Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge

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Game Info
File:MMDWR - Box Art.png
Box Art
General information
Game Title(s):Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge
Developer(s):Minakuchi Engineering
Publisher(s):NA/JP: Capcom
EU/AUS: Nintendo
Release Date(s):1991
Genre(s):Action, Platformer
Game mode(s):Single Player
Platform(s):Game Boy,


Name Sprite Description
Mega Man File:MMDWR - Mega Man.png
Dr. Light File:MMDWR - Dr. Light.png
Dr. Wily File:MMDWR - Dr. Wily.png


Minor Enemies

Name Sprite Description
Metalls MMDWR - Metalls.png

Robot Masters

First Batch
Name Sprite Description Weapon Weakness
Cut Man MMDWR - Cut Man.png Rolling Cutter Fire Storm
Ice Man MMDWR - Ice Man.png Ice Slasher Thunder Beam
Elec Man MMDWR - Elec Man.png Thunder Beam Rolling Cutter
Fire Man MMDWR - Fire Man.png Fire Storm Ice Slasher

The second group of Robot Masters in this game are accessed through a teleporter room at the end of Dr. Wily stage 1. They are fought directly and don't have their own stages, but still grant Mega Man their weapon as soon as he teleports back out of the boss arena.

Second Batch
Name Sprite Description Weapon Weakness
Quick Man MMDWR - Quick Man.png Quick Boomerang Flash Stopper
Bubble Man MMDWR - Bubble Man.png Bubble Lead Quick Boomerang
Flash Man MMDWR - Flash Man.png Flash Stopper Atomic Fire / Ice Slasher
Heat Man MMDWR - Heat Man.png Atomic Fire Bubble Lead

Fortress Bosses

Name Sprite Description Weakness
Enker MMDWR - Enker.png Mega Buster
Wily Machine I (phase 1) MMDWR - Wily Machine I (phase 1).png Atomic Fire
Wily Machine I (phase 2) MMDWR - Wily Machine I (phase 2).png Mirror Buster


1st batch
2nd batch





Relation to other games

  • Mega Man - Cut Man, Ice Man, Fire Man and Elec Man comes from here
  • Mega Man 2 - Bubble Man, Quick Man, Flash Man and Heat Man comes from here
  • Ports, Remakes and Compilations:
    • Game Boy (Player's Choice rerelease)
    • Nintedo 3DS (Virtual Console)

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