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Tom Daddy

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Enemy Info
MM7 - Tom Daddy Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man 7.
General information
Name(s):Tom Daddy
Appearances:Mega Man 7
Game Info
Other Info
Variations:Tom Boy

Tom Daddy[1] is an enemy appearing in Mega Man 7. It is a slinky robot with a single eye, a more advanced version of the Tom Boy enemy from Mega Man 4 with the added ability to move along ceilings.

In the Games

Mega Man 7

Sprite from Mega Man 7.

In Mega Man 7, Tom Daddys appear in Spring Man's stage. They "walk" left and right in the manner of a slinky, pausing on every step, with a longer pause before turning around. Like the original Tom Boy, they are able to walk off ledges, but only if the height difference is exactly two blocks; otherwise, the Tom Daddy turns around at the edge.

Some Tom Daddys start out upside-down on the ceiling, where they move in the same manner as on the floor. If Mega Man comes near such a Tom Daddy, it may stop and extend itself down from the ceiling and onto the floor and continue walking there; however, once on the floor, it cannot return to the ceiling.

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