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Classic era

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The Classic era is a fan-made term referring to media set in the fictional universe of the original Mega Man, released in 1987 for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Famicom. It is the first era of the universe's original timeline, set in the year 20XX, chronicling the adventures of the robot Mega Man and his battles to stop the evil Dr. Wily.

In official Capcom material, this series is often called simply Mega Man, differentiating it from the other eras by omitting any further identifiers. It is also rarely referred to as Mega Man Classic.[1]



Around the year 200X (the first decade of the 21st century), the technology of robots advanced. Two revolutionary scientists, Thomas Light and Albert Wily, attended the Robot Institute of Technology together, but a rift formed between the two when Dr. Light opposed Dr. Wily's controversial research. Dr. Light went on to build robots for the good of mankind. He created two siblings named Rock and Roll to assist him at his lab, along with at least six other robots called Robot Masters to operate in industrial capacities. However, Dr. Wily had more selfish plans for his knowledge of robotics.

Mega Man

One day, Dr. Wily kidnapped Dr. Light's Robot Masters and reprogrammed them into his servants to take over the world. Rock volunteered to be converted into a fighting robot to stop Wily's plot, and Dr. Light agreed, turning him into Mega Man. After defeating all the Robot Masters and infiltrating Dr. Wily's hideout, Mega Man destroyed his work and stopped his plans. Wily escaped and disappeared, while Mega Man returned home victorious.

Mega Man 2

One year after his previous defeat, Dr. Wily returns with eight of his own new Robot Masters to take over the world again. He challenges Mega Man, who heads out to fight these new opponents. Mega Man defeats Dr. Wily and his Robot Masters again. The doctor uses holograms in an attempt to trick Mega Man into believing he was an Alien all along, but this fails. Mega Man departs, having proved Wily wrong once again.

Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge

Set after Mega Man 2.[2] Despite his crushing defeat, Dr. Wily quickly took his revenge by reprogramming Dr. Light's industrial Robot Masters again. Mega Man set off to set them right once more. After facing Dr. Wily's own robots, including the new Mega Man Killer called Enker, Mega Man defeated Wily and put a stop to his plans.

Mega Man 3

The year is 20XX (further in the 21st century). Having apparently learned his lesson, Dr. Wily forms a truce with Dr. Light. Together they build Gamma, a giant peace-keeping robot, and plan to power him using eight Energy Elements discovered on other planets. However, the eight Robot Masters sent to retrieve them go haywire, and so Mega Man is sent to stop their madness. Meanwhile, a mysterious robot called Proto Man begins hunting Mega Man.

In the end, Dr. Wily reveals his true evil intentions and hijacks Gamma, planning to use him to conquer the world. Mega Man destroys Gamma, but the base begins to collapse. Proto Man arrives and saves Mega Man, but Dr. Wily appears to be lost in the rubble.

Mega Man II

Set after Mega Man 3.[2] Frustrated by his constant defeats, Dr. Wily steals the experimental Time Skimmer in hopes of traveling to the past to change history. Mega Man heads out to fight Wily's Robot Masters and stop him before it's too late. However, Wily discovered that the Time Skipper could only go forward in time and back to the present; changing plans, he kidnapped Mega Man from an alternate future and converted him into a twisted robot named Quint. Mega Man fights Quint, defeats Wily in space, and destroys the Time Skimmer.

Mega Man 4

A year after Wily's disappearance, another robotics scientist named Dr. Cossack suddenly declares war on Mega Man with his own eight Robot Masters. Mega Man has no choice but to fight him.

Proto Man reveals that Dr. Cossack was blackmailed with his daughter Kalinka Cossack into fighting Mega Man, by none other than Dr. Wily. Mega Man hunts down Wily and defeats him.

Mega Man III

Set after Mega Man 4.[2] Months after Mega Man II, Dr. Wily uses a new technology to broadcast jamming waves that drive robots crazy. Mega Man hits the road to stop the berserk robots and end Wily's plans. He confronts a new Mega Man Killer, Punk, and defeats Wily again.

Mega Man 5

Two months after the battle with Dr. Cossack, Mega Man returns home one day to find Dr. Light has been kidnapped. Proto Man reveals he is his captor, and has gathered eight berserk Robot Masters and a robot army. Mega Man sets off to rescue Dr. Light and stop Proto Man's schemes.

Mega Man fights Proto Man, discovering he is actually just an imposter robot called Dark Man, made by Dr. Wily to punish Proto Man for revealing his plans in Mega Man 4. Mega Man fights Dr. Wily and defeats him, but the castle collapses, and the real Proto Man saves them both.

Mega Man IV

Set after Mega Man 5.[2] Months after Mega Man III, Dr. Light and Mega Man attend the World Robot Expo. However, the party is crashed by Dr. Wily, who broadcasts waves that take control of all the robots in attendance (though Mega Man withstands it). Mega Man fights the Robot Masters and confronts the final Mega Man Killer, Ballade, who has a change of heart and helps Mega Man escape after he defeats Wily.

Mega Man 6

One year after the battle with Dark Man, a global Robot Tournament is organized by a mysterious individual known as simply Mr. X. However, the eight Robot Master contestants suddenly go berserk, and Mr. X makes them into his personal army. Mega Man sets off to stop Mr. X and his evil ways.

After fighting Mr. X, Mega Man discovers he is actually Dr. Wily in disguise. Mega Man finally captures him and brings him to justice, getting him arrested and locked in prison.

Mega Man V

Set after Mega Man 6.[2][note 1] Months after Mega Man IV, Mega Man and Roll are ambushed by Terra, a mysterious robot who defeats Mega Man. He awakens back in Dr. Light's lab, where Light explains that Terra is an alien robot who has come to take over the planet with his clan, the Stardroids. Mega Man gains a new upgrade and heads out to fight the Stardroids.

After defeating Terra, Mega Man learns that Dr. Wily is the one who brought the Stardroids to Earth, hoping they would help him conquer it. Wily unleashes another alien robot, Sunstar, but he is uncontrollable and plans to destroy the planet. Mega Man defeats Sunstar, who is impressed by his faith in the world. Mega Man returns to Earth, having restored peace.

Mega Man 7

Six months after Dr. Wily's imprisonment, a secret army of robots made for just this event appears and breaks him out of prison. Mega Man rushes off to fight the eight Robot Masters responsible, meeting a new ally named Bass along the way.

It turns out Bass was actually a creation of Dr. Wily, as he attacks Dr. Light's lab and steals his technology. Mega Man storms Wily's castle and defeats Bass, then his master too. Before Mega Man can act, Bass arrives to grab Wily and escape. Mega Man walks away from the castle as it self-destructs.

Mega Man 8

Mega Man investigates a crashed meteor on a remote island, but Dr. Wily collects its contents first. Mega Man notices a damaged robot, Duo, and brings him to Dr. Light for repairs. Suddenly, Wily reveals eight new Robot Masters powered by the Evil Energy he collected, and Mega Man sets out to face them.

With the help of Duo, whose mission is to destroy Evil Energy, Mega Man makes his way to Wily's new base. He defeats Bass and Wily again, but the Evil Energy begins corrupting and harming all of them. Fortunately, Duo arrives and cures them all, before disappearing.

Mega Man & Bass

Set after Mega Man 8.[3][4] A powerful robot called King forms a robot army and starts an uprising, claiming robots are superior to humans. He destroys Dr. Wily's lab, forcing him to crash at Dr. Light's for now, while both Mega Man and Bass set out to stop King's ambitions.

Mega Man and Bass defeat King and his Robot Masters, but it is revealed that Dr. Wily is King's creator and was controlling him all along. Despite this, both Mega Man and Bass still fight Wily and defeat him.

Mega Man 9

One day, eight Robot Masters created by Dr. Light go berserk. With no signs of foul play, Light is imprisoned for the crimes of his creations. Mega Man is outraged, and decides to face the Robot Masters himself to find out the truth.

It turns out that Dr. Wily manipulated the Robot Masters by preying on their fear of expiry, getting them to rebel against Dr. Light. Mega Man finds and defeats Wily, exposing the truth and freeing Light from jail.

Mega Man 10

A mysterious robot illness called Roboenza sweeps the world. In most cases it gives robots feverish symptoms, but others become violent and disobedient. Dr. Wily is questioned, but shows his own robots have gone mad too. Mega Man sets out alongside Proto Man to stop the robots and find the truth behind the sickness.

Mega Man discovers that Dr. Wily was behind Roboenza after all, and battles him in his newest base. Upon his defeat, Wily is revealed to have caught an illness too. Mega Man takes him to the hospital, and in his gratitude, Dr. Wily leaves behind enough medicine to cure everyone of Roboenza.

Mega Man 11

Using a mysterious technology, Dr. Wily kidnaps eight of Dr. Light's Robot Masters. Light explains the Double Gear System, which Wily worked on in university but had to stop when Light objected to it with the research board. Light equips Mega Man with a Double Gear prototype to face off against Wily's new powered up robots.

Mega Man infiltrates Wily's base and defeats him. Dr. Light arrives in person to ask Wily to atone, showing Mega Man proves their tech can work in harmony. Wily refuses and escapes, while Mega Man and Light collect the Robot Masters and bring them home.


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Mega Man
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Proto Man
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Minor Enemies

Minor Enemies

Robot Masters

Robot Masters are the bosses of the main stages, and the ones Mega Man gets his weapons from.

Fortress Bosses

Fortress Bosses


Mega Buster

The Mega Buster is Mega Man's primary weapon throughout the era.


Dr. Wily's stage

Dr. Wily's stage (aka "Skull Castle") is a recurring stage on in multiple Mega Man games throughout the era.


Energy Tank

Energy Tank

Other Media

Relations to other games

Marvel vs. Capcom series
Marvel vs. Capcom, Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and Marvel vs. Capcom 3
Super Smash Bros. series
Super Smash Bros. 4 and Ultimate
Dragalia Lost series
Dragalia Lost
Mega Man X5 has flashbacks to this era


  1. The placement of Mega Man V after Mega Man 6 is questionable, as Dr. Wily should have been in prison during the game. However, it's possible that he merely escaped and was recaptured by Mega Man at the end of Mega Man V.


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