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Dr. Doppler

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Character Info
MMX3 - Dr. Doppler Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man X3.
General information
Name(s):Doppler, Doc
Group(s):Mavericks, Doppler Army
Appearances:Mega Man Games:
Mega Man X3

Other Media:
Mega Mission Card Game

Game Info
Weakness(es):Acid Burst
Stage(s):Doppler Stage C

Dr. Doppler (ドップラー博士) is a character and antagonist in the X era, serving as the main antagonist of Mega Man X3. He is a Reploid scientist who became famous for seemingly creating a cure for the Sigma Virus, before becoming a Maverick himself and starting a rebellion.

Tall and imposing, Doppler resembles an elderly man with white hair turned upwards and a goatee. He wears a labcoat that hides his armored body, save for the dynamos on his shoulders.

In the Games

Mega Man X3

Sprite of Doppler in his lab coat, from Mega Man X3.

In Mega Man X3, Dr. Doppler's story is described in the opening narration. Using his Neuro Computer, Doppler found a way to suppress and eradicate all Maverick behavior in Reploids.[note 1] This attracted powerful Reploids to congregate around Doppler, founding a city called Dopple Town which seemed like a utopia. However, one day the Reploids of Dopple Town suddenly went Maverick and started a riot; the Maverick Hunters determined that Dr. Doppler was the mastermind, and X and Zero were dispatched to stop his Doppler Army.

Dr. Doppler is first seen in-person after two Maverick bosses have been destroyed, standing in his laboratory. He orders the Nightmare Police to capture X, before Vile MK-II declares he will pursue X on his own terms. Now alone, Doppler ponders how X defeated his "master" in the past, hinting at his allegiance to Sigma. In CD versions of the game, an FMV also shows Doppler constructing Sigma's new body.

Dr. Doppler later serves as the boss of Doppler Stage C. Before the battle, he offers X a place in his army once more, but when he rejects him, Doppler threatens to tear him apart and incorporate him into Sigma's new body. After the battle, Doppler is badly damaged but returns to his senses, revealing to X that Sigma infected him with the Sigma Virus to make him go Maverick and create a battle body for him. He then urges X to go stop Sigma.

If Zero is out of commission during Doppler Stage D, Dr. Doppler appears one last time. When Sigma's viral form threatens to steal X's body, Doppler breaks through the ceiling and traps Sigma using his own body. He tells X that he will use a Sigma Virus vaccine to destroy Sigma, self-destructing but allowing X to escape the burning laboratory.

Other Game Appearances

Other Media

  • In the Rockman X3 manga, Dr. Doppler reprises his role from Mega Man X3, though with some major differences. He is a former colleague of Dr. Cain, and uses Worms to infect and control Reploids in the Doppler Army.
  • In Rockman X Mega Mission, Dr. Doppler serves as the main antagonist, and is the overarching antagonist of the entire Mega Mission Carddass series. Prior to Mega Man X3, Doppler created the Limited and the Incept Chasers, watching their battles with X and Zero from the shadows. Once X destroyed the Mother Limited, Doppler escaped to enact the events of Mega Man X3.
  • In Rockman X Mega Mission 2, the remnants of the Mother Limited mutated and borrowed Dr. Doppler's appearance, creating the doppelganger Tackione. Doppler himself does not return, as this series is set after Mega Man X3.
  • In Rockman X Giga Mission, an image of Dr. Doppler appears as Isoc uses his research to create the Extreme and his own Nightmare Police.
  • In Rockman Remix, Dr. Doppler reprises his role from Rockman X Mega Mission.

Official Data

Compendium of Rockman X

MMX3 - Dr. Doppler Art.png
Doppler Stage C Dr. Doppler
Weapon: None Weakness: Acid Burst
Profile: A famous Reploid scientist equipped with a super high-performance computer. He longed for a peaceful world in which humans and Reploids coexist, but his personality has suddenly changed and he is now an enemy of humanity.
Attack: Effect:
Charge Dash attack while wreathed in flames.
Electric Shot Shoots three electric shots.
Attack Absorb Absorbs attacks using a green aura that restores his health when hit.
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Mega Man X Legacy Collection Gallery

MMX3 - Dr. Doppler Art.png Dr. Doppler
Dr. Doppler is a Reploid scientist equipped with extremely advanced computer banks to fulfill his role of supporting human scientists. He was devoted to the research of machines and computer network that might help realize the goal of a peaceful world in which humans and Reploids can coexist, but since he started looking into a certain computer program his behavior has changed. He has modified himself into a battle machine, gathered powerful Mavericks to his cause, and declared war on humanity.
What is the program that has driven Dr. Doppler insane? And what modifications is he hiding beneath his lab coat?


  1. Dr. Doppler's "Neuro Computer" is a detail added in the game's English localization, not present in the original Japanese. Neither version mentions outright curing the Sigma Virus.


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