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Enemy Info
MM7 - Tamagodon Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man 7.
General information
Appearances:Mega Man 7
Game Info

Tamagodon[1] is an enemy appearing in Mega Man 7. It is a small, green, armless dinosaur with an elongated head crest reminiscent of parasaurolophus, which hatches from a blue egg with yellow spots.

In the Games

Mega Man 7

Sprite from Mega Man 7.

In Mega Man 7, Tamagodons are rare enemies, with only a few appearing in the final (laboratory) room of Slash Man's stage, where their eggs can also be seen behind glass panes in the background. The enemy starts out inside an egg, which begins to shake, then crack and hatch when Mega Man approaches or fires shots at it, although firing more shots does not speed up the process.

Once hatched, the dinosaur inside quickly dashes forward in a straight line while staying close to the ground (making it harder to hit), never stopping even at the edge of a pit and turning around only if it touches a wall. If it gets close to Mega Man, it jumps, even when it causes the enemy to leap right over him.


  • Tamagodon's name is a pun on a kind of egg-based donburi dish, tamagodon (from the Japanese word for "egg", 卵 or 玉子, tamago), and the tendency of -don (from Ancient Greek ὀδών (odṓn), "tooth") to be a suffix of some dinosaur names. Taken at face value, the enemy's name can thus also be understood as "egg-tooth".


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