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Mega Man X3

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Damage data
Game Info
MMX3 - Box Art NA.jpg
Box Art
General information
Game Title(s):Mega Man X3, Megaman X3, Rockman X3
Developer(s):Capcom, Minakuchi Engineering
Publisher(s):Capcom (JP, NA), Laguna Video Games (PAL; SNES), Virgin Interactive (PAL; other)
Release Date(s):
JP: December 1, 1995
NA: January 1996
EU: July 25, 1996
32-bit ports: 
JP: April 26, 1996
EU: March 12, 1997
Sega Saturn:
JP: April 26, 1996
EU: March 12, 1997
JP: March 28, 1997
NA: October 5, 1998
EU: 1998
Virtual Console: 
Wii U:
JP: October 8, 2014
NA: August 28, 2014
EU: November 6, 2014
AU: November 6, 2014
JP: November 21, 2016
NA: November 10, 2016
EU: August 11, 2016
Genre(s):Action, Platformer
Game mode(s):Single Player
Sega Saturn

Mega Man X3, known as Rockman X3 (ロックマンX3) in Japan, is the third entry in the main X series, released in 1995-1996 on the SNES and ported to the PlayStation, Sega Saturn and Windows at later dates. It is the final X game (though not the final Mega Man game) to be released on the SNES.

The game, developed by Capcom in cooporation with Minakuchi Engineering, sees X go up against a new foe in form of the reploid scientist Dr. Doppler, with Zero becoming playable for the first time. The 32-bit ports (of which only the Windows port was released in North America) add AMV cutscenes and a reworked soundtrack, but are otherwise largely identical.


Dr. Doppler, a Reploid scientific genius, has managed to stop viral Maverick infections using an antibody he created. Thanks to this, a utopian city called Dopple Town was built, attracting worldwide attention. However, one day Doppler himself suddenly started a rebellion, with his creations the Nightmare Police following. Furthermore, the Hunter Base comes under attack during X's team's absence, who were resolving incidents elsewhere. What could Doppler's true intentions be?[1]


Name Sprite Description
X MMX - X.gif As leader of the elite 17th Unit of Maverick Hunters, X is an expert at destroying Mavericks. However, his duty to use force in the protection of peace often clashes with his pacifist nature, and there are few who understand this struggle within him. No one truly knows who created X or why.[2]
Zero MMX3 - Zero.gif Zero is an SA-Class Hunter who has been a mentor to X, a firm friend, and even a rival at times, and all this has made him one of the few who understands X. During Sigma's original uprising, Zero detonated his own power core to save X's life, but he was miraculously repaired some time later. Now he leads the Maverick Hunters' Special 0 Unit, and continues to fight by X's side.[2]
Dr. Cain MMX2 - Dr. Cain.png The most gifted roboticist of the 22nd century. Dr. Cain now spends his days as the founder and director of the Maverick Hunters, but he still bears guilt for the damage caused by his creation, Sigma. He understands X's problems and supports him from behind the scenes.[2]
Mac MMX3 - Mac.png A Maverick Hunter who betrays X, plotting to kidnap him for Dr. Doppler.
Bit MMX3 - Bit.png The smaller of the Nightmare Police, serving as Dr. Doppler's right-hand-man. His design was based on the most powerful Reploids around the world, emphasizing speed over strength.[3]
Byte MMX3 - Byte.png The larger of the Nightmare Police, serving directly under Dr. Doppler. His design emphasizes strength over speed, and he works well alongside Bit.[3]
Vile MK-II MMX3 - Vile MK-II.png Formerly an SA-Class Hunter with the elite 17th Unit, Vile aided Sigma during his uprising and was destroyed by X as a result. Now, Vile has returned from the brink of oblivion to seek revenge against X.[2]
Dr. Doppler MMX3 - Dr. Doppler.png Dr. Doppler is a Reploid scientist equipped with advanced computers. He researched technology that might help realize the goal of a peaceful world in which humans and Reploids coexist, but since he started looking into a certain computer program his behavior has changed. He has modified himself into a battle machine, gathered powerful Mavericks to his cause, and declared war on humanity. What has suddenly driven Dr. Doppler insane?[2]
Sigma MMX3 - Sigma.gif Sigma was once the leader of X's 17th Unit and the most powerful of all Reploids. Twice he has started rebellions to crush humanity and create a world just for Reploids, but each time X has halted his plans and destroyed him. Surely all that is left of him now is burnt scrap under a pile of rubble...[2]
Dr. Light MMX - Dr. Light.gif The creator of X, who has left Light Capsules to deliver him Armor Parts years after his own passing.


Minor Enemies

Name Sprite Description HP Damage Stage(s)
Atareeter MMX3 - Atareeter.png Slowly crawls forward and chews open the ground under it, revealing a trail of small spikes. The spikes remain in the stage permanently, but only deal damage rather than killing X/Zero instantly. 10 8 (contact)
2 (spikes)
Safari Park Stage
Blady MMX3 - Blady.png A wheel that rolls around slowly until it takes damage, then it extends its blades and speeds up. 6 2 Airborne Aircraft Carrier Stage
Boulder MMX3 - Boulder.png Starts falling and/or rolling when triggered by X/Zero. If it falls on spikes, it is destroyed instantly. 10 4 Quarry Stage
Carry Arm MMX3 - Carry Arm.png Delivery drones that load Dr. Doppler's airship with crates, which are harmful to touch and must be destroyed. If two crates have been placed, no more Carry Arms appear until one has been destroyed and a Meta Capsule emerges from the ship instead. If Gravity Beetle has been defeated, the ship does not appear and no Carry Arms are present. 6 (crate) 2 Weapons Factory Stage
Caterkiller MMX3 - Caterkiller.png Moves up and down on a wall and occasionally charges up two energy shots, which it releases diagonally. The shots fly a certain distance, stop, then return. 2 2 Hunter Base, Giant Dam Stage, Volt Catfish's stage, Safari Park Stage, Doppler Stage B
Crablaster MMX3 - Crablaster.png Walks on the ceiling or floor and shoots diagonally downward/upward. After losing 3 HP, its cannons break and it can no longer shoot, but periodically creates an electric barrier around it that must be broken through before being able to hit it again. 4 (Crablaster)
3 (barrier)
2 (contact)
3 (projectiles)
3 (barrier)
Volt Catfish's stage, Doppler Stage A, Doppler Stage C
Drill Waying MMX3 - Drill Waying.png A stationary enemy that extends upwards and drills into the ceiling, creating an impassable barrier. X/Zero must shoot at its "head" to destroy the barrier, which starts at the top and slowly moves downwards. 5 3 Quarry Stage, Safari Park Stage, Vile Stage, Doppler Stage A
Drimole-W MMX3 - Drimole-W.png Fires its two drills forward individually or lobs bombs in an arc while driving around. The drills deflect shots, and two of them fly out at the same time when the enemy has been destroyed. 6 4 (contact)

2 (drills)
1 (bombs)
Quarry Stage
Earth Commander MMX3 - Earth Commander.png Flies up and down until X/Zero comes near, then flies in semi-circles around them. If the propeller is destroyed first, the core pops out and moves along the ground before exploding. 3 (ring)
4 (propeller)
2 (intact)
3 (core)
Hunter Base, Airborne Aircraft Carrier Stage, Giant Dam Stage, Volt Catfish's stage
Escanail MMX3 - Escanail.png Slowly crawls up walls. Once its shell has been destroyed, it can be used as a platform. 3 2 Doppler Stage B, Dr. Doppler stage 2 (Vile)
Ganseki Carrier (boulder) MMX3 - Ganseki Carrier (boulder).png A version of the Ganseki Carrier that flies in from the side, carrying a boulder. When X/Zero is near, it drops its cargo, then falls down and remains stationary, periodically shooting two consecutive missiles forward. Boulders dropped by Ganseki Carriers break when they hit the ground. 4 4 (contact)

4 (boulder)
2 (missiles)
Quarry Stage
Ganseki Carrier (ground) MMX3 - Ganseki Carrier.png A version of the Ganseki Carrier that starts out on the ground rather than flying, where it remains stationary, periodically shooting two consecutive missiles forward. 4 4 (contact)

2 (missiles)
Doppler Stage D
Ganseki Carrier (spike ball) MMX3 - Ganseki Carrier (spike ball).png A version of the Ganseki Carrier that carries a large spike ball, which it drops diagonally downward, causing it to bounce between walls. After dropping a spike ball, it flies up and off the screen, then a new Carrier appears with another spike ball. 4 4 (contact)

3 (spike ball)
Hunter Base
Hamma Hamma MMX3 - Hamma Hamma.png A stationary robot with spike ball fists that throws first one, then the other in X/Zero's direction. The spike balls hang in midair and deflect shots for a while before being retracted. 11 3 (contact)
2 (spike balls)
Shipyard Stage, Safari Park Stage, Vile Stage, Doppler Stage A, Dr. Doppler stage 2 (Vile)
Hangerter MMX3 - Hangerter.png A floating machine that can immobilise a robot under it. It is harmless to touch and can be destroyed to release whatever it is holding. 2 N/A Hunter Base, Weapons Factory Stage
Head Gunner customer MMX3 - Head Gunner customer.png A stationary enemy that shoots two consecutive missiles forward, which slightly home in on X/Zero, or lobs three bombs in an arc. All Head Gunner customers in the main Maverick stages (but not in Dr. Doppler's fortress) are replaced with Head Gunner masspros after Blast Hornet has been defeated. 6 (Head Gunner)
1 (projectiles)
6 (contact)
1 (projectiles)
Hunter Base, Weapons Factory Stage, Airborne Aircraft Carrier Stage, Giant Dam Stage, Volt Catfish's stage, Doppler Stage A
Head Gunner masspro MMX3 - Head Gunner masspro.png A reploid suspended from an energy beam. If X shoots the beam or moves too close, the reploid will drop and jump around. X can also destroy its body while it is hanging, leaving a head that spits projectiles and will not drop by itself. 4 (Head Gunner)
1 (projectiles)
4 (contact)
1 (missiles)
Weapons Factory Stage, Airborne Aircraft Carrier Stage, Giant Dam Stage, Volt Catfish's stage
Helit MMX3 - Helit.png Follows X/Zero on the vertical axis and shoots missiles forward when at the same height, which can be destroyed. After shooting two missiles, it flies up and disappears. 2 (Helit)
2 (missiles)
2 (contact)
3 (missiles)
Weapons Factory Stage, Frozen Town Stage, Shipyard Stage, Doppler Stage B, Dr. Doppler stage 2 (Vile)
Ice De Voux MMX3 - Ice De Voux.png A robotic core encased in ice that drops down and bounces around. When its shell is destroyed, the core stops in midair and will magnetise new ice fragments to it if it is not destroyed quickly. 3 (shell)
3 (core)
6 (shell)
2 (core)
2 (debris)
Frozen Town Stage
Iwan De Voux MMX3 - Iwan De Voux.png A robotic core encased in rock that drops down and bounces around. When its shell is destroyed, the core stops in midair and will magnetise new rock fragments to it if it is not destroyed quickly. 3 (shell)
3 (core)
6 (shell)
2 (core)
2 (debris)
Quarry Stage
Meta Capsule MMX3 - Meta Capsule.png Periodically opens to charge up a shot and fire it at X/Zero. The shot splits in two and briefly travels along walls after colliding with something solid. Can only be harmed while it is open. 2 2 (contact)
2 (projectiles)
Volt Catfish's stage, Safari Park Stage, Doppler Stage A
Mine Tortoise MMX3 - Mine Tortoise.png Slowly sinks in water or swims at X/Zero in bursts. Once destroyed, the invincible shell floats up to the water surface or explodes if it touches a ceiling. 3 2 Giant Dam Stage, Doppler Stage B
Notor Banger MMX3 - Notor Banger.png Aims the cannon on its back to shoot three consecutive projectiles at X/Zero in an arc, then jumps and repeats. Its projectiles can be destroyed. 3 (Notor Banger)
1 (projectiles)
2 (contact)
2 (projectiles)
Hunter Base, Weapons Factory Stage, Frozen Town Stage, Airborne Aircraft Carrier Stage, Giant Dam Stage, Safari Park Stage, Vile Stage, Dr. Doppler stage 2 (Vile)
Snow Rider MMX3 - Snow Rider.png A stationary robot that periodically shoots a laser forward. 3 3 (contact)
2 (laser)
Frozen Town Stage
Snow Slider MMX3 - Snow Slider.png A Snow Rider in a sled. It speeds along the ground and flings ice cubes from its rear, which freeze X/Zero in place until they take damage. The player can also free them by rapidly mashing buttons. When the Snow Slider is destroyed, the Snow Rider pops out. 3 3 Frozen Town Stage
Spark MMX3 - Spark.png Travels up and down along cables and cannot be destroyed. N/A 2 Volt Catfish's stage
Spike ball MMX3 - Spike ball.png Large, indestructible spike balls that fall down quickly and bounce off walls. They may fall out of chutes or be dropped by Ganseki Carriers. N/A 3 Hunter Base, Doppler Stage A
Spycopter MMX3 - Spycopter.png Large, bee-like helicopters. They only appear in the intro (where one is destroyed by X and Zero) and as background details, but are listed as enemies in the ending. N/A N/A Hunter Base
Tombort MMX3 - Tombort.png A dragonfly that flies back and forth or swoops down, stopping at the end of its path. It is mostly harmless and can be used as a platform, though it may fire three smalls bombs from its tail whenever X/Zero shoots. 6 2 (projectiles) Safari Park Stage
Trapper MMX3 - Trapper.png An indestructible device that creates a laser beam below it, which sways back and forth and turns into harmful energy when X/Zero touches it. The beam periodically deactivates, but can also be passed without taking damage by moving quickly enough. N/A 1 Volt Catfish's stage, Doppler Stage C
Victoroid MMX3 - Victoroid.png A mostly stationary robot that occasionally fires a laser straight forward, alternating between high and low shots. It will try to jump over the first charge shot fired. 10 8 (contact)
4 (laser)
Giant Dam Stage
Victoroid customer MMX3 - Victoroid customer.png An upgraded Victoroid that shoots faster and can additionally lob small bombs from its back. Once 4 of its HP have been depleted, its armour falls off and it behaves like a regular Victoroid. 14 8 (contact)
4 (laser)
6 (bombs)
Doppler Stage B
Walk Blaster MMX3 - Walk Blaster.png A walking gun that can crouch while firing and will frequently do so to avoid X/Zero's shots. 5 3 (contact)
1 (laser)
Shipyard Stage, Doppler Stage A, Doppler Stage B, Doppler Stage C, Doppler Stage D
Wall Cancer MMX3 - Wall Cancer.png A crab that walks up and down on walls and occasionally charges up two shots, which it either fires up and down or forward. If X/Zero is charging or has a charge shot stored, it charges up bigger shots and always throws them forward. 4 2 (contact)
4 (projectiles)
8 (charge shot)
Airborne Aircraft Carrier Stage, Shipyard Stage, Quarry Stage, Vile Stage, Dr. Doppler stage 2 (Vile), Doppler Stage C
Wild Tank MMX3 - Wild Tank.png Tosses spikes in an arc, which get stuck in the ground and can be destroyed. After it has thrown three spikes, it charges forward, detonating the spikes. Destroying the Wild Tank also removes any stuck spikes. 6 (Wild Tank)
2 (spikes)
4 (contact)
2 (spikes)
Safari Park Stage


Occasionally, X may encounter very powerful enemies throughout the stages, which are located behind boss doors and prevent him from progressing until they are defeated. As Zero normally will not pass through these doors, most minibosses cannot be fought as him, with the exception of Mac (who is fought at a point when the player can only control Zero) and Mosquitus.

Name Sprite Description HP Damage Stage(s)
Hell Crusher MMX3 - Hell Crusher.png Drives forward and rams the wall, which causes X to fall down if he is climbing on it. It may also separate its torso from its base, attaching the former to the ceiling and launching a claw forward while the base continues to ram. X can stand on the separated base, though its sides will still hurt him. Only the Hell Crusher's torso can be damaged. 32 2 (contact)
3 (claw)
Quarry Stage
Hotareeca MMX3 - Hotareeca.png A robotic jellyfish that moves around and fires three successive torpedoes in an arc, or disperses six mines one by one, which sink and explode. Despite flailing around, its arms cannot hurt X. 32 2 (contact)
2 (torpedoes)
3 (mines)
Giant Dam Stage
Mac MMX3 - Mac.png Occasionally jumps up or across the room, firing many small projectiles at Zero or a single larger one, which deals the same amount of damage. 16 2 (contact)
2 (projectiles)
Hunter Base
Mosquitus MMX3 - Mosquitus.png Flies left and right and occasionally dives down at X/Zero. If it misses, it will instead drink from one of the coloured buckets on the floor, becoming that colour, or drain its current colour into that bucket if it is already coloured. By mixing different colours, lasting hazards are created on the ground:
  • Red + Blue creates a poison spout;
  • Red + Yellow creates a tall pillar of flame;
  • Yellow + Blue creates a green puddle that occasionally erupts into balls of slime, which X/Zero can get stuck in.

Unlike other minibosses, Mosquitus can be fought by Zero, which leads to a cutscene that ends in the loss of Zero and X obtaining his Z-Saber.

16 8 (contact)
2 (slime)
4 (other hazards)
Doppler Stage B
REX-2000 MMX3 - REX-2000.png Walks back and forth, occasionally opening its mouth to fire many projectiles forward while releasing homing missiles, which can be destroyed. During the fight, the ceiling is collapsing; if Zero is alive, he will slow its collapse and stop it when the REX-2000 is destroyed. Otherwise, it collapses faster and a switch must be destroyed to stop it. 11 (REX-2000)
2 (missiles)
8 (contact)
4 (missiles)
2 (projectiles)
Doppler Stage A
Shurikein and Genjibo MMX3 - Shurikein.pngMMX3 - Genjibo.png A holographic star created by the robot insect Genjibo. It alternates between two patterns, either rolling left and right very fast and jumping when shot at, or scaling the walls and ceiling more slowly. It pauses when changing patterns. 18 3 Weapons Factory Stage
Worm Seeker-R MMX3 - Worm Seeker-R.png A segmented worm that emerges from and disappears into the ceiling, walls and floor in various patterns, dropping two small spike balls, which bounce at different heights and disappear after a while or when shot at a few times. Only its head can be damaged. 22 4 (contact)
2 (spike balls)
Safari Park Stage

Bit & Byte and Vile

After the 2nd main Maverick has been defeated, Bit, Byte and Vile MK-II spread out and can be encountered as minibosses in the Maverick stages. Bit, and later Byte, will appear in a designated room in a random stage and cannot be avoided, whereas Vile appears in his own sub-stage to be accessed via hidden teleporter, which can appear either in Volt Catfish's, Crush Crawfish's or Blizzard Buffalo's stage.

Using a weakness to land the final hit on any of these minibosses triggers their destruction and can prevent them from reappearing in upgraded boss forms in Dr. Doppler's fortress: If both Bit and Byte have been destroyed, the Godkarmachine O Inary boss is replaced with the Press Disposer, while Vile's destruction leads to the Goliath boss being replaced with Volt Kurageil, as well as Dr. Doppler stage 2 being drastically altered.

Name Sprite Description Stage(s) Weakness
Bit MMX3 - Bit.png Any Maverick stage Frost Shield
Triad Thunder
Byte MMX3 - Byte.png Any Maverick stage Tornado Fang
Ray Splasher
Vile MK-II (DRA-00) MMX3 - Vile MK-II Ride Armor.png Vile Stage Spinning Blade
Ray Splasher
Vile MK-II MMX3 - Vile MK-II.png Vile Stage Spinning Blade
Ray Splasher


Main Mavericks

Name Sprite Description Stage Weapon Weakness
Blast Hornet MMX3 - Blast Hornet.gif Weapons Factory Stage Parasitic Bomb Gravity Well
Blizzard Buffalo MMX3 - Blizzard Buffalo.png Frozen Town Stage Frost Shield Parasitic Bomb
Gravity Beetle MMX3 - Gravity Beetle.png Airborne Aircraft Carrier Stage Gravity Well Ray Splasher
Toxic Seahorse MMX3 - Toxic Seahorse.png Giant Dam Stage Acid Burst Frost Shield
Volt Catfish MMX3 - Volt Catfish.gif Power Control Center Stage Triad Thunder Tornado Fang
Crush Crawfish MMX3 - Crush Crawfish.png Shipyard Stage Spinning Blade Triad Thunder
Tunnel Rhino MMX3 - Tunnel Rhino.png Quarry Stage Tornado Fang Acid Burst
Neon Tiger MMX3 - Neon Tiger.png Safari Park Stage Ray Splasher Spinning Blade

Other Bosses

Name Sprite Description Stage Weakness
Maoh the Giant MMX3 - Maoh the Giant.png Hunter Base N/A
Press Disposer MMX3 - Press Disposer.png This boss is only fought if both Bit and Byte were destroyed with a weakness in their miniboss fights; otherwise, Godkarmachine O Inary will replace it. Doppler Stage A Ray Splasher
Tornado Fang
Godkarmachine O Inary MMX3 - Godkarmachine O Inary.png This boss is only fought if either Bit or Byte was *not* destroyed with a weakness in his miniboss fight; otherwise, the Press Disposer will replace it. Doppler Stage A Ray Splasher
Volt Kurageil MMX3 - Volt Kurageil.png This boss is only fought if Vile was destroyed with a weakness in Vile Stage; otherwise, the Goliath will replace it. Doppler Stage B Frost Shield
Triad Thunder
Goliath MMX3 - Goliath.png A powerful Ride Armor piloted by Vile. The fight is very similar to Vile Mk-II's first phase in his own stage, but the arena is wider and the boss will create temporary walls that X can climb on.

This boss is only fought if Vile was *not* destroyed with a weakness in his own stage; otherwise, Volt Kurageil will replace it.
Doppler Stage B Parasitic Bomb
Tornado Fang
Dr. Doppler MMX3 - Dr. Doppler.png Doppler Stage C Acid Burst
Sigma MMX3 - Sigma.gif Doppler Stage D Frost Shield
Spinning Blade
Kaiser Sigma MMX3 - Kaiser Sigma.png Sigma's second form can only be harmed with charged X-Buster shots (or the Z-Saber if it has been unlocked). Doppler Stage D X-Buster (charged)
Sigma Virus MMX3 - Sigma Virus.png Sigma's true form floats upwards through a vertical shaft and causes lava to rise up from the bottom. It cannot be harmed and must simply be chased to the top, though it will try to ram into X to make him fall into the lava. Doppler Stage D N/A


By default, X wields the X-Buster. He can then collect Special Weapons by defeating the eight Maverick bosses, each with its own elemental alignment and properties. There are also two secret weapons: the Beam Saber and the Hyper Charge.

When playing as Zero, he uses his Z-Buster, performing similarly to X with the Arm Parts. He also wields the Beam Saber, though it does not emit a projectile, and he cannot use any Special Weapons.

Name Icon Description Source
MMX - X-Buster Icon.png
X's default weapon. It fires up to three shots horizontally, and can be charged up for a Charge Shot of two levels. Collecting the Arm Parts unlocks a third and fourth Charge Shot level.
By secret means, X can obtain the Beam Saber from Zero, which is used as part of his Charge Shot 4.
Acid Burst
MMX3 - Acid Burst Icon.png
Fires acid that splashes into droplets on surfaces. Can be aimed up or down.
Charge Shot fires two acid blobs that bounce towards enemies.
Toxic Seahorse
Parasitic Bomb
MMX3 - Parasitic Bomb Icon.png
Fires a mine that attaches to enemies; large enemies are stunned, whereas small enemies are carried by it to smash into other enemies.
Charge Shot projects four crosshairs around X, which lock onto enemies and send bees after them.
Blast Hornet
Triad Thunder
MMX3 - Triad Thunder Icon.png
Fires three dynamos in a triangle around X, which pass electricity before shooting it outwards. Continuously firing prolongs the shot up to three times.
Charge Shot has X punch the ground, sending out two balls of electricity. Can destroy some objects.
Volt Catfish
Spinning Blade
MMX3 - Spinning Blade Icon.png
Fires two buzz saw blades that fly return backwards in arcs.
Charge Shot fires a giant buzz saw blade on a tether, which can be rotated around X.
Crush Crawfish
Ray Splasher
MMX3 - Ray Splasher Icon.png
Fires seven light bullets in random trajectories.
Charge Shot fires an orb upwards, which rapidly shoots light bullets in random directions.
Neon Tiger
Gravity Well
MMX3 - Gravity Well Icon.png
Fires a gravity drone that crushes nearby small or medium enemies.
Charge Shot fires a gravity drone upwards off-screen, which causes low gravity that disposes of all enemies and can move certain platforms.
Gravity Beetle
Frost Shield
MMX3 - Frost Shield Icon.png
Fires an icicle that pauses before moving. On contact, it shatters and becomes a spike on the floor.
Charge Shot sculpts an ice shield on the X-Buster, which eventually shatters into an ice spike that slides along the ground. If used underwater, it becomes a platform that rises to the surface.
Blizzard Buffalo
Hyper Charge
MMX3 - Hyper Charge Icon.png
Grants max X-Buster Charge Shots as long as it has Weapon Energy, which is consumed by every shot. Arm Chip


Weapons Factory StageFrozen Town StageAirborne Aircraft Carrier StageGiant Dam StagePower Control Center StageShipyard StageQuarry StageSafari Park StageMega Man X3 Boss Select Screen
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Name Sprite Description
Energy (small) File:MMX3 - Energy (small).png Heals X/Zero by 2 HP.
Energy (large) MMX3 - Energy (large).png Heals X/Zero by 10 HP.
Weapon Energy (small) File:MMX3 - Weapon Energy (small).png Restores weapon energy of one weapon by 2 pts.
Weapon Energy (large) File:MMX3 - Weapon Energy (large).png Restores weapon energy of one weapon by 10 pts.
1-Up File:MMX3 - 1-Up.png Adds one extra life.


Name Sprite Description Stage(s)
Life Up File:MMX3 - Life Up.png
Sub-Tank File:MMX3 - Sub-Tank.png

Ride Armors

Name Sprite Description Stage(s)
Chimera Ride Armor File:MMX3 - Chimera Ride Armor.png Weapons Factory Stage
Frog Ride Armor File:MMX3 - Frog Ride Armor.png
Hawk Ride Armor File:MMX3 - Hawk Ride Armor.png
Kangaroo Ride Armor File:MMX3 - Kangaroo Ride Armor.png
Ride Armor platform File:MMX3 - Ride Armor platform.png Can be stepped on to summon and use any of the available Ride Armors.

Armor Upgrades

MMX - Dr. Light Capsule.png

X may step into Light Capsules to obtain a piece of the Third Armor from Dr. Light's hologram.

Name Sprite Description Stage
Head parts File:MMX3 - Head parts.png
Body parts File:MMX3 - Body parts.png
Leg parts File:MMX3 - Leg parts.png
Arm parts File:MMX3 - Arm parts.png


MMX3 - Pink Light Capsule.png

Special Pink Light Capsules are hidden that allow X to obtain a Chip for one of his parts, assuming he has already acquired the respective Third Armor piece. Only one of these Chips can be installed at a time, unless X obtains the secret Gold Armor, which upgrades him with all of the Chips' effects simultaneously.

Name Sprite Description Stage
Head Chip File:MMX3 - Head chip.png
Body Chip File:MMX3 - Body chip.png
Foot Chip File:MMX3 - Leg chip.png
Arm Chip File:MMX3 - Arm chip.png
Hyper Chip File:MMX3 - Gold Armor.png


Related Media


Ports, Remakes and Compilations

Icon Title Unlocked by Related Games
File:MMXLC - Fight Fair!.png Fight Fair! Destroy Vile MK-2's Ride Armor (DRA-00) in Mega Man X3. Mega Man X3
File:MMXLC - Half the Saga.png Half the Saga Complete Mega Man X1, X2, X3, and X4. Mega Man X, Mega Man X2, Mega Man X3 and Mega Man X4
File:MMXLC - Always Believe in Your Soul.png Always Believe in Your Soul Obtain the Hyper Chip in Mega Man X3. Mega Man X3
File:MMXLC - He's Actually Called Vava.png He's Actually Called Vava Complete the opening stage of any game in both the English and Japanese versions. Mega Man X, Mega Man X2, Mega Man X3 and Mega Man X4
File:MMXLC - Power Isn't Everything.png Power Isn't Everything Reach Byte without a Ride Armor and win without the aid of special weapons in Mega Man X3. Mega Man X3
File:MMXLC - Third Armor.png Third Armor Obtain all four armor parts in Mega Man X3. Mega Man X3
File:MMXLC - To Save Mankind.png To Save Mankind Complete Mega Man X3 (cannot be earned in Rookie Hunter mode). Mega Man X3
File:MMXLC - All Units Stand By.png All Units Stand By Obtain all four Ride Armor chips in Mega Man X3. Mega Man X3
File:MMXLC - Persistence Isn't Everything.png Persistence Isn't Everything Reach Vile MK-2 without a Ride Armor and win without the aid of special weapons in Mega Man X3. Mega Man X3
File:MMXLC - Speed Isn't Everything.png Speed Isn't Everything Reach Bit without a Ride Armor and win without the aid of special weapons in Mega Man X3. Mega Man X3
File:MMXLC - X-Treme Danger.png X-Treme Danger Defeat Kaiser Sigma without the Hyper Chip in Mega Man X3. Mega Man X3
File:MMXLC - He Wanted You to Have This.png He Wanted You to Have This Receive Zero's beam saber in Mega Man X3 Mega Man X3

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