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Weapon Info
MM2 - Item-1 Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man 2.
General information
Abbreviation(s):1, I1
Appearances:Mega Man 2
Game Info
Effect:Creates a platform that floats in the air.
Obtained from:Heat Man
Other Info
Related Weapons:Rush Coil, Carry

Item-1 is a utility weapon first appearing in Mega Man 2, where it is received from Dr. Light after defeating Heat Man. It has a red and white colour scheme and creates a slowly rising platform that can be used to cross big gaps.

In the Games

Mega Man 2

In Mega Man 2, It is given to the player after defeating Heat Man. It costs 2 Weapon Energy per platform, when used it'll create a platform that floats upwards in front of Mega Man. You can only have three platforms on screen at a time, and they disappear after only a few seconds.

Related Weapons

Other utility items that have appeared in the Mega Man games:

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