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Sting Chameleon

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Maverick Info
MMX - Sting Chameleon Art 2.png
Artwork from Mega Man X.
Stage portrait(s).
General information
Name(s):Sting Chameleon
Title(s):Spirit Sharp-Shooter of the Haunted Forest,[1][2] Frightening Forest's Strike[3]
Group(s):Mavericks, Maverick Hunters (formerly)
Appearances:Mega Man X, Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, Mega Man X DiVE
Designer:Hayato Kaji[3]
Game Info
Weapon(s):MMX - Chameleon Sting Icon.png Chameleon Sting
MHX - Laser Icon.png Lasers
Weakness(es):MMX - Boomerang Cutter Icon.png Boomerang Cutter
MHX - Metal Crescent Icon.png Boomerang Kuwanger weapons
Stage(s):X1: Forest Stage
MHX: Recon Base Ruins
Voice (JP):Hiroshi Shimozaki
Voice (EN):Roger Rhodes

Sting Chameleon, known as Sting Chameleao (スティング・カメリーオ) in Japan, is a Maverick from the X era, first appearing as one of the main bosses in Mega Man X. He is a spike-themed Reploid based on a chameleon, with the ability to turn invisible and manipulate spikes or thorns.

Like the rest of the Mavericks in the first game, he was previously part of the Maverick Hunters, specifically serving in the 9th Special Unit (Rangers).

In the Games

Mega Man X

Sprite from Mega Man X.

Sting Chameleon debuts in Mega Man X as one of the eight Mavericks on the Stage Select screen. He is a former Maverick Hunter who joined Sigma's rebellion, and serves as the boss of Forest Stage. He is difficult to keep track of in battle and requires good reflexes to overcome, as his attacks can be unpredictable. Defeating Sting Chameleon grants X the Chameleon Sting. His weakness is the Boomerang Cutter, from Boomer Kuwanger, which is useful as it can knock him down from the walls. A boss attack rematch with Sting Chameleon later occurs in Sigma Stage 3.

Mega Man Maverick Hunter X

Render from Mega Man Maverick Hunter X.

In the remake Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, Sting Chameleon receives a redesign but plays largely the same role as in Mega Man X, being the boss of Recon Base Ruins. He is a snide villain taking advantage of Sigma's rebellion, but also makes a suspicious comment about hostages being involved. In battle, for X he is still weak to Boomerang Cutter and yields Chameleon Sting upon his defeat, while for Vile he is weak to weapons obtained from Boomerang Kuwanger (Metal Crescent, Quick Homesick, Parasite Sword, Two Headed Slash, Marooned Tomahawk) and yields the Laser weapon system. Chameleon's boss attack rematch later occurs in Sigma Palace 3.

Mega Man X DiVE

In Mega Man X DiVE, Maverick Data of Sting Chameleon appears as the final boss of Chapter 7 in Story Mode, being fought in Area Forest 7-6. His defeat unlocks the Chip Transparency. He also reappeared as a boss in the Event Beat the Chameleon and Jakob.

A Monster Hunter Rise crossover variant of Sting Chameleon, called Chameleos Chameleon, appeared as a boss in Event Urgent! Support needed at Shrine Ruins.

Other Game Appearances

Other Media

Official Data

Mega Man X

Rockman X manual[4] A Reploid from the 9th Special Unit (Rangers). Although a highly capable Hunter, he has failed to become a commander due to his bad reputation. When Sigma started his rebellion, he took the opportunity to join in hopes of rising to the top. He is in charge of guarding a front-line base built in the forest. He is cunning, ambitious, and sharp-tongued.[JP]
Rockman X Chō Hyakka[5] ...[JP]
Height: 177 cm Weight: 77 kg Max Power: 3000rp Max Speed: 3600rp

Stage Select

MMX StingChameleon Spec.png Sting Chameleon
Height: 177 cm (5.80 ft)
Weight: 77 kg (169 lb)
Attacks: Chameleon Sting, Iron Tongue

Compendium of Rockman X

MMX - Sting Chameleon Art 2.png
Forest Stage Sting Chameleon
Weapon: Chameleon Sting Weakness: Boomerang Cutter
Profile: A Reploid from the 9th Special Unit (Rangers). Despite his skills, he could never become a commander due to his bad reputation, so he saw the rebellion as an opportunity to take revenge. He is in charge of security at a front-line base.
Attack: Effect:
Chameleon Sting Fires shots in 3 directions from the tip of his tail.
Transparent Movement Moves while invisible, making him invincible until he reappears.
Tongue Flick Attack Approaches and extends his tongue to hit X.
Thorn Rain Summons a rain of thorns from the top of the arena.
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Mega Man Maverick Hunter X

MHX - Sting Chameleon Art.png Spirit Sharp-Shooter of the Haunted Forest
Sting Chameleon
Reploid who belongs to the 9th Special Battalion (Rangers). Using his tongue for quick attacks, along with his ability to blend into his surroundings, makes him a highly-skilled Hunter. On the other hand, he goes too far in his mantra of "by any means necessary," and is called a coward for his sometimes sly, sneaky tricks. Bested by Sigma, he joins the rebellion, using his skills learned as a Ranger to be the first line of defense for the forest base.

Mega Man X Legacy Collection Gallery

MMX - Sting Chameleon Art 2.png Spirit Sharp-Shooter of the Haunted Forest
Sting Chameleon
Chameleon was a highly-skilled Hunter operating with the 9th Special Unit (Rangers), but his sly, sneaky tricks and sharp tongue left him unpopular and he was never chosen for promotion to unit leader. Never one to pass up an opportunity, he has used Sigma's uprising as a means to rise through the ranks. Now, he is grimly protective of his post as a defender of a front-line base in the jungle.

Mega Man X DiVE

MMXD - Sting Chameleon Art.png
Sting Chameleon
He was a Maverick Hunter of the 9th Special Unit. He possesses a camouflage ability that allows him to blend into any environment. Cunning and skeptical, he usually uses ambushes, traps, and other combat skills.

Behind the Scenes

Developer Commentary

"Inafune did Eagle and Penguin, Kaji designed Mandrill, Octopus, and Chameleon. Mammoth, Armadillo, and Kuwanger were Tazaki's. Even as I watched them work, I could really see each of their distinct flavors coming out in their illustrations." - (Tatsuya Yoshikawa)[3]
"The visual effect of Chameleon fading away was an idea that came from one of the programmers. I remember how everyone on our team was amazed by what the programmers were capable of. Excited about all the crazy things we could do now, things we couldn't have done with the NES, we kept popping out ideas that we thought were outrageous... and the programmers just kept making them all come to life!" - (Hayato Kaji)[3]


Language Name Origin
Japanese Sting Chameleao (スティング・カメリーオ) Named after the sting of a needle, and the chameleon.
English Sting Chameleon


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