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Ultimate Armor

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Armor Info
MMX4 - Ultimate Armor X Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man X4.
General information
Name(s):Ultimate Armor
Game(s):Mega Man X4, Mega Man X5, Mega Man X6, Mega Man X8, Mega Man X DiVE
Designer:Hitoshi Ariga[1]
Game Info

The Ultimate Armor (アルティメットアーマー)[2] is a recurring set of Armor Parts in the X era. It is a hidden armor that is only obtained through secret methods such as codes or specific actions, and is often the most powerful armor in the game.

In the Games

Mega Man X4

The Ultimate Armor debuted in Mega Man X4. It is a more powerful version of the game's Fourth Armor, granting all of the same abilities, only locked with the Plasma Charge Shot and granted an unlimited amount of Weapon Energy for its Giga Attack, the Nova Strike. It is unlocked by entering a code at the game's character select screen - if it has been input correctly, X's unarmored sprite will have a purple tint. He must then enter any of the game's four Light Capsules in order to receive the entire Ultimate Armor simultaneously.

In lore, the Ultimate Armor is the only Armor Parts set that was designed purely for combat, rapidly boosting X's combat efficiency. However, as this armor pushes X's abilities to their limit, prolonged use may be dangerously taxing. Furthermore, perhaps due to concerns over its incredibly overpowered nature, Dr. Light labeled these parts as forbidden and sealed them away. While not available in gameplay, the armor can also generate a beam blade from the X-Buster and grants X the ability to unequip the armor and ride it as a hoverboard-like transport, abilities that are only seen in the game's promotional artwork.[3]

Parts Code Effect
Ultimate Armor Console: X, X, ←, ←, ←, ←, ←, ←, hold L1 and R2, Start
PC: Hold ↓, Start
Grants X the same powers as the Fourth Armor, with an additional benefit:
  • Head Parts: Normal Special Weapon shots consume no Weapon Energy, while Special Weapon Charge Shots consume a decreased amount.
  • Body Parts: Reduces all damage received by 50%, and grants X the Nova Strike with no Weapon Energy limit.
  • Arm Parts: Upgrades X's third Charge Shot level to the Plasma Charge Shot, which is larger and leaves a plasma ball when it hits enemies, dealing further damage. X can also charge Special Weapons.
  • Foot Parts: Grants X the Air Dash and the Hover, letting him briefly hover midair and move slightly left or right.

Mega Man X5

The Ultimate Armor returns in Mega Man X5. The blue of its armor is more vibrant, and it leaves X's inner body cyan rather than turning it purple. Its Weapon Energy usage stat is also adjusted to reduce Weapon Energy usage by 50%, matching the adjusted Fourth Armor. The Ultimate Armor can be obtained either with a code or later in the game using a specific sequence of actions.

If the code is used at the character select screen, the Ultimate Armor simply overwrites X's Fourth Armor and he automatically starts the game with it equipped (it cannot be obtained by selecting Zero). In the alternative method, X can enter Zero Space Stage 3: Awakening without any armor equipped, then descend one of the vertical shafts in the middle of the stage to find a Light Capsule. However, he only receives an Armor Program to be equipped on the Stage Select, as opposed to equipping the armor right away (a similar principle to collecting the Falcon Armor and Gaea Armor). Unlike the code method, this does not overwrite the Fourth Armor, instead forcing the player to wait until late in the game to obtain the Ultimate Armor.

X also equips the Ultimate Armor as a boss in his battle with Zero.

Parts Icon Code Effect
Ultimate Armor
MMX5 - Ultimate Armor Icon.png
↑, ↑, ↓, ↓, ↓, ↓, ↓, ↓, ↓, ↓, ↓ Functions identically to the Ultimate Armor in Mega Man X4, but instead of making it so that normal Special Weapon shots consume no Weapon Energy, it increases X's maximum Weapon Energy by 50%.

Mega Man X6

The Ultimate Armor returns in Mega Man X6. Its armor is now colored black and white rather than blue and yellow, and it can only be obtained by entering a code. This time the code must be entered at the title screen (due to the lack of a character select screen), and doing so does not overwrite X's default Falcon Armor. It retains the adjusted Weapon Energy stat from Mega Man X5.

Parts Icon Code Effect
Ultimate Armor
MMX6 - Ultimate Armor Icon.png
←, ←, ←, → Functions identically to the Ultimate Armor in Mega Man X5.

Mega Man X8

The Ultimate Armor returns in Mega Man X8 with a major redesign, now sharing the design of the Neutral Armor like the game's other Armors, with a black and yellow palette and a purple glow. However, it is a unique option that cannot mix parts with the Hermes Armor or Icarus Armor.

The Ultimate Armor may be unlocked by entering a code on the title screen, or by starting a new game from a save file that has been cleared with all of X's Rare Metals crafted and all eight Armor Parts collected. Note that the code only functions on console versions of the game (including the Mega Man X Legacy Collection 2 re-release).

Functionally, this Ultimate Armor combines many of the abilities of the Hermes Armor and Icarus Armor with previous Ultimate Armor abilities. While the Ultimate Armor is equipped, X can use the Nova Strike as the special Armor power, though it can now only be used while midair and has a short cooldown.[4]

Parts Icon Code Effect
Head Parts U
MMX8 - Head Parts U Icon.png
←, ←, ←, →, →, →, ←, ←, ←, ←, →, →, →, → Grants X the Shouryuuken, a rising uppercut technique that can attack enemies directly above.
Body Parts U
MMX8 - Body Parts U Icon.png
Reduces all damage received by 50% and removes recoil. All Life Energy that X loses turns red without depleting, meaning he can be switched out for a chance to recover all that Energy.
Buster Parts U
MMX8 - Buster Parts U Icon.png
Upgrades X's MAX Charge Shot level to the Plasma Charge Shot, which leaves a plasma ball when it hits enemies, dealing further damage. X can also charge Special Weapons, and normal Special Weapon shots consume no Weapon Energy.
Foot Parts U
MMX8 - Foot Parts U Icon.png
Doubles jump height, movement speed, and Dash distance. Grants the Invisible Dash (インビジブルダッシュ) which makes X invisible and invincible to enemy projectiles for the duration.

Mega Man X: Command Mission

In Mega Man X: Command Mission, X can obtain and use a secret Hyper Mode called the Ultimate Armor, though it appears and functions drastically differently from the Ultimate Armor featured in the mainline games.

Mega Man X DiVE

In Mega Man X DiVE, Ultimate Armor X appears as a playable Hunter Program, based on its debut design in Mega Man X4. His Active Skills are the Plasma Charge Shot and the Nova Strike. There is also an unlockable skin for him that features the armor's white palette from Mega Man X Legacy Collection.

Other Game Appearances

  • In Mega Man X Legacy Collection, in X Challenge, X equips a new variant called the Ultimate Armor (Legacy)[5] that has a unique white and blue palette. It functions the same as in Mega Man X5, though it lacks the Nova Strike and its Plasma Charge Shot is weaker, dealing basic Charge Shot damage and only leaving behind one plasma ball per shot. If the player selects no Special Weapons before battle, X unequips the entire armor save for its Foot Parts, retaining the Air Dash and Hover. Additionally, the boss X wears the original Ultimate Armor in the bonus battle against X and Awakened Zero in the secret 9-4.
  • In both Project × Zone and Project × Zone 2, X equips the Ultimate Armor during his finishing move, slamming his target into the ground with a Nova Strike.
  • In Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, X equips the Ultimate Armor in his Level 3 Hyper Combo, Ultimate Strike, to hit his target with a Nova Strike before blasting them with a mighty laser.
  • In Puzzle Fighter, X equips the Ultimate Armor when using his Super skill, Ultimate Nova Strike.
  • In Dragon Poker, Ultimate Armor X appears as an event character.
  • In Elemental Story, Ultimate Armor X appears as an event character.
  • In Bouken Dig Dig 2, Ultimate Armor X appears as an event character.
  • In Tower of Saviors, Ultimate Armor X appears as an event character.

Other Media

  • In the Rockman X4 manga, X finds and equips the Ultimate Armor early on, and its tremendous power slowly corrupts him and makes him more callous in his fight against Repliforce. Eventually, it is destroyed in the explosion of the Final Weapon, revealing the Fourth Armor hidden underneath.


Mega Man X4

Other Games & Media


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