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A weapon is a tool meant to cause harm or defend yourself from an enemy.

Basic weapons

The first weapon the main character starts with.

Mega Buster
Mega Man's basic weapon
X's basic weapon

Special Weapons

After defeating a boss, such as a Robot Master or Maverick, the main character gets a copy of their weapon called a Special Weapon.

In the original games, they usually change colors when activating a Special Weapon.

Meg Man carries some of these Special Weapons over to the crossover games he appaers in, such as the Super Smash Bros. series and Marvel vs. Capcom series.


Some enemies take more damage from certain weapons, which are higher than they would take from the Basic weapon.

As an example, in Mega Man, Cut Man takes more damage from Mega Buster and Super Arm than other weapons, while the weapon he gives to Mega Man is stronger than other weapons when used on Elec Man.

In Mega Man 3, each Robot had a weakness to their own weapon.

Weapon Energy

The energy used by copied weapons come from a different source than the basic weapon, and usually have a limited supply.

Items like Weapon Energy Pellet and Weapon Energy Capsule help refill them.

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