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Mega Man III

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Damage data
Game Info
MMIII - Box Art NA.jpg
Box Art
General information
Game Title(s):Mega Man III, Rockman World 3
Developer(s):Minakuchi Engineering
Publisher(s):Capcom (JP, NA), Nintendo (PAL)
Release Date(s):
JP: December 11, 1992
NA: December 1992
EU: June 19, 1993
Genre(s):Action, Platformer
Game mode(s):Single Player
Platform(s):Game Boy

Mega Man III, known in Japan as Rockman World 3 (ロックマンワールド3, Rokkuman Wārudo Surī) is the third Game Boy series game in the Classic era of the Mega Man series, developed by Minakuchi Engineering and published by Capcom (or by Nintendo in PAL regions) for the Game Boy in 1992-1993.

Like its predecessors, the game once again presents itself as a reimagining of content from the NES games, this time reusing four bosses each from Mega Man 3 and Mega Man 4 and assigning revamped versions of their stages to them. It also introduces Punk, the latest of Dr. Wily's "Mega Man Killers".

The gameplay itself takes its cues from Mega Man 4, granting Mega Man the ability to charge his Mega Buster for the first time in the Game Boy series, while bringing back the slide and Rush from the previous game.


Name Sprite Description
Mega Man File:MMIII - Mega Man.png
Dr. Light File:MMIII - Dr. Light.png
Dr. Wily File:MMIIII - Dr. Wily.png
Eddie MMIII - Eddie.png
Rush MMIII - Rush.png


Minor Enemies

Name Sprite Description HP Damage Stage(s)
Battonton MMIII - Battonton.png A bat that starts on the ceiling and takes some time to wake up, then chases Mega Man. If it touches him, it flies back onto the ceiling. Can only be harmed while it is awake. 2 3 Skull Man's stage, Drill Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Bomber Pepe MMIII - Bomber Pepe.png A penguin that hops with pauses and lobs giant eggs at Mega Man, which bounce and explode either on the third bounce or when they hit a wall. 4 (Bomber Pepe)
1 (eggs)
6 (contact)
2 (eggs)
6 (explosion)
Gemini Man's stage
Bubukan Mk-II MMIII - Bubukan Mk-II.png An enemy that runs towards Mega Man, bounds over him while dropping its legs, then bounces towards him on a spring. Both the Bubukan and its falling legs can harm Mega Man, and the Bubukan is invincible until it jumps. 3 (Bubukan)
1 (legs)
4 (Bubukan)
2 (legs)
Snake Man's stage
Count Bomb MMIII - Count Bomb.png A stationary platform that counts down when Mega Man touches its pressure plate and explodes when the counter reaches zero. N/A 6 (explosion) Spark Man's stage, Shadow Man's stage, Drill Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Dada MMIII - Dada.png A fast-moving jackhammer that makes two low hops followed by an extremely high jump. 1 2 Snake Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Elec'n MMIII - Elec'n.png Falls out of pipes at the top and floats to the left or right in a zig-zag, occasionally stopping to send sparks flying in the 8 cardinal directions. 1 4 (contact)
2 (sparks)
Spark Man's stage
Electric Gabyoall MMIII - Electric Gabyoall.png A Gabyoall that moves in parallel with another one on the ceiling, occasionally creating harmful electricity between the two. N/A 3 (contact) Spark Man's stage
Gachappon MMIII - Gachappon.png A stationary machine that can either spit projectiles forward or fling balls in an arc, depending on Mega Man's position. 12 6 (contact)
2 (projectiles)
Dust Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Garyoby MMIII - Garyoby.png Moves back and forth, speeding up while Mega Man is at the same height. It deflects buster shots, but some special weapons can harm it. 3 3 Dive Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Gyotot MMIII - Gyotot.png A fish that swims back and forth and jumps out of the water when Mega Man is near. 1 4 Dive Man's stage
Hammer Joe MMIII - Hammer Joe.png A stationary Joe that swings an iron ball around, which deflect Mega Man's shots, and throws it forward after briefly swinging faster. It can only be harmed when its eye is open, shortly before and during its throwing animation. 8 4 (contact)
2 (hammer)
Spark Man's stage, Snake Man's stage, Drill Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Helipon MMIII - Helipon.png Flies up and slowly glides to the ground, following Mega Man and eventually dropping straight down. It remains on the ground after falling and shoots projectiles forward. 1 4 (contact)
2 (projectile)
Drill Man's stage
Imorm MMIII - Imorm.png A large worm that suddenly appears and drops from the ceiling when Mega Man gets close, then crawls left and right. 2 4 Skull Man's stage
Jumbig MMIII - Jumbig.png A big enemy that hops or makes larger jumps at random. 14 8 Dive Man's stage, Drill Man's stage, Dust Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Ladder Press MMIII - Ladder Press.png Moves up and down on a ladder and periodically closes, aiming to catch Mega Man between the spiky ends. N/A 4 Snake Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
M422A MMIII - M422A.png Hovers in place in the water. While Mega Man is near, it quickly descends, then goes back up. N/A 4 Dive Man's stage
Mantan MMIII - Mantan.png A manta ray that swims to the side. It is very flat, but occasionally turns its body on its side to move up or down, making it easier to hit. 2 6 Dive Man's stage
Mechakkero MMIII - Mechakkero.png A jumping enemy that is flat and harder to hit with the Mega Buster while it is on the ground. 1 3 Gemini Man's stage, Shadow Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Metall MMDWR - Metall.png Hides under its helmet until Mega Man comes near, then shoots bullets in three directions. Only vulnerable while attacking. Only one appears in the game, hidden among Metall EX. 1 3 (contact)
Dr. Wily stage 2
Metall EX MMIII - Metall.png Hides under its helmet until Mega Man comes near, then becomes active. Two variations exist:
  • Shoots in three directions, jumps, then goes back into hiding;
  • Spins in place, shooting three consecutive bullets forward and having more health than other Metalls.

Both types look the same and can only be harmed when not hiding.

3 (spinning)
3 (contact)
2 (projectile)
Drill Man's stage, Dust Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Metall Swim MMIII - Metall Swim.png Hides under its helmet until Mega Man comes near, then shoots three projectiles forward and swims up a few times before hiding and falling down again. Can only be harmed when not hiding. 1 3 (contact)
2 (projectile)
Dive Man's stage
Pakatto 24 MMIII - Pakatto 24.png A shielded cannon that periodically shoots forward, becoming vulnerable for a very brief time. 1 4 (contact)
2 (projectile)
Drill Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Parasyu MMIII - Parasyu.png Drops from above and opens its parachute, slowing its fall and causing it to swing left and right in a wave motion. 3 4 Shadow Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Penpen MMIII - Penpen.png A penguin created by Penpen Makers. It slides along the ground and disappears when it touches a wall. 1 2 Gemini Man's stage
Petit Snakey MMIII - Petit Snakey.png Snake heads that spit projectiles directly at Mega Man. They cap off the winding snake blocks in the stage and also appear upside-down. 2 4 (contact)
2 (projectiles)
Snake Man's stage
Pickelman Dada MMIII - Pickelman Dada.png A Pickelman that moves left and right on a tall jackhammer, occasionally stopping, and turns around at the edge of the platform. Only the Pickelman on top can be harmed. 7 6 Spark Man's stage, Gemini Man's stage, Shadow Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Pole MMIII - Pole.png A tadpole that emerges from the frog eggs in Gemini Man's stage if they are shot at with the Mega Buster. It slowly floats towards Mega Man. They can be prevented from spawning by destroying the eggs with a charged shot. 1 1 Gemini Man's stage
Potton MMIII - Potton.png A flying glass jar containing a robot head, which drops on Mega Man when he is directly below it. The jar continues to fly, but never regenerates the head. 1 (jar)
1 (head)
2 (jar)
4 (head)
Snake Man's stage
Rock MMIII - Rock.png A rock that periodically falls from a chute while Mega Man is near and breaks into pieces when it hits the ground. Destroying it early prevents it from breaking apart. 1 6 (rock)
4 (fragments)
Drill Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Sea Mine MMIII - Sea Mine.png An invincible sea mine that floats in place until Mega Man comes near, then flashes and explodes. N/A 6 (contact)
6 (explosion)
Dive Man's stage
Shield Attacker MMIII - Shield Attacker.png Flies left and right within a set range and can only be harmed by attacking from behind. 4 4 Skull Man's stage, Drill Man's stage, Dust Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Skeleton Joe MMIII - Skeleton Joe.png Throws bones in an arc. Any attack that does not destroy it causes it to crumble for a short time before regenerating and regaining its health. Charged shots can destroy it, and the Time Stopper prevents it from crumbling. 3 4 (contact)
2 (bone)
Skull Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Skullmet MMIII - Skullmet.png A stationary enemy with a skull helmet that lobs projectiles forward in an arc and can only be harmed from the front. 3 6 (contact)
2 (projectile)
Skull Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Super Ball Machine Jr. MMIII - Super Ball Machine Jr..png A cannon that periodically fires balls diagonally upwards, which bounce very quickly between walls. 4 (Machine)
1 (ball)
6 (contact)
1 (ball)
Skull Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Togehero MMIII - Togehero.png Slowly flies foward, going up and down in a zig-zag pattern. 1 4 Skull Man's stage
Up'n'Down MMIII - Up'n'Down.png Rockets straight up from pits when Mega Man comes close, then slowly gyrates down. 1 2 Dust Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Walking Bomb MMIII - Walking Bomb.png A grenade that walks and attempts to leap over obstacles. It explodes when destroyed, which can harm Mega Man. 1 4 (contact)
6 (explosion)
Shadow Man's stage, Dr. Wily stage 2
Yambow MMIII - Yambow.png A dragonfly that comes in from the top and tries to fly behind Mega Man, then darts forward when it is at his current height. 3 3 Gemini Man's stage, Shadow Man's stage


Name Sprite Description HP Damage Stage(s)
Big Snakey MMIII - Big Snakey.png A giant snake head that spits large projectiles at Mega Man, usually between two and four before pausing. The "body segments" that make up the floor wiggle, making the fight harder if Mega Man is standing on them. 10 8 (contact)
2 (projectiles)
Snake Man's stage
Moby MMIII - Moby.png A giant whale that releases fast-moving, destructible horming torpedos, or drops four mines from the sky while sucking Mega Man in. 14 (Moby)
3 (torpedo)
6 (contact)
2 (torpedo)
1 (mine)
Dive Man's stage
Penpen Maker MMIII - Penpen Maker.png Creates Penpens that slide along the ground. To harm it, the crank on its head must be shot. 10 8 (contact)
2 (Penpens)
Gemini Man's stage


Robot Masters

Name Sprite Description Stage Weapon Weakness
First Batch
Spark Man MMIII - Spark Man.png Spark Man's stage Spark Shock Shadow Blade
Gemini Man MMIII - Gemini Man.png Gemini Man's stage Gemini Laser Search Snake
Snake Man MMIII - Snake Man.png Snake Man's stage Search Snake Spark Shock
Shadow Man MMIII - Shadow Man.png Shadow Man's stage Shadow Blade Gemini Laser

The second set of Robot Master stages become available after beating the Giant Suzy in Dr. Wily stage 1.

Name Sprite Description Stage Weapon Weakness
Second Batch
Dive Man MMIII - Dive Man.png Dive Man's stage Dive Missile Dust Crusher
Skull Barrier
Skull Man MMIII - Skull Man.png Skull Man's stage Skull Barrier Dust Crusher
Drill Man MMIII - Drill Man.png Drill Man's stage Drill Bomb Dive Missile
Dust Man MMIII - Dust Man.png Dust Man's stage Dust Crusher Drill Bomb

Fortress Bosses

Name Sprite Description Stage Weakness
Giant Suzy MMIII - Giant Suzy.png Dr. Wily stage 1
Dr. Wily stage 2 (miniboss)
Spark Shock
Name Sprite Description Stage Weapon Weakness
Punk MMIII - Punk.png Punk's stage Screw Crusher Mega Buster
Name Sprite Description Stage Weakness
Wily Machine III (phase 1) MMIII - Wily Machine III (phase 1).png Dr. Wily stage 2 Mega Buster (charged)
Wily Machine III (phase 2) MMIII - Wily Machine III (phase 2).png Dr. Wily stage 2 Screw Crusher


Name Sprite Description
1st batch
Spark Shock MMIII - Spark Shock.png
Gemini Laser MMIII - Gemini Laser.png
Search Snake MMIII - Search Snake.png
Shadow Blade MMIII - Shadow Blade.png
2nd batch
Dive Missile MMIII - Dive Missile.png
Skull Barrier MMIII - Skull Barrier.png
Drill Bomb MMIII - Drill Bomb.png
Dust Crusher MMIII - Dust Crusher.png
Mega Buster MMIII - Mega Buster.png
Rush Coil MMIII - Rush Coil.png
Rush Jet MMIII - Rush Jet.png
Screw Crusher MMIII - Screw Crusher.png


Spark Man's stage (Mega Man III)Gemini Man's stage (Mega Man III)Snake Man's stage (Mega Man III)Shadow Man's stage (Mega Man III)Dr. Wily stage 1 (Mega Man III)Dive Man's stage (Mega Man III)Skull Man's stage (Mega Man III)Drill Man's stage (Mega Man III)Dust Man's stage (Mega Man III)Dr. Wily stage 2 (Mega Man III)Mega Man III Stage Select
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Name Sprite Description
1 UP MMIII - 1 UP.png
Energy Pellet File:MMIII - Energy Pellet.png
Energy Tank File:MMIII - Energy Tank.png
Weapon Capsule File:MMIII - Weapon Capsule.png



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