgrades.
Body Parts
MMXC - Body Parts (X3).png
Power Control Center Stage Reduces all damage received by 50%. X also gains a blue Defense Shield (ディフェンスシールド)[6] which automatically deploys when he is hit, reducing damage further by 25% (for a total of approximately 62.5% damage reduction) as long as it is active.
Arm Parts
MMXC - Arm Parts (X3).png
Safari Park Stage Grants X a fourth and fifth Charge Shot level, enabling the Cross Charge Shot (クロスチャージショット).[6] By charging the X-Buster to the fourth level, X can fire a Lv.02 and a Lv.03 Charge Shot in succession, or charge to the fifth level to fire two Lv.03 Charge Shots which can both combine to create one giant spread of shots. X can also charge Special Weapons.
Foot Parts
MMXC - Foot Parts (X3).png
Desert Base Stage Grants X the Variable Air Dash (バリアブルエアダッシュ),[6] which lets him Air Dash either horizontally or vertically.
Chip Location Effect
Head Chip Weapons Factory Stage Grants X the ability to slowly restore his Life Energy by standing still, healing 1 point approximately every 5 seconds. This includes filling Sub Tanks.
Body Chip Shipyard Stage Upgrades X's Defense Shield into a stronger, red version that reduces further damage by 50% (for a total of approximately 75% damage reduction) as long as it is active.
Arm Chip Airborne Aircraft Carrier Stage Grants X the Hyper Charge. When activated, X consumes a Weapon Energy gauge to freely fire Charge Shots until it is empty.
Foot Chip Giant Dam Stage Allows X to Variable Air Dash twice in one jump, regardless of dash direction. This includes allowing a Dash Jump into an Air Dash.
Hyper Chip Doppler Stage A Only available under special conditions. Turns X's Third Armor golden and grants him access to the powers of all four Chips simultaneously.

Mega Man X DiVE

In Mega Man X DiVE, Third Armor X appears as a playable Hunter Program. His Active Skills are the Cross Charge Shot and Hyper Chip, which temporarily equips him with the Hyper Chip to boost his abilities.

Other Game Appearances

  • In TEPPEN, Third Armor X appears in the card Defensive Field.

Other Media

  • In the Rockman X3 manga, X equips the Third Armor in order to defeat Bit and Byte, later also equipping the Hyper Chip to defeat Sigma.


Mega Man X3

Other Games & Media


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