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Web Spider

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Maverick Info
MMX4 - Web Spider Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man X4.
Stage portrait(s).
General information
Name(s):Web Spider, Web Spidus
Title(s):Guerrilla Commander of the Thick Forest[1]
Group(s):Maverick Hunters (formerly), Repliforce
Appearances:Mega Man X4
Game Info
Weapon(s):X4 Lightning Web
X4 Raijingeki
Weakness(es):X4 Twin Slasher
X4 Shippuuga
Voice (JP):Issei Futamata

Web Spider, known as Web Spidus (ウェブ・スパイダス) in Japan, is a Maverick from the X era, appearing as one of the main bosses in Mega Man X4. He is an electricity-themed Reploid based on a spider, who attacks with lightning webs and mini spider drones. He is a member of Repliforce who participates in their coup d'état.

In the Games

Mega Man X4

Sprite from Mega Man X4.

Web Spider debuts in Mega Man X4 as one of the eight Mavericks on the Stage Select screen. He is a cunning member of Repliforce who serves as the boss of Jungle. His pattern is basic and predictable, but he can catch the player in his clutches. Defeating Web Spider grants Lightning Web to X and Raijingeki to Zero. His weakness is the Twin Slasher and Shippuga from Slash Beast, which can sever his thread and knock him down; however, Zero's Shippuga has no way of hitting him, making Kuuenzan or Ryuenjin better options. A boss attack rematch with Web Spider later occurs in Final Weapon 3.

Other Game Appearances

Other Media

  • In the Rockman X4 manga, Web Spider reprises his role from Mega Man X4.
  • In the Archie Mega Man comic, Web Spider appears in the "Worlds Unite" arc as one of the many Mavericks resurrected in Sigma's army.

Official Data

Mega Man X4

Guerrilla Commander of the Jungle
Web Spider
In the past, he was a member of the Special 0 Unit alongside Zero. Afterwards, he joined Repliforce and became captain of a guerilla unit, where he ran several successful campaigns. After the coup, he has been assigned to defend Repliforce's secret beam weapon hidden in the innermost part of the jungle.[2][3][4]

Compendium of Rockman X

MMX4 - Web Spider Art.png
Jungle Web Spider
Weapon: Lightning Web/Raijingeki Weakness: Twin Slasher/Shippuuga
Profile: A former Maverick Hunter who was Zero's colleague. In the rebellion, he protects a beam cannon deep in the jungle. He hangs from a thread midair to fight.
Attack: Effect:
Lightning Web Fires an electromagnetic web that pursues the player.
Baby Spider Attack Creates a floating web and begins deploying small spiders to attack.
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Mega Man X Legacy Collection Gallery

MMX4 - Web Spider Art.png Web Spider
A former Maverick Hunter and comrade of Zero. Spider then transferred into Repliforce to lead their commando division, earning multiple honors for his excellent service.
Since the coup began, he has been assigned to guard a beam weapon hidden in the jungle.

Behind the Scenes


Language Name Origin
Japanese Web Spidus (ウェブ・スパイダス) "Spidus" is a corruption of the English word spider.
English Web Spider


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