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Snake Man

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Robot Master Info
MM3 - Snake Man Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man 3.
Portrait from Mega Man 3. Portrait from The Wily Wars.
Stage portrait(s).
General information
Name(s):Snake Man, Snakeman
Group(s):Robot Masters
Appearances:Mega Man 3, Mega Man III, Mega Man: The Wily Wars, Mega Man Soccer, Mega Man 7 (cameo), Super Adventure Rockman
Related Numbers:Serial Number: DWN-022
Mega Man & Bass CD: 022
Built by:Dr. Light and Dr. Wily
Designer:Yuhjiro Ishitani
Game Info
Weapon(s):Search Snake
Weakness(es):Needle Cannon (Mega Man 3), Spark Shock (Mega Man III)
Stage(s):Snake Man's stage (Mega Man 3), Snake Man's stage (Mega Man III)
1994 animated series info
Voiced By:Ian James Corlett
Episode(s):Bot Transfer, Campus Commandos, Showdown at Red Gulch, Brain Bots, Mega X

Snake Man (or Snakeman) is a Robot Master first appearing in Mega Man 3. He is one of the Robot Masters created by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily to search alien worlds for energy crystals so they could power their peace-keeping robot, Gamma. Like his fellow Robot Masters, he becomes part of Dr. Wily's evil plan, and has since been cast as a villain in most of his appearances.

Snake Man is a green robot whose helmet resembles a snake, with a tail attached to the back and his real face located inside of the snake's mouth. His weapon is the Search Snake, a small robotic snake drone that can climb up and down walls as it slithers forward.

In the Games

Mega Man 3

Boss sprite from Mega Man 3.

In Mega Man 3, Snake Man is one of the main bosses that can be selected from the start and the second listed on the stage select screen, in reading order. His stage is set in a fortress mostly made up of giant snakes, whose heads serve as enemies, and eventually continues into the skies.

Snake Man is fought in a room with a tall centre pillar and indentations in the ground on both sides of it. His movement patterns is fairly predictble, always walking and jumping his way to the other side of the room in the same manner, necessitating a strategy for Mega Man to avoid collision damage due to its layout. During his trek, he will randomly stop either on the left side, right side or the middle pillar and jump high into the air, tossing two Search Snakes that slither along the ground and climb up walls. Though these cannot be destroyed, they disappear once they reach the ceiling.

Snake Man is weak to the Needle Cannon, which deals 4 damage to him, and has a minor weakness to the Hard Knuckle, Top Spin and Shadow Blade each for 2 damage. Like all of Mega Man 3's Robot Masters, he also takes 4 damage from his own weapon during his Teleporter Room rematch. Defeating him grants Mega Man the Search Snake, which places single snake drones that function exactly like Snake Man's own.

Mega Man III

Boss sprite from Mega Man III.

In Mega Man III on the Game Boy, Snake Man is one of the first batch of Robot Masters, accessible from the start, and appears in the lower-left corner. His stage is similar to his original one, but is now set in a jungle rather than showing fortress walls in the background. His battle is similar, though he now tosses his search snakes from the indentations next to the pillar, rather than the far sides or the pillar itself.

As the Needle Cannon is not in this game, Snake Man's weakness has been changed to the Spark Shock, which now deals 3 damage to him, though he also takes 2 damage from the Shadow Blade. As before, defeating him grants Mega Man the Search Snake.

Mega Man Soccer

Snake Man's Soccer stats
40 62 112 128

Snake Man is one of the available players in Mega Man Soccer. His special turns the ball into a Search Snake, which homes in directly on the opponent's goal.

Other Apperances

In Mega Man 7, Snake Man is one of the Robot Masters that can be seen in the Robot Museum intermission stage. He appears in a glass case in the background, alongside others, and is the only robot representing Mega Man 3. The stage's music is also partially remixed from his original stage theme, alongside Heat Man's and Guts Man's themes.

Battle Network era

Snake Man has a NetNavi equivalent in SnakeMan.EXE, interpreted as an actual snake ermeging from a earthenware pot, evoking the typical snake charmer image. He first appears in Mega Man Battle Network 3 as a friendly boss encounter and his operator is Ms. Millions.

Super Smash Bros. series

Name Source Game Weapon Assist Trophy Smash Tour Item Boss Stage Mii Costume Enemy Trophy Spirit Music
Snake Man Mega Man 3 N/A N/A N/A N/A Wily Castle (Wii U and Ultimate) N/A N/A N/A 891 - SSBU - Snake Man.png File:SSBU - Snake Man Stage.oga

File:SSBU - Mega Man 3 Retro Medley.oga

Official Data

Mega Man & Bass CD

Snake Man's CD in Mega Man & Bass is located in Tengu Man's stage, possibly due to his original stage including a sky section with enemies hiding in clouds. It is the first CD seen in the stage and located in plain sight on a floating platform, but is guarded by a Mokumokumo.

022 Snake Man
MM&B - CD - Snake Man.png A robot created to investigate the narrow areas. He uses a snake-like missile called Search Snake. GOOD POINT:
Green robot
Elusive idea
Toad Man
"You can't hide from me!" DISLIKE:

Mega Man Legacy Collection Database

Snake Man appears under "Mega Man 3" in the Database in Mega Man Legacy Collection and is the sixth Robot Master listed for the game. Like other Robot Masters, he can be fought by pressing a designated button while viewing his data.

MM3 - Snake Man Art.png Snake Man
Like a tenacious snake, he steadily drives his prey into a corner... He moves about a lot, so stand still and attack.
HP 28 AT 06 MMLC - Icon Weakness.png MMLC - Icon Needle Cannon.png


  • In Mega Man 3, Snake Man, Gemini Man and Needle Man form their own closed "loop" of weapon weaknesses, meaning they are weak to each other's weapons but are not especially weak to, nor carry the main weakness of, any Robot Master outside the "loop".