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Mega Man III

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Game Info
File:MMIII - Box Art.png
Box Art
General information
Game Title(s):Mega Man III, Rockman World 3
Developer(s):Minakuchi Engineering
Release Date(s):1992
Genre(s):Action, Platformer
Game mode(s):Single Player
Platform(s):Game Boy, 3DS Virtual Console


Name Sprite Description
Mega Man File:MMIII - Mega Man.png
Dr. Light File:MMIII - Dr. Light.png
Dr. Wily File:MMIIII - Dr. Wily.png
Eddie MMIII - Eddie.png
Rush MMIII - Rush.png


Minor Enemies

Name Sprite Description
Battonton MMIII - Battonton.png
Bomber Pepe MMIII - Bomber Pepe.png
Bubukan Mk-II MMIII - Bubukan Mk-II.png
Count Bomb File:MMIII - Count Bomb.png
Dada MMIII - Dada.png
Elec'n MMIII - Elec'n.png
Electric Gabyoall MMIII - Electric Gabyoall.png
Gachappon MMIII - Gachappon.png
Garyoby MMIII - Garyoby.png
Gyotot File:MMIII - Gyotot.png
Hammer Joe MMIII - Hammer Joe.png
Helipon MMIII - Helipon.png
Hologran MMIII - Hologran.png
Imorm MMIII - Imorm.png
Jumbig MMIII - Jumbig.png
Ladder Press MMIII - Ladder Press.png
M-422A MMIII - M-422A.png
Mantan MMIII - Mantan.png
Mekakkero MMIII - Mekakkero.png
Metall Swim MMIII - Metall Swim.png
Metall MMIII - Metall.png
Pakatto 24 MMIII - Pakatto 24.png
Parasyu MMIII - Parasyu.png
Penpen File:MMIII - Penpen.png
Petit Snakey MMIII - Petit Snakey.png
Pickelman Dada MMIII - Pickelman Dada.png
Pole MMIII - Pole.png
Potton MMIII - Potton.png
Sea Mine File:MMIII - Sea Mine.png
Shield Attacker MMIII - Shield Attacker.png
Skeleton Joe MMIII - Skeleton Joe.png
Skullmet MMIII - Skullmet.png
Super Ball Machine Jr. MMIII - Super Ball Machine Jr.png
Togehero MMIII - Togehero.png
Up'N'Down MMIII - Up'N'Down.png
Walking Bomb MMIII - Walking Bomb.png
Yambow MMIII - Yambow.png

Mini Bosses

Name Sprite Description
Big Snakey File:MMIII - Big Snakey.png
Moby File:MMIII - Moby.png
Penpen Maker File:MMIII - Penpen Maker.png

Robot Masters

First Batch
Name Sprite Description Weapon Weakness
Spark Man MMIII - Spark Man.png Spark Shock Shadow Blade
Gemini Man MMIII - Gemini Man.png
Snake Man MMIII - Snake Man.png Search Snake Spark Shock
Shadow Man MMIII - Shadow Man.png Shadow Blade Gemini Laser
Second Batch
Name Sprite Description Weapon Weakness
Dive Man MMIII - Dive Man.png Dive Missle Dust Crusher
Skull Man MMIII - Skull Man.png Skull Barrier Dust Crusher
Drill Man MMIII - Drill Man.png Drill Bomb Dive Missile
Dust Man MMIII - Dust Man.png Dust Crusher Drill Bomb

Fortress Bosses

Name Sprite Description Weakness
Giant Suzy MMIII - Giant Suzy.png
Punk MMIII - Punk.png
Wily Machine III (phase 1) MMIII - Wily Machine III (phase 1).png
Wily Machine III MMIII - Wily Machine III (phase 2).png


Name Sprite Description
1st batch
Spark Shock MMIII - Spark Shock.png
Gemini Laser MMIII - Gemini Laser.png
Search Snake MMIII - Search Snake.png
Shadow Blade MMIII - Shadow Blade.png
2nd batch
Dive Missile MMIII - Dive Missile.png
Skull Barrier MMIII - Skull Barrier.png
Drill Bomb MMIII - Drill Bomb.png
Dust Crusher MMIII - Dust Crusher.png
Mega Buster File:MMIII - Mega Buster.png
Rush Coil MMIII - Rush Coil.png
Rush Jet MMIII - Rush Jet.png
Screw Crusher MMIII - Screw Crusher.png



Name Sprite Description
1 UP File:MMIII - 1 UP.png
Energy Pellet File:MMIII - Energy Pellet.png
Energy Tank File:MMIII - Energy Tank.png
Weapon Capsule File:MMIII - Weapon Capsule.png



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