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Super Arm

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Weapon Info
MM1 - Super Arm Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man.
General information
Name(s):Super Arm
Type(s):Special Weapon
Appearances:Mega Man, Mega Man: The Wily Wars, Mega Man: The Power Battle, Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters, Rockman Battle & Fighters, Mega Man Powered Up
Game Info
Effect:Pick up and throw blocks
Obtained from:Guts Man
Strong against:Cut Man, Ice Man (The Power Battle), Air Man (The Power Fighters)

The Super Arm is a Robot Master weapon first appearing in the original Mega Man, where it is obtained from Guts Man. It has an brown and white colour scheme and allows the user to pick up specific blocks, carry them around, and throw them.

In the Games

Mega Man

Sprite from Mega Man.

In Mega Man, the Super Arm is obtained by defeating Guts Man, who uses it to throw stone blocks that fall from above. When equipped by Mega Man, it cannot be used by itself at all, but rather must be used on designated 2x2 tile blocks found in specific stages. If Mega Man is standing in front of such a block, it will flash, and pressing the fire button will cause him to left the block over his head, which also removes it as an obstacle. Mega Man can walk around while carrying this block, but he cannot climb. Pressing the fire button again uses up 2 weapon energy to throw the block in a low arc, breaking into 4 fragments that keep on travelling forward once it hits something.

The Super Arm has the potential to be the most damaging weapon in the game, dealing 14 points of damage (half of his health) to Cut Man, and also dealing 20 damage to any individual unit of CWU-01P, enough to destroy it instantly. It also deals 4 damage to Elec Man. However, as it relies on blocks being nearby, it cannot be used on any other bosses (except Guts Man himself, should the player revisit his stage) and is not available during most stages either, with the exception of Cut Man Stage, Elec Man Stage, Dr. Wily stage 1 and one part of Dr. Wily stage 4. Additionally, blocks thrown with the Super Arm in boss fights do not respawn after losing a life, further limiting its usability.

The Super Arm is required to obtain the Magnet Beam from Elec Man Stage, which in turn is needed to progress in Dr. Wily stage 1; therefore, it must either be obtained before taking on Elec Man or the stage (and boss) must be revisited later to be able to complete the game.

Mega Man: The Power Battle

The Super Arm returns as Guts Man's weapon in the arcade game Mega Man: The Power Battle, but with improved functionality. Rather than relying on blocks to pick up, it now conjures and throws a large boulder, no matter where Mega Man is. This attack is particularly strong against Ice Man (Cut Man's weakness having changed to the Leaf Shield), but can knock bosses backwards even if they are not weak to it, making it a powerful weapon.

Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters

The Super Arm also features in Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters, as the special weakness of Air Man. It functions the same as it did previously.


  • The Super Arm in the original Mega Man is the only weapon to not be usable at all in stages that are not designed for it; less than half of its debut game's stages and boss fights allow Mega Man to use it.