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Mega Man Zero 3

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Game Info
MMZ3 - Box Art NA.jpg
Box Art
General information
Game Title(s):Mega Man Zero 3, Rockman Zero 3
Developer(s):Inti Creates
Release Date(s):
JP: April 23, 2004
NA: October 5, 2004
EU: September 3, 2004
Genre(s):Action, Platformer
Game mode(s):Single Player
Platform(s):Game Boy Advance

Mega Man Zero 3, known as Rockman Zero 3 (ロックマンゼロ3) in Japan, is the third game in the Zero era, developed by Inti Creates, published by Capcom and released in 2004 for the Game Boy Advance.

The game was later re-released as part of the Mega Man Zero Collection on the Nintendo DS in 2010 and a native port was made as part of the Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection on multiple other systems in 2020.


Having taken the Dark Elf from its resting place, sealed in the depths of Neo Arcadia, Elpizo was sure he would possess ultimate power. But it turned out to be too much for him to control, and he was defeated at the hands of Zero. They were able to avoid a repeat of the tragedy that was the Elf Wars, but behind the relief was a shadowy figure who had been hoping and praying for the revival of the Dark Elf for a long time.

And so, one day, long after the Dark Elf nightmare has passed and the Neo Arcadia attacks have subsided, news that a giant spaceship has crashed down on a snowy plan makes its way to the Resistance. Learning that there is an energy reaction at the crash site as strong as the Dark Elf. Ciel, alongside Zero and her friends in the Resistance, sets off to investigate.[1]


Name Sprite Description
Zero MMZ3 - Zero Portrait.png The main playable character. One of the Maverick Hunters that fought alongside X in the Maverick Wars. He was found by Ciel in his sealed slumber in the underground research facilities, and helps the persecuted Resistance fight against Neo Arcadia.[1]
Ciel MMZ3 - Ciel Portrait.png This young female scientist, who used to research Reploids and Cyber-elves for Neo Arcadia, is currently working to develop a new alternate energy source in order to put an end to the struggle with Neo Arcadia.[1]
Cerveau MMZ3 - Cerveau Portrait.png This engineer works on developing new weapons for Zero, and can help out by doing things like decipher encrypted Secret Disks.[1]
Resistance MMZ3 - Resistance Male Portrait.png MMZ3 - Resistance Female Portrait.png Working from the Resistance Base, these Reploids provide Zero with information and even offer useful items to our hero.[1]
Four Guardians MMZ3 - Harpuia Portrait.png MMZ3 - Leviathan Portrait.png MMZ3 - Fefnir Portrait.png Three of the Four Guardians that have been presiding over Neo Arcadia since the death of Copy X. Leviathan and Fefnir have forgotten their duties and spend all their energy trying to defeat Zero.[1]
Dr. Weil MMZ3 - Dr. Weil Portrait.png Expelled from Neo Arcadia one hundred years ago, this scientist is well-versed in the technology of Reploid engineering.[1]
Omega MMZ3 - Omega Portrait.png A giant Reploid who is a servant of Dr. Weil. He has a mysterious connection to Zero.
Dark Elf MMZ3 - Dark Elf Portrait.png The Cyber-elf said to have triggered the Elf Wars. She was sealed inside the body of the original X, but was set free at the hands of Elpizo.[1]
Crea & Prea MMZ3 - Crea Portrait.png MMZ3 - Prea Portrait.png Two Baby Elves created from the Dark Elf, which are now loose in Neo Arcadia.
X MMZ3 - X Portrait.png X sacrificed his body in order to seal the Dark Elf away, working as a Cyber-elf. However, his body was destroyed by Elpizo, releasing the Dark Elf.[1]


Minor Enemies



Name Image Description Area Weakness Refought?
Omega MMZ3 - Omega 1st Form.gif Derelict Spacecraft None No
Blazin' Flizard MMZ3 - Blazin' Flizard Punishment.gif Aegis Volcano Base Thunder Yes
Childre Inarabitta MMZ3 - Childre Inarabitta Punishment.gif Oceanic Highway Ruins Fire Yes
Devilbat Schilt MMZ3 - Devilbat Schilt Punishment.gif Weapons Repair Factory Ice Yes
Deathtanz Mantisk MMZ3 - Deathtanz Mantisk Punishment.gif Old Residential None Yes
Crea & Prea MMZ3 - Crea.gif MMZ3 - Prea.gif Missile Factory, Sub Arcadia None Yes
Anubis Necromancess V MMZ3 - Anubis Necromancess.gif Twilight Desert Ice No
Hanumachine R MMZ - Hanumachine.gif Forest of Anatre Thunder No
Blizzack Staggroff R MMZ - Blizzack Staggroff.png Frontline Ice Base Fire No
Copy X MK. II MMZ - Copy X (phase 1).png Area X-2 None No
Cubit Foxtar MMZ3 - Cubit Foxtar Punishment.gif Energy Facility Thunder Yes
Glacier le Cactank MMZ3 - Glacier le Cactank Punishment.gif Snowy Plains Fire Yes
Volteel Biblio MMZ3 - Volteel Biblio Punishment.gif Sunken Library Ice Yes
Tretista Kelverian MMZ3 - Tretista Kelverian Punishment.gif Giant Elevator None Yes
Phantom MMZ - Phantom.png Sub Arcadia (Cyberspace) None No
Omega (phase 1) MMZ3 - Omega 1st Form 2.gif Weil's Laboratory None No
Omega (phase 2) MMZ3 - Omega 2nd Form.png Weil's Laboratory None No
Omega (phase 3) MMZ3 - Omega 3rd Form.gif Weil's Laboratory None No


Name Image Description
Life Energy (Small)
Life Energy (Large)
Life Energy (MAX)
MMZ - Energy (full).png
E-Crystal (Small)
E-Crystal (Large)
1 UP
MMZ - 1 UP.png
Secret Disk




Modification Cards

Alongside the release of Rockman Zero 3 in Japan, Capcom released a series of 100 collectible cards representing various characters in the Zero era. 80 of these cards contained E-Reader functionality featuring modifications to Zero 3, and 20 were artwork of series events. The cards were sold in packages of 5 for ¥‎200.

The artwork and functionality of the cards would later be incorporated outside of Japan in Mega Man Zero Collection and Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection as unlockable content, for completing the games and easy scenario in Zero Collection, and earning ZZ Cards in Zero/ZX Legacy Collection.



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