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Mega Man Xtreme 2

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Damage data
Game Info
MMXII - Box Art NA.jpg
MMXII - Box Art JP.jpg
Box Art
General information
Game Title(s):Mega Man Xtreme, Rockman X2: Soul eraser
Release Date(s):2001
Genre(s):Action, Platformer
Game mode(s):Single Player
Platform(s):Game Boy Color, 3DS Virtual Console

Mega Man Xtreme 2, known as Rockman X2: Soul Eraser (ロックマンX2 ソウルイレイザー) in Japan, is a game released by Capcom for the Gameboy Color in 2001. It is the second and final game in the Mega Man Xtreme series.


Name Sprite Description
X MMXI - X.gif The leader of the Maverick Hunters 17th Unit. X has sworn to fight for world peace, though an inner opposition to violence sometimes holds him back.[1]
Zero MMXII - Zero.gif An SA-Class Hunter and leader of the Special 0 Unit, Zero is X's companion and friendly rival. He carries out his missions with total style and confidence.[1]
Iris MMXII - Iris Portrait.png Iris is an excellent Reploid who works as an operator. While training with the Maverick Hunters, she gets involved with the DNA Soul incident.[1]
Gareth MMXII - Gareth.gif Gareth is a knight-type Reploid who boasts high offensive ability. He distracts the Hunters with his cool judgement and javelin attacks.[1]
Berkana MMXII - Berkana.gif Though she is known as a Reploid researcher, none of the Reploids that Berkana has created have ever been revealed to the public. She is shrouded in mystery.[1]
Sigma MMXII - Sigma.png Former leader of the Maverick Hunters who went Maverick himself to rebel against humanity. He was supposedly destroyed by X, but...
Dr. Light MMXI - Dr. Light.png The creator of X, who has left Light Capsules to deliver Armor Parts to him, years after his own passing.


Minor Enemies

Mini Bosses


X Mission
Name Sprite Description Weapon Weakness
X Zero
Neon Tiger MMXII - Neon Tiger.png Ray Claw Rising Tornado Fang
Launch Octopus MMXII - Launch Octopus.png Marine Tornado Fish Fang Strike Chain
Volt Catfish MMXII - Volt Catfish.png Tri-Thunder Tri-Thunder Ray Claw
Flame Mammoth MMXII - Flame Mammoth.png Fire Wave Fire Wave Marine Tornado

Zero Mission
Name Sprite Description Weapon Weakness
X Zero
Wire Sponge MMXII - Wire Sponge.png Strike Chain Lightning Drill Crunch
Overdrive Ostrich MMXII - Overdrive Ostrich.png Sonic Slicer Dash Strie Chain
Blast Hornet MMXII - Blast Hornet.gif Bomb Bee Earth G. Dash
Tunnel Rhino MMXII - Tunnel Rhino.png Tornado Fang Drill Crush Earth G.

Boss Attack
Name Sprite Description Weapon Weakness
Storm Eagle MMXI - Storm Eagle.png
Chill Penguin MMXI - Chill Penguin.png
Flame Stag MMXI - Flame Stag.gif
Spark Mandrill MMXI - Spark Mandrill.png
Armored Armadillo MMXI - Armored Armadillo.png
Magna Centipede MMXI - Magna Centipede.png
Morph Moth MMXI - Morph Moth.gif
Wheel Gator MMXI - Wheel Gator.png

Last Stage Bosses

Name Sprite Description Weakness
Velguarder MMXII - Velguarder.png
Isaz & Sowilo MMXII - Isaz & Sowilo.png
Berkana MMXII - Berkana.gif
Gareth MMXII - Gareth.gif
Neo Sigma MMXII - Sigma 1st.png
Sigma Beast MMXII - Sigma 2nd.png


X's Weapons

Name Sprite Description
Bomb Bee File:MMXII - Bomb Bee.png
Fire Wave File:MMXII - Fire Wave.png
Marine Tornado File:MMXII - Marine Tornado.png
Ray Claw File:MMXII - Ray Claw.png
Sonic Slicer File:MMXII - Sonic Slicer.png
Strike Chain File:MMXII - Strike Chain.png
Tornado Fang File:MMXII - Tornado Fang.png
Tri-Thunder File:MMXII - Tri-Thunder.png
X-Buster File:MMXII - X-Buster.png

Zero's Weapons

Name Sprite Description
Dash File:MMXII - Dash.png
Drill Crush File:MMXII - Drill Crush.png
Earth G. File:MMXII - Earth G..png
Fire Wave File:MMXII - Fire Wave.png
Fish Fang File:MMXII - Fish Fang.png
Lightning File:MMXII - Lightning.png
Rising File:MMXII - Rising.png
Tri-Thunder File:MMXII - Tri-Thunder.png



Name Sprite Description
Energy Pellet File:MMXII - Energy Pellet.png
Energy Capsule File:MMXII - Energy Capsule.png
Weapon Energy Capsule File:MMXII - Weapon Energy Capsule.png
1 UP File:MMXII - 1 UP.png
Heart Tank File:MMXII - Heart Tank.png
Sub Tank File:MMXII - .png
DNA Soul File:MMXII - DNA Soul.png
Ride Armor File:MMXII - Ride Armor.png
Boots Upgrade File:MMXII - Boots Upgrade.png
Helmet Upgrade File:MMXII - Helmet Upgrade.png
Armor Upgrade File:MMXII - Armor Upgrade.png
X-Buster Upgrade File:MMXII - X-Buster Upgrade.png
Zero Final File:MMXII - Zero Final.png
Leg Crush File:MMXII - Leg Crush.png
Head Crush File:MMXII - Head Crush.png
Body Upgrade File:MMXII - Body Upgrade.png
Shotokan File:MMXII - Shotokan.png



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