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Character Info
MM7 - Treble Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man 7.
General information
Name(s):Treble, Gospel
Mega Man 7, Mega Man 8, Mega Man Battle & Chase, Mega Man & Bass, Mega Man 10, Mega Man X DiVE
Other Media:
Archie Comics

Treble, known as Gospel in Japan and some localisations,[1] is a supporting character in the later Classic era, debuting in Mega Man 7. He is a purple robotic wolf built by Dr. Wily and is the pet and frequent companion of Mega Man's rival Bass, essentially making him Bass's counterpart to Rush.

Though rarely Treble transforms into platforms or vehicles the way Rush does, he is able to fuse with Bass, usually into the super-powered form Super Bass.

In the Games

Mega Man 7

Sprite from Mega Man 7.

Treble makes his debut alongside Bass in Mega Man 7, first appearing after Mega Man fights Bass in the Opening stage. Although he does not take part in the battle, he teleports in after Bass (or Mega Man) is defeated. After Bass introduces the two of them and teleports out, Treble barks at Mega Man, then teleports out as well.

Later, when exploring Shade Man's stage, Mega Man finds Bass seemingly damaged in front of the boss door, with Treble protecting him. Bass pretends that he was defeated when going after Wily, and Mega Man gives him and Treble access to Dr. Light's lab. While Mega Man is gone, they destroy the lab and steal the plans for Mega Man and Rush's new enhancements, enabling Dr. Wily to upgrade them with the Super Bass transformation.

In Dr. Wily's fortress, Treble does not appear with Bass in his first miniboss fight, but is summoned by Bass in the second one to fuse with him into Super Bass by clinging to his head. Though they do not separate after the battle, Treble appears by himself again after Mega Man defeats Dr. Wily, teleporting the doctor to safety.

Mega Man 8

Artwork with Bass, from Mega Man 8.

In Mega Man 8, Treble appears alongside Bass in Dr. Wily stage 3, once again fusing with him into Super Bass, now empowered by the Evil Energy. He is also seen in the intro FMV, where Bass uses him as a platform to fly around on (similar to Rush Jet), before he gets knocked off by Mega Man's buster shot.

Mega Man Battle & Chase

In Mega Man Battle & Chase, Bass appears as a racer, with his car, the Treble Darkstar, being based on Treble. Treble is also seen in Bass's ending picture, trotting after Bass as he reminisces that winning a race is not the same as beating Mega Man in a real battle.

Mega Man & Bass

Mega Man & Bass sprite.

In Mega Man & Bass, despite Bass being one of the two playable characters, Treble rarely appears. He can only summoned by Bass after he has purchased the Treble Boost upgrade from the Shop, allowing them to fuse into a form similar to Super Bass that lets them fly and increases their firepower.

Mega Man 10

In Mega Man 10, Treble appears in form of the Treble Rescue item, which allows him to appear and save Bass from a bottomless pit should he fall into one, briefly giving him powers similar to the Treble Boost.

Mega Man X DiVE

In the mobile crossover game Mega Man X DiVE, Treble appears as part of the Bass and Super Bass Hunter Programs that can be unlocked. Regular Bass can summon him with his "Treble Support" ability, allowing him to assist Bass by shooting at enemies from his tail, while Super Bass briefly features him in his character intro.

Official Data

Mega Man & Bass CD

Treble's CD in Mega Man & Bass is found in Tengu Man's stage, accessible by a hidden ladder near the end of the first stage segment. Although Bass's double jump makes it easy to reach, Mega Man can get this CD as well by using the Ice Wall.

096 Treble
MM&B - CD - Treble.png A wolf-type robot created to support Bass. It can transform into an adapter and join with Bass. GOOD POINT:
Brute instinct
Habit of biting
"Grrrrrrrrrr!" DISLIKE:
Rush, Tango



  • In Mega Man Battle Network 2, the evil organisation Gospel appears to take its name from Treble's Japanese name, though it retains the name even in the English localisation (and is sometimes called "Grave" in other English-language media).


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