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Mega Man Powered Up

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Game Info
MMPU - Box Art NA.jpg
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Box Art
General information
Game Title(s):Mega Man Powered Up, Rockman Rockman
Release Date(s):
JP: March 2, 2006
NA: March 14, 2006
EU: March 24, 2006
Genre(s):Action, Platformer
Game mode(s):Single Player
Platform(s):PlayStation Portable

Mega Man Powered Up, known in Japan as Rockman Rockman (ロックマン ロックマン), is a remake of the first Mega Man game, developed by Capcom and released for the PlayStation Portable in 2006. The game is also cross-playable on the PlayStation Vita via PSN Download.

This remake features gameplay and story similar to the original Mega Man, though with major script differences, two new Robot Masters, and redone graphics and soundtrack featuring a chibi style that was intended for the first game.[1] It also features eleven playable characters, including Mega Man and all ten of his siblings.


In the year 20XX, humans and robots live together peacefully. In the research lab of the world’s top scientist, Dr. Thomas Light, a robot is born. This robot, modeled after a boy, possessing a strong sense of justice, acting kind to anyone and everyone, never forgetting to be polite and respectful, is named Mega and treated by his maker, Dr. Light, like the son he never had. Before long, more advanced robots based on Mega’s design are churned out. Created by Dr. Light, these robots are passionate about their work and loved by everyone.

One day, the evil mad scientist Dr. Wily attacks Dr. Light’s research lab! “Light, you’re finished. I’m going to take all your robots here and use them to take over the world!” And with that, Dr. Wily whisks all of Dr. Light’s robots away and disappears. “This is terrible...” Seeing Dr. Light so sad, Mega says to him, "Doctor! Please, upgrade me so I can fight!” At first the great Dr. Light hesitates, but he believes in Mega’s strong will and decides to upgrade him for battle. “Go, Mega! ...Wait, no. From now on, your name is Mega Man!”[2]


Name Image Description
Mega Man MMPU - Mega Man Art 3.png Originally created by Dr. Light to help with chores around the research lab. After the evil Dr. Wily’s visit, Mega Man’s sense of justice was burning hot, and he begged Dr. Light to upgrade him and give him the ability to fight. Mega Man possesses a gentle personality and is kind to everyone he meets.[2]
Dr. Light MMPU - Dr. Light Art.png Mega Man’s creator and a top robot scientist. Devoted to progress and harmony between humans and robots, he spends night and day deep in research.[2]
Roll MMPU - Roll Art.jpg Mega Man’s "younger sister." Adored by all, she assists Dr. Light in his research and helps keep everything clean. She’s strong-willed, detail-oriented, and has both feet on the ground.[2]
Dr. Wily MMPU - Dr. Wily Art.jpg Graduate of the same university as Dr. Light. Since being ejected from academic circles for his extreme theories, he has turned into an evil, mad scientist.[2]


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