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Ride Chaser

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Ride Chaser artwork from Mega Man X2.

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A Ride Chaser (ライドチェイサー), also translated as Land Chaser,[1] is a recurring item in the X era, first appearing in Mega Man X2. It is a motorcycle or snowmobile-like vehicle that hovers above the ground, capable of traveling at high speeds and firing laser shots.

In the Games

Mega Man X2

Ride Chaser in Mega Man X2.

The Ride Chaser debuted in Mega Man X2. This Ride Chaser is designated as the ADU-T400 turbo, codenamed the Cheval (チェバル).[2] It is first seen in the game's opening cutscene, as X and a fellow Hunter charge towards the Maverick Factory Stage. The Hunter is shot down, while X jumps off his Cheval and lets it crash into a Cannon Driver, at which point the player gains control and the game begins.

In the Desert Base Stage, a Cheval can be found in a garage-like area. When driving a Ride Chaser, X moves much faster, is impervious to spikes, and can rapid-fire shots from a cannon on the front. He can also jump or perform a dash, which can be used to launch off of ramps a great distance; this can lead X to items such as a Life Up. If it crashes into a wall, the Ride Chaser instantly explodes, leaving X unharmed. The Road Rider enemies also drive Ride Chasers.

Mega Man X4

Ride Chaser in Mega Man X4.

In Mega Man X4, the Ride Chaser system is revamped for the Marine Base stage. This game introduces a new Ride Chaser called the Adion (アディオン), and nearly the entirety of Marine Base is played at its wheel. While the player races through the stage entirely automatically, they can move the Ride Chaser left and right, jump, and fire shots as usual. The dash no longer launches off of ramps, instead pushing straight forwards with a blade-like jet on the front that can deal damage. Additionally, there are Hornet enemies that drive mass-produced versions of the Adion called the Hornet (ハーネット). At the end of the stage, the player character automatically leaps off the Ride Chaser and lets it explode, advancing to fight Jet Stingray on foot.

Mega Man X5

In Mega Man X5, the Ride Armor Adion from Mega Man X4 returns for the Super-Electromagnetic Lab Stage. Because of the harsh terrain, the Maverick Hunters must use a Ride Chaser to reach their destination. It functions identically, and can be used to collect eight energy spheres in order to unlock a secret path to a Light Capsule. Unlike its previous appearance, this Ride Chaser segment only lasts the first third or so of the stage's duration, as the player character dismounts it to continue through the stage.

Mega Man Xtreme 2

Ride Chaser in Mega Man Xtreme 2.

In Mega Man Xtreme 2, the Ride Chaser Cheval from Mega Man X2 returns for the Desert Stage. Though the stage is based on the Desert Base Stage from X2, this Ride Chaser acts more like its incarnation from Mega Man X4 onwards, as the player is automatically locked into a driving segment upon boarding. It can shoot, jump, and dash as usual (though the latter is considerably less powerful), and it is used at two different points throughout the stage.

Mega Man X7

File:MMX7 - Ride Chaser.png
Ride Chaser in Mega Man X7.

In Mega Man X7, a new unnamed Ride Chaser is introduced for the Central Circuit stage.


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