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Super Cutter

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Enemy Info
MMDWR - Super Cutter Art.png
Artwork from Dr. Wily's Revenge.
General information
Name(s):Super Cutter
Appearances:Mega Man, Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge, Mega Man: The Wily Wars, Mega Man Powered Up
Game Info
HP:5 (Mega Man 1)
N/A (Dr. Wily's Revenge)

Super Cutter[1] is an enemy first appearing in the original Mega Man. It is a white pair of scissors similar to those on Cut Man's head, which is either dispensed from a machine or able to fly in circles by itself.

In the Games

Mega Man

In-game sprite, with dispenser.

In Mega Man, Super Cutters appear only in Cut Man Stage, where they are always launched from machines in the background. These machines cannot be interacted with and spit out Cutters endlessly in an arc while Mega Man is near, targetting him.

While the Cutters can technically be destroyed (especially with the Hyper Bomb), doing so is very difficult in practice due to their high health and only being on the screen for a very short time. Mega Man can instead avoid them simply by walking forward, causing all Cutters to miss him as long as he does not stop.

Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge

Sprite from Dr. Wily's Revenge.

Super Cutters reappear in Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge, in a drastically changed form. Rather than being fired from machines, they appear in Cut Man Stage and Dr. Wily stage 2 as their own entities, hanging in midair and waiting for Mega Man to come near so they can fly forward and begin to move in a large circle. This movement happens in abrupt steps rather than smooth rotations, which can make them difficult to dodge.

Despite being more permanent in this game, Super Cutters can no longer be destroyed at all, with most of Mega Man's shots bouncing off harmlessly. They are still susceptible to the Ice Slasher, however, which will freeze them in place and potentially allow them to be bypassed more easily.

Official Data

Super Cutter appears under "Mega Man" in the Database in Mega Man Legacy Collection. As they have no official art in the original Mega Man, an enlarged version of the sprite is used for their Database entry instead.

MM1 - Super Cutter MMLC.png Super Cutter
Made out of fundamentally the same material as Cut Man's cutters. It's quite hard stuff, so it's best not to engage.
HP 05 AT 04 MMLC - Icon Weakness.png MMLC - Icon Hyper Bomb.png


Concept art for the Super Cutter.
  • Concept art included in the Museum in Mega Man Legacy Collection shows a much more complex idea for the Super Cutter, with a winding, segmented body and a pair of scissors for the head. Graphics for this form are present in the game, but no code for the enemy remains.[2]


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