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Metall (Mega Man 6)

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Enemy Info
MM6 - Metall.png
Sprite from Mega Man 6.
General information
Appearances:Mega Man 6
Game Info
Damage:3 (contact)
2 (projectiles)
Other Info
Variations:See Metalls.

An unnamed variety of Metall appears in Mega Man 6. It uses the standard Metall design commonly seen from Mega Man 2 onward, resembling a black, spherical robot with yellow feet and a hard hat under which it can hide.

In the Games

Mega Man 6

In Mega Man 6, these Metalls appear as minor enemies in the Oil Field (Flame Man) and Restricted Area (Tomahawk Man) stages, as well as Mr. X stage 2 and Dr. Wily stage 1. Like most Metalls, they will hide under their hard hats and deflect projectiles by default, but will regularly pop up to fire projectiles in three directions (diagonally upward, straight forward, and diagonally downward) while Mega Man is near, briefly becoming vulnerable before hiding again. Like the Metall Mommy from the previous game but unlike many other Metalls with feet, they never move from their spot, though they will turn to face Mega Man if he jumps over them. Unusually, they are also not completely invincible while hiding, as they can be destroyed by using a fully charged Power Mega Man shot.

Apart from the stationary enemies, Metalls that may be of the same basic variety are created by the Metall Potton miniboss, a giant glass container full of Metalls. These generated Metalls are able to move towards Mega Man while they shoot, and will do so either by alternating between hiding and hopping, or by constantly running towards him and jumping over obstacles. An individual Metall can also be seen in Mr. X's fortress, piloting the Metonger Z giant mecha as the boss of Mr. X stage 3, though it cannot be confronted by itself.

Related Enemies

Similar generic Metall enemies appear in most games of the Classic era. Also see Metall for more varieties.


  • Apart from having no official name, this Metall model also has no dedicated production art (new or reused) associated with it. Likewise, it has no Database entry in Mega Man Legacy Collection, where it is only referred to as "Metall" in the entries for Metall Potton and Metonger Z.
  • This enemy's sprite is almost identical to the Metall Mommy sprite from Mega Man 5, apart from two pixels that were removed from its feet, making them appear slightly more rounded.