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Character Info
MM&B - Bass Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man & Bass.
General information
Name(s):Bass, Forte
Mega Man 7, Mega Man: The Power Battle, Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters, Mega Man 8, Mega Man Battle & Chase, Mega Man & Bass, Mega Man 10, Mega Man 11, Mega Man X DiVE

Other Media:
Archie Comics

Related Numbers:Serial Number: SWN-001
Other Info
Voiced By:

Bass, known as Forte in Japan, is a major character in the later Classic era, debuting in Mega Man 7. He was created by Dr. Wily as an answer to Mega Man, being inspired by his design and powered by a powerful form of energy, Bassnium, that Wily discovered by accident.

Bass is a humanoid robot similar to Mega Man, but wears a black, yellow, white and grey armour, with blue/purple details and yellow "fins" on his helmet evoking Dr. Wily's hair. He appears throughout the games as both an antagonist and a playable anti-hero, often driven by a desire to prove that he is the world's strongest robot moreso than following Dr. Wily's orders.

He is often acompanied by his pet Treble, a robotic wolf that he can fuse with into super-powered forms, similar to Mega Man and Rush.

In the Games

Mega Man 7

Artwork from Mega Man 7.

Bass makes his debut in Mega Man 7, first appearing as the boss of the Opening stage, who fights Mega Man by jumping up and down and occasionally shooting a laser straight forward. Mega Man cannot lose this fight, which ends when either robot's health becomes low enough, but the results slightly affect the ensuing dialogue. Bass introduces himself and Treble and claims that they have been trying to stop Wily while Mega Man was gone, musing that he may not need their help (if Mega Man won) or remarking that he is not strong enough to take on Wily himself (if he lost). He and Treble then teleport out, leaving Mega Man to wonder if he can trust them.

After defeating the first four Robot Masters, Mega Man consults Dr. Light about Bass, who does not believe that he is their enemy. Later, when exploring Shade Man's stage, Mega Man finds Bass seemingly damaged in front of the boss door. Bass claims that he was careless to be defeated so easily and intends to leave Wily to Mega Man, but Mega Man insists they are a team and that Bass should see Dr. Light for repairs. Bass and Treble do so, but when Mega Man later returns to the lab after defeating the second set of Robot Masters, Bass has trashed it and stolen the plans for Mega Man and Rush's new enhancements. Dr. Wily then appears on a monitor screen and reveals that Bass and Treble were his creations all along, intended to trick Mega Man into giving them access to the lab.

In Dr. Wily's fortress, Bass is encountered twice, each time in a miniboss fight. In Dr. Wily stage 1, his battle is similar to the one in the Opening stage, though he now has the ability to charge up his shots and will also move around the room more than he previously did. In Dr. Wily stage 2, he and Treble use the stolen enhancement to fuse into Super Bass, Bass's answer to Super Mega Man, who gains the power of flight and throwing rocket fists and is fought in a vertical, low-gravity environment. Both forms are weak to Super Mega Man's charged fist attacks, with regular Bass taking 6 and Super Bass taking 4 damage from each hit. After his second defeat, Bass questions why he cannot defeat Mega Man, and teleports out once more.

Name Sprite Description HP Damage Stage(s)
Bass MM7 - Bass.png Jumps around the arena, firing regular and charged shots from his buster. He is weak to Super Mega Man's rocket punch. 28 4 (contact)
2 (buster shot)
4 (charged shot)
Dr. Wily stage 1
Super Bass MM7 - Super Bass.png Bass fuses with Treble for an upgrade similar to Super Mega Man. In addition to firing regular and charged shots, he can fly and glide around the room, as well as launch rocket fists at Mega Man, which block shots and return to him. He is fought in low gravity, allowing Mega Man to jump very high. 28 4 (contact)
2 (buster shot)
4 (charged shot)
6 (fist)
Dr. Wily stage 2

After Mega Man defeats Wily, Treble teleports in and saves the doctor before Mega Man can shoot or apprehend him, and Bass himself appears one last time, gloating that Mega Man is too late and promising that they will meet again.

Official Data

Mega Man & Bass CD

Bass is represented by two CDs in Mega Man & Bass. The first is located in Astro Man's stage and can fittingly be acquired only by Bass himself, who must use Treble Boost to fly up a vertical section above the appearing blocks.

095 Bass
MM&B - CD - Bass.png A robot that DR. Wily created to be like Megaman. His final goal is to beat Megaman. GOOD POINT:
Vain as a peacock
"Get lost, loser!" DISLIKE:
Weak robot

The second, which features both Mega Man and Bass, is hidden in a corridor of the Robot Museum. Oddly, only Mega Man can obtain it, as it requires Rush Search to dig up.

100 Megaman&Bass
MM&B - CD - Megaman&Bass.png Two heroes have joined forces to stop King's evil ambitions! GOOD POINT:
Good Rivals
Their own policy
"Which hero is the best!?" DISLIKE:


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