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Metal Shark Player

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Maverick Info
MMX6 - Metal Shark Player Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man X6.
Stage portrait(s).
General information
Name(s):Metal Shark Player, Metalshark Player
Group(s):Nightmare Investigators
Appearances:Mega Man X6
Inspiration:Hammerhead shark
Game Info
Weapon(s):X6 Metal Anchor
X6 Rakukojin
Weakness(es):X6 Meteor Rain
X6 Ensuizan
Stage(s):Recycle Lab
Voice (JP):Mugihito

Metal Shark Player, written as Metalshark Player (メタルシャーク・プレイヤー)[1] in Japan, is a Maverick from the X era, appearing as one of the main bosses in Mega Man X6. He is a metal-themed Reploid based on a hammerhead shark, who attacks by throwing anchors and summoning scrapped Mavericks. He is a former recycling research scientist who is now part of the Nightmare Investigators.

In the Games

Mega Man X6

Sprite from Mega Man X6.

Metal Shark Player debuts in Mega Man X6 as one of the eight Mavericks on the Stage Select screen. He was built by Gate for recycling research, and joined a team working on reusing salvaged parts of disposed Mavericks. Eventually he got into the illegal practice of DNA resurrection, resurrecting the Mavericks instead of recycling them. Gate encouraged his experimentation, which eventually got Player arrested and executed. However, he was later resurrected by Gate to serve as a Nightmare Investigator.[2]

Metal Shark Player serves as the boss of the Recycle Lab, observing the Nightmare Press. He throws anchors and summons deceased Mavericks such as Magna Centipede, Sting Chameleon, and Blast Hornet to fight for him. Defeating Metal Shark Player grants Metal Anchor to X and Rakukojin to Zero. His weakness is the Meteor Rain or Ensuizan from Rainy Turtloid, which briefly stuns him. A boss attack rematch with Metal Shark Player later occurs in the ?????? stage.

Other Game Appearances

Other Media

  • In the Archie Mega Man comic, Metal Shark Player appears in the "Worlds Unite" arc as one of the Mavericks resurrected in Sigma's army.

Official Data

Compendium of Rockman X

MMX6 - Metal Shark Player Art.png
Recycle Lab Metal Shark Player
Weapon: Metal Anchor/Rakukojin Weakness: Meteor Rain/Ensuizan
Profile: Former member of a recycling research team. Inspired by Gate, he analyzed Maverick DNA and found a way to resurrect Mavericks. However, he was punished for violating regulations.
Attack: Effect:
Metal Head Attacks using his head and dorsal fin.
Metal Anchor Jumps high and throws an anchor.
Helper Attack Summons one of three Mavericks to attack. He summons Magna Centipede for X, Sting Chameleon for Zero, or Blast Hornet in Xtreme difficulty.
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Mega Man X Legacy Collection Gallery

MMX6 - Metal Shark Player Art.png Metal Shark Player
A former member of a recycling research team. Shark specialized in taking the junk parts of destroyed Mavericks and preparing them for re-use as materials for new Reploids. His outstanding DNA research capabilities meant he was soon appointed chief of the recycling facility.

Behind the Scenes

Developer Commentary

"The concepts for the boss characters were relatively simple, so I was able to take a similarly simple approach to their overall designs. For example, Commander Yammark has touches of a helicopter and its pilot in him, and Metal Shark Player's legs were made to look like the open jaws of a shark." - (Haruki Suetsugu)[3]


Language Name Origin
Japanese Metalshark Player (メタルシャーク・プレイヤー) "Metalshark" refers to his animal inspiration and his metal abilities. The meaning of "Player" has never had official comment, and all explanations remain strictly speculative.
English Metal Shark Player


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