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New Shield Attacker

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Enemy Info
MM5 - New Shield Attacker Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man 5.
General information
Name(s):New Shield Attacker
Appearances:Mega Man 5
Game Info
Other Info
Variations:Shield Attacker, Shield Attacker GTR, True Shield Attacker, Hannya Attacker, Shield Guard, Shield Attacker RX, Shield Attacker TRL, Shield Attacker (Mega Man 11), Shield Attacker M, Barrier Attacker, Barrier Counter
Similar Enemies:Guardian, Death Guardian, Death Press D

New Shield Attacker[1] is an enemy appearing in Mega Man 5. It is a flying drone mostly made up of a tall shield, resembling the standard Shield Attacker in appearance and behaviour, but with a reinforced shield design.

In the Games

Mega Man 5

in-game sprite.

In Mega Man 5, New Shield Attackers appear only in Crystal Man's stage, where only three of them are found. They patrol an area that extends from their starting position on the right to the wall on their left, flying back and forth within it and taking a short time to turn around at the end. Due to their massive shield, they are completely invincible to attacks from the front, but can be attacked freely from behind.

Though mostly identical to other Shield Attackers, New Shield Attackers notably have more health - 6 HP instead of the more common 4 - and also deal a larger amount of damage than usual, making them slightly harder to deal with and more dangerous.

Official Data

New Shield Attacker appears under "Mega Man 5" in the Database in Mega Man Legacy Collection.

MM5 - New Shield Attacker Art.png New Shield Attacker
New, improved, and more annoying than ever with its ground search system. It's useless to attack it from the front.
HP 06 AT 06 MMLC - Icon Weakness.png MMLC - Icon Beat.png

Related Enemies

Starting with Mega Man 4, different models of Shield Attackers have appeared in all major games of the Classic era, most of whom behave identically (though usually dealing less damage and having less health than the New Shield Attacker), and slightly more complex variations are also found in later eras.

X era

Zero era


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