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Robot Master

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A Robot Master,[1] also known as a Number (ナンバー)[2] or often just a Boss (ボス)[3] in Japan, is a recurring term from the Classic era. It is used to describe the unique humanoid robots who control the game's stages, being fought as bosses at the end of each.[4] They are first seen on a game's Stage Select screen, and must be defeated in order to gain Special Weapons and open the Last Stages of the game.[note 1]

Both the terms "Robot Master" and "Number" have never been used in any video game's in-game dialogue, only in supplementary Capcom sources such as game manuals, strategy guides, and encyclopedias. "Robot Master" in particular was phased out of Capcom's English media by the release of Mega Man 7. Despite this, the term remains ubiquitous within the fandom and third-party media, such as Mega Man: Fully Charged and the Archie Mega Man comic, with varying scope and definition.

In the Games

All mainline Robot Master bosses share a specific set of traits:

  • A humanoid design, with "Man" or "Woman" in their name.
  • A stage on the Stage Select screen of which they are the boss.
  • A Special Weapon that the player receives upon defeating them, and a weakness to another Special Weapon.
  • An assigned serial number.

Additionally, many were designed by fans in official Capcom Boss Character Contests. Although usage of the terms Robot Master and Number have been phased out, it can be assumed that all bosses matching these traits are Robot Masters, unless primary sources contradict this. This section only contains Robot Masters from the numbered entries in the Classic era Mega Man games.

Mega Man

Name Image Special Weapon Serial No. Designer
Cut Man
MM1 - Cut Man Stage Select.png
MMLC - Icon Rolling Cutter.png Rolling Cutter DLN-003 Capcom
Guts Man
MM1 - Guts Man Stage Select.png
MMLC - Icon Super Arm.png Super Arm DLN-004 Capcom
Ice Man
MM1 - Ice Man Stage Select.png
MMLC - Icon Ice Slasher.png Ice Slasher DLN-005 Capcom
Bomb Man
MM1 - Bomb Man Stage Select.png
MMLC - Icon Hyper Bomb.png Hyper Bomb DLN-006 Keiji Inafune
Fire Man
MM1 - Fire Man Stage Select.png
MMLC - Icon Fire Storm.png Fire Storm DLN-007 Capcom
Elec Man
MM1 - Elec Man Stage Select.png
MMLC - Icon Thunder Beam.png Thunder Beam DLN-008 Keiji Inafune

Robot Masters were introduced in the first Mega Man, though the term wasn't used until Mega Man 3 (these ones are retroactively called Robot Masters in Mega Man: The Wily Wars).[5] The game has six bosses who are all industrial robots in the DLN (Dr. Light Numbers) series, or DRN (Dr. Right Numbers) in Japan. They were kidnapped by Dr. Wily and reprogrammed into his evil servants.

Mega Man 2

Name Image Special Weapon Serial No. Designer
Metal Man
MM2 - Metal Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Metal Blade.png Metal Blade DWN-009 Masanori Sato
Air Man
MM2 - Air Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Air Shooter.png Air Shooter DWN-010 Yōji Kanazawa
Bubble Man
MM2 - Bubble Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Bubble Lead.png Bubble Lead DWN-011 Takashi Tanaka
Quick Man
MM2 - Quick Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Quick Boomerang.png Quick Boomerang DWN-012 Hirofumi Mizoguchi
Crash Man
MM2 - Crash Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Crash Bomber.png Crash Bomber DWN-013 Akira Yoshida
Flash Man
MM2 - Flash Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Time Stopper.png Time Stopper DWN-014 Tomō Yamaguchi
Heat Man
MM2 - Heat Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Atomic Fire.png Atomic Fire DWN-015 Toshiyuki Kataoka
Wood Man
MM2 - Wood Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Leaf Shield.png Leaf Shield DWN-016 Masakatsu Ichikawa

In Mega Man 2, the eight Robot Masters[5] were created by Dr. Wily to challenge Mega Man in combat. They are part of the DWN (Dr. Wily Numbers) series, though their numbering begins at the ninth entry, where the DLN from Mega Man left off.

Mega Man 3

Name Image Special Weapon Serial No. Designer
Needle Man
MM3 - Needle Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Needle Cannon.png Needle Cannon DWN-017 Nobihiko Akatsuka
Magnet Man
MM3 - Magnet Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Magnet Missile.png Magnet Missile DWN-018 Nagashi Kii
Gemini Man
MM3 - Gemini Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Gemini Laser.png Gemini Laser DWN-019 Yoshihito Hattori
Hard Man
MM3 - Hard Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Hard Knuckle.png Hard Knuckle DWN-020 Kazuhiko Oguro
Top Man
MM3 - Top Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Top Spin.png Top Spin DWN-021 Yasushi Konjiki
Snake Man
MM3 - Snake Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Search Snake.png Search Snake DWN-022 Yuhjiro Ishitani
Spark Man
MM3 - Spark Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Spark Shock.png Spark Shock DWN-023 Mikihiro Suzuki
Shadow Man
MM3 - Shadow Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Shadow Blade.png Shadow Blade DWN-024 Takumine Yoshida

In Mega Man 3, the eight Robot Masters[6] were created together by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily, and are deployed to collect eight Energy Elements in space. Some Japanese sources list them as the DRWN (Dr. Right & Wily Numbers), though they are more commonly included as part of the DWN since Dr. Wily hijacks them for his own evil gains.

Mega Man 4

Name Image Special Weapon Serial No. Designer
Bright Man
MM4 - Bright Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Flash Stopper.png Flash Stopper DWN-025 Yoshitaka Enomoto
Toad Man
MM4 - Toad Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Rain Flush.png Rain Flush DWN-026 Atsushi Ōtsuka
Drill Man
MM4 - Drill Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Drill Bomb.png Drill Bomb DWN-027 Masayuki Hoshi
Pharaoh Man
MM4 - Pharaoh Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Pharaoh Shot.png Pharaoh Shot DWN-028 Takayuki Ebara
Ring Man
MM4 - Ring Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Ring Boomerang.png Ring Boomerang DWN-029 Hiromi Uchida
Dust Man
MM4 - Dust Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Dust Crusher.png Dust Crusher DWN-030 Yūsuke Murata
Dive Man
MM4 - Dive Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Dive Missile.png Dive Missile DWN-031 Suguru Nakayama
Skull Man
MM4 - Skull Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Skull Barrier.png Skull Barrier DWN-032 Toshiyuki Miyachi

In Mega Man 4, the eight Robot Masters[7] were created by Dr. Cossack for a variety of purposes. However, when Dr. Wily blackmailed Dr. Cossack into challenging Mega Man, he also altered his creations into fighting robots and inducted them into his own DWN series. In the manga Mega Man Megamix, they are instead listed as the DCN (Dr. Cossack Numbers).

Mega Man 5

Name Image Special Weapon Serial No. Designer
Gravity Man
MM5 - Gravity Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Gravity Hold.png Gravity Hold DWN-033 Yukiko Mori
Wave Man
MM5 - Wave Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Water Wave.png Water Wave DWN-034 Hideyuki Monno
Stone Man
MM5 - Stone Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Power Stone.png Power Stone DWN-035 Kenta Ōnishi
Gyro Man
MM5 - Gyro Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Gyro Attack.png Gyro Attack DWN-036 Katsunari Oguri
Star Man
MM5 - Star Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Star Crash.png Star Crash DWN-037 Tatsumi Saegusa
Charge Man
MM5 - Charge Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Charge Kick.png Charge Kick DWN-038 Toshiaki Sugiura
Napalm Man
MM5 - Napalm Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Napalm Bomb.png Napalm Bomb DWN-039 Shinichirō Seki
Crystal Man
MM5 - Crystal Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Crystal Eye.png Crystal Eye DWN-040 Yūsuke Murata

In Mega Man 5, the eight Robot Masters[8] were supposedly berserk robots led by Proto Man. In reality, they were all created by Dr. Wily and led by the impersonator Dark Man, in an attempt to frame Proto Man and conquer the world. They belong to the DWN. Dark Man is not part of the main eight bosses, and isn't normally included as a Robot Master.

Mega Man 6

Name Image Special Weapon Serial No. Designer
Blizzard Man
MM6 - Blizzard Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Blizzard Attack.png Blizzard Attack DWN-041 Hirofumi Ogawa
Centaur Man
MM6 - Centaur Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Centaur Flash.png Centaur Flash DWN-042 Kazuki Kidoguchi
Flame Man
MM6 - Flame Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Flame Blast.png Flame Blast DWN-043 Noritsugu Kurokawa
Knight Man
MM6 - Knight Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Knight Crusher.png Knight Crusher DWN-044 Daniel Vallée
Plant Man
MM6 - Plant Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Plant Barrier.png Plant Barrier DWN-045 Nobuhiro Hoshino
Tomahawk Man
MM6 - Tomahawk Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Silver Tomahawk.png Silver Tomahawk DWN-046 Yoshinobu Suda
Wind Man
MM6 - Wind Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Wind Storm.png Wind Storm DWN-047 Michael Leader
Yamato Man
MM6 - Yamato Man Portrait.png
MMLC - Icon Yamato Spear.png Yamato Spear DWN-048 Rai Ichikawa

In Mega Man 6, the eight Robot Masters[9] were created by scientists from all around the globe and entered in the Robot Tournament. They were then hijacked by the tournament organizer, Mr. X, who was later revealed to actually be Dr. Wily in disguise. They belong to the DWN. In the manga Mega Man Megamix, they are instead listed as the MXN (Mr. X Numbers).

Mega Man 7

Name Image Special Weapon Serial No. Designer
Freeze Man
MM7 - Freeze Man Portrait.png
MM7 - Icon Freeze Cracker.png Freeze Cracker DWN-049 Shiegeaki Sakamoto
Junk Man
MM7 - Junk Man Portrait.png
MM7 - Icon Junk Shield.png Junk Shield DWN-050 Jun Akiba
Burst Man
MM7 - Burst Man Portrait.png
MM7 - Icon Danger Wrap.png Danger Wrap DWN-051 Keishi Tsuchiya
Cloud Man
MM7 - Cloud Man Portrait.png
MM7 - Icon Thunder Bolt.png Thunder Bolt DWN-052 Isao Nakagiri
Spring Man
MM7 - Spring Man Portrait.png
MM7 - Icon Wild Coil.png Wild Coil DWN-053 Akira Ito
Slash Man
MM7 - Slash Man Portrait.png
MM7 - Icon Slash Claw.png Slash Claw DWN-054 Yoichi Amano
Shade Man
MM7 - Shade Man Portrait.png
MM7 - Icon Noise Crush.png Noise Crush DWN-055 Tetsuya Watada
Turbo Man
MM7 - Turbo Man Portrait.png
MM7 - Icon Scorch Wheel.png Scorch Wheel DWN-056 Takashi Kino

In Mega Man 7, the eight bosses were all created or stolen and modified by Dr. Wily, at some point prior to his imprisonment. Six months later, they were activated to free Wily and conquer the world. They belong to the DWN.

This game was the first to avoid the term Robot Master in its English material. These bosses fulfill the same criteria as previous Robot Masters, and so are categorized as such.

Mega Man 8

Name Image Special Weapon Serial No. Designer
Tengu Man
MM8 - Tengu Man Portrait.png
MM8 - Icon Tornado Hold.png Tornado Hold DWN-057 Capcom
MM&B - Icon Tengu Blade.png Tengu Blade
Astro Man
MM8 - Astro Man Portrait.png
MM8 - Icon Astro Crush.png Astro Crush DWN-058 Capcom
MM&B - Icon Copy Vision.png Copy Vision
Sword Man
MM8 - Sword Man Portrait.png
MM8 - Icon Flame Sword.png Flame Sword DWN-059 Keigo Matsuo
Clown Man
MM8 - Clown Man Portrait.png
MM8 - Icon Thunder Claw.png Thunder Claw DWN-060 Hiroshige Sakai
Search Man
MM8 - Search Man Portrait.png
MM8 - Icon Homing Sniper.png Homing Sniper DWN-061 Yūta Hata
Frost Man
MM8 - Frost Man Portrait.png
MM8 - Icon Ice Wave.png Ice Wave DWN-062 Akifumi Nomura
Grenade Man
MM8 - Grenade Man Portrait.png
MM8 - Icon Flash Bomb.png Flash Bomb DWN-063 Kenichirō Komaki
Aqua Man
MM8 - Aqua Man Portrait.png
MM8 - Icon Water Balloon.png Water Balloon DWN-064 Morito Kuriki

In Mega Man 8, the eight bosses were created or stolen and modified by Dr. Wily. They are all powered by his newfound discovery, Evil Energy, and Mega Man challenges them in order to confiscate it. They belong to the DWN.

Because Tengu Man and Astro Man return with new Special Weapons in Mega Man & Bass, their new Special Weapons are listed here as well.

Mega Man 9

Name Image Special Weapon Serial No. Designer
Concrete Man
MM9 - Concrete Man Portrait.png
MM9 - Icon Concrete Shot.png Concrete Shot DLN-065 Capcom
Tornado Man
MM9 - Tornado Man Portrait.png
MM9 - Icon Tornado Blow.png Tornado Blow DLN-066 Capcom
Splash Woman
MM9 - Splash Woman Portrait.png
MM9 - Icon Laser Trident.png Laser Trident DLN-067 Capcom
Plug Man
MM9 - Plug Man Portrait.png
MM9 - Icon Plug Ball.png Plug Ball DLN-068 Capcom
Jewel Man
MM9 - Jewel Man Portrait.png
MM9 - Icon Jewel Satellite.png Jewel Satellite DLN-069 Capcom
Hornet Man
MM9 - Hornet Man Portrait.png
MM9 - Icon Hornet Chaser.png Hornet Chaser DLN-070 Capcom
Magma Man
MM9 - Magma Man Portrait.png
MM9 - Icon Magma Bazooka.png Magma Bazooka DLN-071 Capcom
Galaxy Man
MM9 - Galaxy Man Portrait.png
MM9 - Icon Black Hole Bomb.png Black Hole Bomb DLN-072 Capcom

In Mega Man 9, the eight bosses are robots created by Dr. Light who supposedly went berserk. It is later revealed that they rebelled due to the tampering of Dr. Wily, who convinced them that Light planned to dismantle them someday and reprogrammed them. They belong to the DLN, though their numbering begins where the DWN from Mega Man 8 left off.

Fake Man is not part of the main eight bosses, and therefore won't included as a Robot Master.

Mega Man 10

Name Image Special Weapon Serial No. Designer
Blade Man
MM10 - Blade Man Portrait.png
MM10 - Icon Triple Blade.png Triple Blade DWN-073 Capcom
Pump Man
MM10 - Pump Man Portrait.png
MM10 - Icon Water Shield.png Water Shield DWN-074 Capcom
Commando Man
MM10 - Commando Man Portrait.png
MM10 - Icon Commando Bomb.png Commando Bomb DWN-075 Capcom
Chill Man
MM10 - Chill Man Portrait.png
MM10 - Icon Chill Spike.png Chill Spike DWN-076 Capcom
Sheep Man
MM10 - Sheep Man Portrait.png
MM10 - Icon Thunder Wool.png Thunder Wool DWN-077 Capcom
Strike Man
MM10 - Strike Man Portrait.png
MM10 - Icon Rebound Striker.png Rebound Striker DWN-078 Capcom
Nitro Man
MM10 - Nitro Man Portrait.png
MM10 - Icon Wheel Cutter.png Wheel Cutter DWN-079 Capcom
Solar Man
MM10 - Solar Man Portrait.png
MM10 - Icon Solar Blaze.png Solar Blaze DWN-080 Capcom

In Mega Man 10, the eight bosses are robots from around the world who went berserk after being infected by Dr. Wily's Roboenza. Though not personally altered by Wily, they are considered part of the DWN series. The bonus track in Rockman 10 Image Soundtrack, where Wily lists the Robot Masters and their abilities, implies that he may have chosen these specific robots to make berserk.

Mega Man 11

Name Image Special Weapon Serial No. Designer
Block Man
MM11 - Block Man Portrait.png
MM11 - Icon Block Dropper.png Block Dropper DWN-081 Capcom
Acid Man
MM11 - Acid Man Portrait.png
MM11 - Icon Acid Barrier.png Acid Barrier DWN-082 Capcom
Impact Man
MM11 - Impact Man Portrait.png
MM11 - Icon Pile Driver.png Pile Driver DWN-083 Capcom
Bounce Man
MM11 - Bounce Man Portrait.png
MM11 - Icon Bounce Ball.png Bounce Ball DWN-084 Capcom
Fuse Man
MM11 - Fuse Man Portrait.png
MM11 - Icon Scramble Thunder.png Scramble Thunder DWN-085 Capcom
Tundra Man
MM11 - Tundra Man Portrait.png
MM11 - Icon Tundra Storm.png Tundra Storm DWN-086 Capcom
Torch Man
MM11 - Torch Man Portrait.png
MM11 - Icon Blazing Torch.png Blazing Torch DWN-087 Capcom
Blast Man
MM11 - Blast Man Portrait.png
MM11 - Icon Chain Blast.png Chain Blast DWN-088 Capcom

In Mega Man 11, the eight bosses were created by esteemed manufacturers from around the globe who are colleagues of Dr. Light. They visit Dr. Light for tune-ups and hold him in high regard, but are kidnapped by Dr. Wily and reprogrammed into his servants, installed with the Double Gear system. They belong to the DWN.

Other Games

These Robot Master bosses originate from games that are not part of the original numbered Mega Man series, but that were officially developed with Capcom and are referenced in ongoing material.[4] Thus, their canon status is debatable but very possible.

Mega Man V

Name Image Special Weapon Serial No. Designer
MMV - Mercury Portrait.png
Grab Buster SRN-002 Capcom
MMV - Venus Portrait.png
Bubble Bomb SRN-003 Capcom
MMV - Mars Portrait.png
Photon Missile SRN-004 Capcom
MMV - Jupiter Portrait.png
Electric Shock SRN-005 Capcom
MMV - Saturn Portrait.png
Black Hole SRN-006 Capcom
MMV - Uranus Portrait.png
Deep Digger SRN-007 Capcom
MMV - Pluto Portrait.png
Break Dash SRN-008 Capcom
MMV - Neptune Portrait.png
Salt Water SRN-009 Capcom

In Mega Man V, the eight Robot Masters[10] are a group of alien robots known as the Stardroids. They are led by Terra, who is manipulated into working with Dr. Wily to take over the planet. They belong to the SRN (Stardroid Numbers).

Another robot boss in this game, Sunstar, is sometimes counted as a Robot Master. However, he serves as the game's final boss, and is not actually part of the Stardroids despite also being an alien.[4]

Mega Man & Bass

Name Image Special Weapon Serial No. Designer
Dynamo Man
MM&B - Dynamo Man Portrait.png
MM&B - Icon Lightning Bolt.png Lightning Bolt KGN-001 Hitoshi Ariga
Cold Man
MM&B - Cold Man Portrait.png
MM&B - Icon Ice Wall.png Ice Wall KGN-002 Kōji Izuki
Ground Man
MM&B - Ground Man Portrait.png
MM&B - Icon Spread Drill.png Spread Drill KGN-003 Iwamoto Yoshihiro
Pirate Man
MM&B - Pirate Man Portrait.png
MM&B - Icon Remote Mine.png Remote Mine KGN-004 Iwamoto Yoshihiro
Burner Man
MM&B - Burner Man Portrait.png
MM&B - Icon Wave Burner.png Wave Burner KGN-005 Hitoshi Ariga
Magic Man
MM&B - Magic Man Portrait.png
MM&B - Icon Magic Card.png Magic Card KGN-006 Iwamoto Yoshihiro

In Mega Man & Bass, the eight bosses are robots who were created or modified by King and his rebellion against humanity. They belong to their own KGN (King Numbers) series. Their ranks also include Tengu Man and Astro Man from Mega Man 8, who were evidently reconstructed and chose to join King.

Mega Man Powered Up

Name Image Special Weapon Serial No. Designer
Time Man
MMPU - Time Man Portrait.png
MMPU - Icon Time Slow.png Time Slow DLN-00A
Keiji Inafune[11]
Oil Man
MMPU - Oil Man Portrait.png
MMPU - Icon Oil Slider.png Oil Slider DLN-00B
Keiji Inafune[11]

In the remake Mega Man Powered Up, two new bosses appear alongside the original six in New Style. The first Mega Man was originally planned with eight bosses, which was reduced to six during development.[12] They are part of the DLN, but their exact numbering varies between early material for Mega Man Powered Up (Oil Man as DLN-009, Time Man as DLN-010)[13] and the Archie Mega Man comics (Time Man as DLN-00A, Oil Man as DLN-00B).[14]

The eight bosses can also be unlocked as playable characters. When playing as one, a copy of Mega Man called Mega Man? appears as the boss of their stage in their absence.

Spin-Off Games

These bosses match the description of mainline Robot Masters, but originate from third-party video games that are not directly developed by Capcom and never referenced in official timelines; some are even set in alternate continuities. Therefore, their canon status is dubious at best.

Mega Man (DOS)

Name Image Special Weapon Designer
Sonic Man
MMDOS - Sonic Man.png
Sonic Wave Stephen J. Rozner
Volt Man
MMDOS - Volt Man.png
Force Field Stephen J. Rozner
Dyna Man
MMDOS - Dyna Man.png
Nuclear Detonator Stephen J. Rozner

In Mega Man (DOS), the three Robot Masters[15] are robots from around the world, controlled by Dr. Wily and the supercomputer CRORQ.

Mega Man 3 (DOS)

Name Image Special Weapon Designer
Torch Man
MM3DOS - Torch Man.png
Torch Arm Stephen J. Rozner
Bit Man
MM3DOS - Bit Man.png
Bit Cannon Stephen J. Rozner
Blade Man
MM3DOS - Blade Man.png
Blade Launcher Stephen J. Rozner
Shark Man
MM3DOS - Shark Man.png
Shark Boomerang Stephen J. Rozner
Oil Man
MM3DOS - Oil Man.png
Oil Stream Stephen J. Rozner
Wave Man
MM3DOS - Wave Man.png
Water Shooter Stephen J. Rozner

In Mega Man 3 (DOS), the six Robot Masters[16] are again robots from all over, controlled by Dr. Wily and the CRORQ.

Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chōsensha

Name Image Special Weapon Designer
Dangan Man
R&F2 - Dangan Man Portrait.png
Rock Vulcan Bandai
Forte Vulcan
Konro Man
R&F2 - Konro Man Portrait.png
Flame Shower Bandai
Flame Mixer
Aircon Man
R&F2 - Aircon Man Portrait.png
Barrier Wind Bandai
Forte Cyclone
Komuso Man
R&F2 - Komuso Man Portrait.png
Doppel Crash Bandai
Doppel Attack
Clock Men
R&F2 - Clock Men Portrait.png
Time Switch Bandai
Time Bomb
Compass Man
R&F2 - Compass Man Portrait.png
None Bandai

In Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chōsensha, the six bosses are a group of robots from the future called the Dimensions. Led by Rockman Shadow, they seek to destroy the world of the past.

Rockman Strategy

Name Image Element Designer
RMS - Aries Portrait.png
Fire Dream Come True
RMS - Taurus Portrait.png
Earth Dream Come True
RMS - Gemini Portrait.png
Air Dream Come True
RMS - Cancer Portrait.png
Water Dream Come True
RMS - Leo Portrait.png
Fire Dream Come True
RMS - Virgo Portrait.png
Earth Dream Come True
RMS - Libra Portrait.png
Air Dream Come True
RMS - Scorpio Portrait.png
Water Dream Come True
RMS - Sagittarius Portrait.png
Fire Dream Come True
RMS - Capricorn Portrait.png
Earth Dream Come True
RMS - Aquarius Portrait.png
Air Dream Come True
RMS - Pisces Portrait.png
Water Dream Come True

In Rockman Strategy, there are twelve bosses who are extraterrestrial robots based on the Western Zodiac signs. They are led by Apollo and Luna, who seek to heal the god of their home planet but are manipulated by Dr. Wily into attacking the Earth. In the game, they are simply called "the aliens" (外星人). Lacking Special Weapons, the twelve alien robots each have one of four elemental alignments instead, directly corresponding to their sign's element in the Zodiac.

Additionally, many previous Robot Masters from Mega Man to Mega Man 8 appear as enemies alongside the game's bosses.

Rockman ✕over

In Rockman ✕over, one new boss and several new Battle Memories inspired by Robot Masters were added to the game after a contest.

Other Media

These Robot Masters originate from non-video game media, and are almost definitely non-canon to the main Classic era timeline.

Captain N: The Game Master

In Captain N: The Game Master, there is one original boss robot who does not appear in the games.

Mega Man: Upon a Star

In Mega Man: Upon a Star, there are two original robot bosses created by Dr. Wily.

Mega Man (Dreamwave Productions)

In the Dreamwave Mega Man comic, Robot Master-like bosses are commonplace like criminals.

Mega Man (Archie Comics)

In the Archie Mega Man comic, there are several original Robot Masters. Two are friendly characters created by Dr. Lalinde. In the "Worlds Unite" arc, there are also Roboticized Masters, who are created in a combination of Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman's technology by capturing characters from the Sonic the Hedgehog universe.

Mega Man: Fully Charged

In Mega Man: Fully Charged, the main villains of the series are called Robot Masters. Most of the Robot Masters are based on pre-existing Robot Masters from the Classic era, though there are several original ones.

Pachislot Rockman Ability

In the alternate canon of Pachislot Rockman Ability, six bosses are created by Dr. Wily, all of whom are themed after the pachislot format.


  1. Many fan websites include other characters, such as Mega Man, Bass, Dark Man, or Buster Rod G, as Robot Masters. However, such characters have never officially been referred to as Robot Masters nor do they fit the common criteria of Robot Master bosses. Some sources, such as the Mega Man: Robot Master Field Guide book, outright exclude them as Robot Masters. Therefore, such characters will not be included as Robot Masters on this wiki.


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