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Mega Man Xtreme 2

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Damage data
Game Info
MMXT2 - Box Art NA.jpg
MMXT2 - Box Art JP.jpg
Box Art
General information
Game Title(s):Mega Man Xtreme, Rockman X2: Soul Eraser, Rockman XS
Release Date(s):2001
Genre(s):Action, Platformer
Game mode(s):Single Player
Platform(s):Game Boy Color, 3DS Virtual Console

Mega Man Xtreme 2, known in Japan as Rockman X2: Soul Eraser (ロックマンX2 ソウルイレイザー) or simply Rockman XS (ロックマンXS)[1] for short, is a video game released by Capcom for the Gameboy Color in 2001. It is the second and final game in the Mega Man Xtreme series, incorporating elements from the first three Mega Man X games.


Name Sprite Description
X MMXT1 - X.gif The leader of the Maverick Hunters 17th Unit. X has sworn to fight for world peace, though an inner opposition to violence sometimes holds him back.[2]
Zero MMXT2 - Zero.gif An SA-Class Hunter and leader of the Special 0 Unit, Zero is X's companion and friendly rival. He carries out his missions with total style and confidence.[2]
Iris MMXT2 - Iris Portrait.png Iris is an excellent Reploid who works as an operator. While training with the Maverick Hunters, she gets involved with the DNA Soul incident.[2]
Gareth MMXT2 - Gareth.gif Gareth is a knight-type Reploid who boasts high offensive ability. He distracts the Hunters with his cool judgement and javelin attacks.[2]
Berkana MMXT2 - Berkana.gif Though she is known as a Reploid researcher, none of the Reploids that Berkana has created have ever been revealed to the public. She is shrouded in mystery.[2]
Sigma MMXT2 - Sigma.png Former leader of the Maverick Hunters who went Maverick himself to rebel against humanity. He was supposedly destroyed by X, but...
Dr. Light MMXT1 - Dr. Light.png The creator of X, who has left Light Capsules to deliver Armor Parts to him, years after his own passing.


Minor Enemies

Mini Bosses


X Mission
Name Sprite Description Weapon Weakness
X Zero
Neon Tiger MMXT2 - Neon Tiger.png Ray Claw Rising Tornado Fang
Launch Octopus MMXT2 - Launch Octopus.png Marine Tornado Fish Fang Strike Chain
Volt Catfish MMXT2 - Volt Catfish.png Tri-Thunder Tri-Thunder Ray Claw
Flame Mammoth MMXT2 - Flame Mammoth.png Fire Wave Fire Wave Marine Tornado

Zero Mission
Name Sprite Description Weapon Weakness
X Zero
Wire Sponge MMXT2 - Wire Sponge.png Strike Chain Lightning Drill Crunch
Overdrive Ostrich MMXT2 - Overdrive Ostrich.png Sonic Slicer Dash Strie Chain
Blast Hornet MMXT2 - Blast Hornet.gif Bomb Bee Earth G. Dash
Tunnel Rhino MMXT2 - Tunnel Rhino.png Tornado Fang Drill Crush Earth G.

Boss Attack
Name Sprite Description Weapon Weakness
Storm Eagle MMXT1 - Storm Eagle.png
Chill Penguin MMXT1 - Chill Penguin.png
Flame Stag MMXT1 - Flame Stag.gif
Spark Mandrill MMXT1 - Spark Mandrill.png
Armored Armadillo MMXT1 - Armored Armadillo.png
Magna Centipede MMXT1 - Magna Centipede.png
Morph Moth MMXT1 - Morph Moth.gif
Wheel Gator MMXT1 - Wheel Gator.png

Last Stage Bosses

Name Sprite Description Weakness
Velguarder MMXT2 - Velguarder.png
Isaz & Sowilo MMXT2 - Isaz & Sowilo.png
Berkana MMXT2 - Berkana.gif
Gareth MMXT2 - Gareth.gif
Neo Sigma MMXT2 - Sigma 1st.png
Sigma Beast MMXT2 - Sigma 2nd.png


X's Weapons

Name Icon Description Source
MMXT2 - X-Buster Icon.png
X's default weapon. It fires up to three shots horizontally, and can be charged up for a Charge Shot of two levels. Equipping Armor Parts can alter the properties of the max Charge Shot. Default
Ray Claw
MMXT2 - Ray Claw Icon.png
Creates a beam cutter on the end of the X-Buster.
Charge Shot fires seven light bullets in a random spread of trajectories.
Neon Tiger
Marine Tornado
MMXT2 - Marine Tornado Icon.png
Fires a vertical whirlpool around X.
Charge Shot fires a spread of four piranha-shaped homing missiles at once.
Launch Octopus
Fire Wave
MMXT2 - Fire Wave Icon.png
Fires a fireball that drops and burns along the ground.
Charge Shot causes six fireballs to randomly rain down across the screen.
Flame Mammoth
Tornado Fang
MMXT2 - Tornado Fang Icon.png
Fires a drill that pauses before moving. Up to three can be stacked. Can destroy some obstacles.
Charge Shot extends a drill while the button is held, which deals damage.
Tunnel Rhino
MMXT2 - Tri-Thunder Icon.png
Fires a spread of three lightning balls at different angles.
Charge Shot releases six electricity balls randomly in six directions around X.
Volt Catfish
Strike Chain
MMXT2 - Strike Chain Icon.png
Fires a chain with a hook that can grab items.
Charge Shot fires a longer chain with a claw at the end.
Wire Sponge
Bomb Bee
MMXT2 - Bomb Bee Icon.png
Fires a bee drone that explodes on contact.
Charge Shot summons three orbiting bees around X, which explode on contact.
Blast Hornet
Sonic Slicer
MMXT2 - Sonic Slicer Icon.png
Fires two energy cutters that ricochet off of objects, changing angles.
Charge Shot launches five energy cutters upwards, which then rain down across the area.
Overdrive Ostrich
Giga Crush
MMXT2 - Giga Crush Icon.png
Causes a huge explosion that damages every enemy on the screen. Its Weapon Energy starts empty, and is filled by taking damage from enemy attacks. Body Parts
Hadouken N/A By inputting a command with a Charge Shot, X throws a powerful fireball that deals high damage. Shotokan
Shoryuken By inputting a command with a Charge Shot, X performs a rising uppercut that deals high damage.

Zero's Weapons

Name Icon Description Source
MMXT2 - Z-Saber Icon.png
Zero's default weapon. On the ground, it can slash three times in quick succession for a combo. In the air, on walls, and on ladders, it can only slash once at a time. Default
MMXT2 - Rising Icon.png
Zero performs a rising saber uppercut into the air. Neon Tiger
Fish Fang
MMXT2 - Fish Fang Icon.png
Zero slashes midair, releasing two fish missiles downwards. Consumes Weapon Energy. Launch Octopus
Fire Wave
MMXT2 - Fire Wave Icon.png
Zero slashes, releasing a fireball that burns along the ground. Consumes Weapon Energy. Flame Mammoth
Drill Crush
MMXT2 - Drill Crush Icon.png
Zero descends into a falling stab with his saber. Tunnel Rhino
MMXT2 - Tri-Thunder Icon.png
Zero punches the ground, sending electric balls upwards at three angles. Consumes Weapon Energy. Volt Catfish
MMXT2 - Lightning Icon.png
Zero calls down lightning bolts to strike across the screen. Consumes Weapon Energy. Wire Sponge
Earth Gaizer
MMXT2 - Earth Gaizer Icon.png
Zero punches the ground, causing an explosion to sweep across the screen. Consumes Weapon Energy. Blast Hornet
MMXT2 - Dash Icon.png
Zero stops, then dashes forwards while slashing with his saber. Consumes Weapon Energy. Overdrive Ostrich
Zero Final
MMXT2 - Zero Final Icon.png
Zero stops, then dashes forwards to perform a combo on what he hits. Consumes all Weapon Energy. Arm Parts



Name Sprite Description
Life Energy MMXT1 - Life Energy Small.png MMXT1 - Life Energy Large.png Small units restore 2 points of Life Energy.
Large units restore 8 points of Life Energy.
Weapon Energy MMXT1 - Weapon Energy Small.png MMXT1 - Weapon Energy Large.png Small units restore 2 points of Weapon Energy.
Large units restore 8 points of Weapon Energy.
Life Soul MMXT2 - Life Soul 1.png MMXT2 - Life Soul 2.png MMXT2 - Life Soul 3.png MMXT2 - Life Soul 4.png MMXT2 - Life Soul 5.png 1 Life Soul restores 2 Life Energy and grants 4 Souls.
2 Life Souls restore 2 Life Energy and grant 8 Souls.
3 Life Souls restore 8 Life Energy and grant 16 Souls.
4 Life Souls grant 100 Souls. Only dropped by Sigma.
5 Life Souls grant 200 Souls. Only dropped by bosses.
Energy Soul MMXT2 - Energy Soul 1.png MMXT2 - Energy Soul 2.png MMXT2 - Energy Soul 3.png 1 Energy Soul restores 2 Weapon Energy and grants 4 Souls.
2 Energy Souls restore 2 Weapon Energy and grant 8 Souls.
3 Energy Souls restore 8 Weapon Energy and grant 16 Souls.
1 UP MMXT2 - 1-UP (X).png MMXT2 - 1-UP (Z).png Grants an extra life.
Ride Armor
MMXT1 - Ride Armor.png
In a Ride Armor, the player takes no damage, and can hover and use punch attacks. They can be found in Jungle Stage and Underground Stage.
Ride Chaser
MMXT2 - Ride Chaser.png
On a Ride Chaser, the player can dash and fire shots. One appears in Desert Stage.
Life Up
MMXT2 - Life Up.png
Permanently increases maximum Life Energy by 2 points.
Sub Tank
MMXT1 - Sub Tank.png
Grants a reserve tank which can be filled by Life Energy pickups and used later.
Light Capsule MMXT1 - Light Capsule.png MMXT2 - Light Capsule (Z).png In X Mission, these capsules are blue and grant Armor Parts that permanently upgrade X's abilities. In Zero Mission, they are red and grant Power-Up Parts that permanently upgrade Zero's abilities.

Armor Parts



Relation to other games


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