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Gravity Hold

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Weapon Info
MM5 - Gravity Hold Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man 5.
General information
Name(s):Gravity Hold
Type(s):Special Weapon
Appearances:Mega Man 5
Game Info
Effect:Harms all enemies on the screen
Obtained from:Gravity Man
Strong against:Gyro Man

Gravity Hold is a Robot Master weapon first appearing in Mega Man 5 and obtained from Gravity Man. It has a purple (hot pink in official art) and white colour scheme and no visible projectiles beyond triggering a brief flash and a strange sound effect when used.

In the Games

Mega Man 5

Sprite from Mega Man 5 (Flash Stopper sprite reused from Mega Man 4)

In Mega Man 5, Gravity Hold is a screen-affecting weapon that costs 4 energy to use. Despite its name and Gravity Man's own gravity-flipping powers, it does not alter gravity in any gameplay-relevant way when used by Mega Man, instead acting as a screen-wipe that instantly deals 1 damage to most enemies on the screen. Enemies destroyed by its use flip upside-down and "fall" off the top of the screen, becoming non-interactable and dropping no items; exceptions include Metall Mommy, which instead splits into Baby Metalls as it normally would, but causes those to fly off the screen.

Most bosses take no damage from Gravity Hold, though it is strong against Gyro Man, who takes 4 points of damage on every use. It also deals 1 damage per activation to Stone Man, Crystal Man and Circring Q9, which is not enough to defeat any of these bosses before the weapon's energy runs out.

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