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Character Info
MM7 - Auto Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man 7.
General information
Name(s):Auto, Rightot, Lightott
Mega Man 7, Mega Man 8, Mega Man Battle & Chase, Mega Man & Bass, Mega Man 9, Mega Man 10, Mega Man 11

Archie Comics

Related Numbers:
  • Mega Man & Bass CD: 093

Auto, known as Rightot in Japan (from Dr. Light's Japanese name, Dr. Right) and sometimes rendered as Lightott internationally,[1] is a supporting character in some Classic era games, debuting in Mega Man 7. He is a bulky, green-and-yellow robot with simple features, like a metal jaw and red lights for eyes, setting him apart from many other major robots characters' more human-like appearances.

Auto's origins are not clear, but he commonly assists Dr. Light in his lab and often operates an item shop, where he crafts parts out of Bolts for Mega Man using the tool on his right arm.

In the Games

Mega Man 7

Art of Auto in his Half-Track, from Mega Man 7.

Auto makes his debut in Mega Man 7, where he first appears at the start of the Opening stage, transporting Mega Man and Roll through the city being attacked by Dr. Wily's robots in his Half-Track vehicle. When the road is too badly damaged and Mega Man intends to continue on foot, Auto gives him a Metall helmet to put on for protection, which Mega Man is less than impressed with. Realising it is not the right helmet, Auto promptly switches it out for his traditional blue one, adding that he "kinda likes" it.

Throughout the game, Auto operates the shop inside Big Eddie (alongside Eddie), accepting Bolts from Mega Man to fashion into helpful items, though he states that he has a "couple screws loose" since he lost his Hyperbolt and acts rather clumsy in crafting the items. If Mega Man finds the Hyperbolt and returns it to him, Auto will screw it into the top of his head and regain his prowess, subsequently becoming able to make items faster and for half the amount of Bolts, as well as creating rare special items that can only be found as hidden secrets in the stages otherwise.

In the Japanese version of the game, Auto sometimes shows up in place of Dr. Light when Mega Man returns to the lab with a new weapon after defeating a Robot Master, though these appearances were removed in international versions of the game. His face also appears as one of the icons on the password screen, and he is present in the ending, celebrating Mega Man's safe return with all his other friends.

Mega Man 8

Group art from Mega Man 8. Auto is in the centre.

Auto returns in Mega Man 8, though his appearance here is much more minor. With Roll running the game's shop, Auto is largely relegated to appearing as one of the possible power-ups for the Rush Jet segments in Tengu Man's stage and Dr. Wily stage 2. While active, he will fly next to Mega Man while carrying a large bazooka on his shoulder, from which he occasionally fires rockets forward in a straight line. This gives him essentially the same coverage as the Mega Buster, though his shots explode and deal more damage.

Mega Man & Bass

Artwork from Mega Man & Bass.

Auto is back in his previous role in Mega Man & Bass, operating the game's Shop out of Dr. Light's lab. Though he is not missing any parts this time, the items he can craft are limited at first, with more becoming available as Mega Man or Bass defeats more of the game's Robot Masters. He treats Mega Man and Bass identically in their interactions and feels very proud that his creations are helpful to them, though he may sell different items to each, based on what upgrades they are able to use.

Sometimes, Auto will have a bolt left over after crafting an item, suggesting he may have absentmindedly assembled it incorrectly. However, he speculates that the upgrade should still work as intended, and there is no effect on gameplay other than the leftover bolt being returned to the player's total.

Other Appearances

  • In Mega Man Battle & Chase, Auto appears on the loading screens, racing against Eddie in his Half-Track.
  • In releases of Mega Man X3 that use FMV cutscenes, Auto can briefly be seen in Volt Catfish's intro cutscene, watching TV inside a building in the background. Taken at face value, this would indicate that Auto has somehow survived into the X era despite the absence of the other Classic era robots, though it may merely be intended as an easter egg.

Official Data

Mega Man & Bass CD

Auto's CD in Mega Man & Bass is found in Ground Man's stage, where it is buried in one of the rooms with Mukamukade enemies and can only be dug up by Mega Man using Rush Search.

093 Auto
MM&B - CD - Auto.png An invention nerd who has created a wide variety of items for Megaman. GOOD POINT:
Pure and innocent
Trouble maker
"Megaman! I am your biggest fan!" DISLIKE:



RT-55J, a miniboss that looks similar to Auto.
  • The miniboss RT-55J, who guards a Light Capsule in the original Mega Man X, bears some resemblance to Auto, though the game predates Auto's debut and no connection between the two has been confirmed.
  • Auto is known for posing with a paper folding fan with a Japanese flag design on it, which he does when he receives his Hyperbolt back in Mega Man 7 and in his CD art in Mega Man & Bass.
  • Despite Auto indicating in Mega Man 7 that the Hyperbolt is supposed to be part of him, and working less efficiently without it, none of his artwork nor future appearances show him with the Hyperbolt in place.


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