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Forgotten Area

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Stage Info
File:MM6 - Forgotten Area Start.png
In-game screenshot.
General Info
Name(s):Forgotten Area
Game(s):Mega Man 6
Music:"Plant Man Stage"[1]
Game Info
Boss(es):Plant Man
Reward(s):Rush Jet Adaptor

Forgotten Area[2] is Plant Man's stage in Mega Man 6.


The stage is set in a rainforest environment and contains many animal-themed enemies. It is largely horizontal, but features many springs and pits in its second half.


The stage begins with a short section on solid ground, which has Heli Butons dropping out of trees and a Batabattan hiding in grass. At the end of it is a large Energy item and 1 UP, both of which require Power Mega Man to obtain, and ladder going up.

The ladder leads to an intermediary room with only a Power Slam, then another ladder leads further up. Propeller Eyes and simple Tadahous can be found in this short bit, before Mega Man drops down again to receive a random gift from Eddie and finally drop to the first Gorilla Tank miniboss.

After the miniboss, the rest of the stage is completely horizontal. Springs on the floor are introduced here, which cause Mega Man to bounce constantly and allow him to bounce higher while holding the jump button; they are then combined with a few enemies, and the second set is placed underneath floating spikeballs, though Mega Man will typically only reach them if the jump button is held while bouncing. After a chance to acquire two large Weapon Energy pick-ups with Power Mega Man, the stage then leads into a second, identical Gorilla Tank miniboss fight.

Following the second miniboss is the start of a long section mostly made of narrow rock pillars, some with springs on top, and water-filled pits between them. Jet Butons emerge from the sides here, while Gabgyos will suddenly jump from the pits when approached, with both enemies able to knock Mega Man off.

The final part of the stage is notable for sometimes placing Tadahou cannons on springs, causing them to bounce up and down perpetually while shooting. A unique kind of "closed" platform also appears here, which hovers in the air with a propeller and must first be shot in its central gem to open up and allow Mega Man to stand on it. These are complimented by flowers growing on the foliage in the background, which contain small Energy pellets in the centre that Mega Man can snatch up like any other item.

Finally, after a stretch of two-tile wide pillars with springs, the boss doors await, leading to an in-door fight with Plant Man.


Name Image Description HP Damage Stage(s)
Heli Buton MM6 - Heli Buton.png Appears from trees and slowly hovers towards Mega Man. 2 3 Forgotten Area
Batabattan MM6 - Batabattan.png Quickly hops towards Mega Man and is hard to hit on the ground. Often hides in tall grass. 1 3 Forgotten Area, Mr. X stage 1
Power Slam MM6 - Power Slam.png A giant enemy that rockets upwards diagonally and attempts to slam straight down on Mega Man. 12 5 Mechanical Tower, Forgotten Area, Restricted Area
Propeller Eye MM6 - Propeller Eye.png Alternates between floating in place while closed and opening up to briefly fly in Mega Man's direction. Can only be harmed while it is open. 2 3 Frozen Island, Mechanical Tower, Forgotten Area, Impregnable Fortress
Tadahou MM6 - Tadahou.png A simple cannon that shoots forward. Some of them bounce on springs. 3 3 (contact)
Forgotten Area, Impregnable Fortress, Mr. X stage 4, Dr. Wily stage 4
Jet Buton MM6 - Jet Buton.png Appears from the side of the screen and quickly zooms across in a straight line. 2 3 Forgotten Area
Gabgyo MM6 - Gabgyo.png Jumps straight up from the water, then falls back down. Respawns infinitely when destroyed. When found underwater, it simply swims back and forth. 1 3 Forgotten Area, Impregnable Fortress, Ancient City, Dr. Wily stage 3


Name Image Description HP Damage Stage(s)
Gorilla Tank MM6 - Gorilla Tank.png A gorilla on treads that spits five projectiles from its mouth in a radial motion or throws its giant fist at Mega Man, all the while advancing towards him. Only its head is vulnerable, but hitting its body will force it back to slow its advance. 15 6 (contact)
4 (fist)
Forgotten Area


Name Sprite Description Stage Weapon Weakness
Plant Man MM6 - Plant Man.png Forgotten Area Plant Barrier Blizzard Attack


  • This is the only stage in Mega Man 6 that has two identical miniboss fights; other minibosses either use a different room layout for each fight (Metall Potton) or only appear once (Gamarn and Gamadayu).


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