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Mega Man X2

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Damage data
Game Info
MMX2 - Box Art.jpg
Box Art
General information
Game Title(s):Mega Man X2, Rockman X2
Publisher(s):Capcom (JP, NA), Laguna Video Games (PAL)
Release Date(s):
JP: December 16, 1994
NA: January 1995
EU: October 18, 1995
Virtual Console: 
JP: December 27, 2011
NA: June 14, 2012
EU: May 31, 2012
AU: May 31, 2012
Wii U:
JP: October 9, 2013
NA: January 2, 2014
EU: November 14, 2013
AU: November 14, 2013
JP: July 20, 2016
NA: October 6, 2016
EU: August 11, 2016
Genre(s):Action, Platformer
Game mode(s):Single Player
Platform(s):Super Nintendo Entertainment System

Mega Man X2, known as Rockman X2 (ロックマンX2) in Japan, is the second main game in the Mega Man X series, developed by Capcom and released in 1994-1995 for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It is a direct sequel to Mega Man X, continuing its story and having many of the same gameplay features.


Six months after Sigma's rebellion, X still fights against the rising Maverick activity. Soon, a factory is discovered where Sigma's forces have been constructing Mavericks. Upon its destruction, three Reploids calling themselves the X-Hunters appear and issue a challenge: if X wants to recover the remains of Zero, he must fight all three of them. This new battle will not only determine the fate of humanity, but of X's best friend as well.[1]


Name Sprite Description
X MMX - X.gif The hero of this adventure. Since putting down Sigma's rebellion, X has been assigned to lead the Maverick Hunters' 17th Unit, but he still regrets that the only solution to the Maverick problem is more destruction. Despite this, he believes the day will come when the world will be at peace, and he never stops fighting to make that day a reality.[2]
Zero MMX2 - Zero.png Zero was an SA-Class Hunter who fought alongside X in the 17th Unit. During Sigma's uprising, Zero detonated his own power core to save X and was critically damaged, but miraculously his cortex chip was unscathed. It is currently stored at Maverick Hunter HQ, but even Dr. Cain has proven incapable of repairing his Reploid body.[2]
Dr. Cain MMX2 - Dr. Cain.png The most gifted roboticist of the 22nd century. Dr. Cain's groundbreaking development of Reploids broke down the barriers between robot and human. Dr. Cain now spends his days as the founder and director of the Maverick Hunters.[2]
Serges MMX2 - Serges.png The brains of the X-Hunters. He resembles a legendary mad scientist who once plunged the world into fear. With a cold and calculating mind, it's rumored that his thought cortex surpasses even that of Sigma.[3]
Violen MMX2 - Violen.png The brawn of the X-Hunters. He has terrifying strength, capable of razing an entire Hunter base on his own. However, his electronic cortex is incomplete because only power was emphasized in his design.[3]
Agile MMX2 - Agile.png The combat specialist of the X-Hunters. He deploys sword techniques with great skill, and it's said that there is none who has faced him and survived. Responsible for infiltration work into enemy territory.[3]
Sigma MMX2 - Neo Sigma.png Former commander of the 17th Unit and X's superior. His mad ambitions led him to launch a Reploid uprising against humanity in an attempt to create a world just for Reploids. However, X destroyed him and put a stop to his schemes. Now, six months later, there have been sightings of Mavericks bearing Sigma's insignia. Has Sigma truly returned...?[2]
Dr. Light MMX - Dr. Light.gif The creator of X, who has left Light Capsules to deliver him Armor Parts years after his own passing.


Minor Enemies

Name Sprite Description HP Damage Stage(s)
Aclanda MMX2 - Aclanda.png A large scorpion that will either fire single lasers from each claw, triple lasers, or discharge a bomb from its tail. Its tail can be destroyed separately, disabling its bomb attack - the Sonic Slicer or Speed Burner will do so in one hit. 16 (body)
8 (tail)
4 (contact)
3 (lasers)
2 (bombs)
Weather Control Stage, Desert Base Stage, X-Hunter Stage 1, X-Hunter Stage 2
Bar Waying MMX2 - Bar Waying.png A gate that closes when X comes near and blocks his way. He can destroy it or dash through before it closes if he is quick enough. It can only harm X by closing on top of him. 9 2 (contact) Maverick Factory Stage, Volcanic Zone Stage
Barite Lastar MMX2 - Barite Lastar.png An enemy that clings to walls and fires lasers in three different directions when X is near. Some walk up and down along the wall, while others are stationary. A special variety clings to moving Probe 8201-U types and moves up and down with them. 2 2 (contact)
2 (lasers)
Volcanic Zone Stage, Central Computer Stage, Deep-Sea Base Stage, X-Hunter Stage 1, X-Hunter Stage 2
Barrier Attacker MMX2 - Barrier Attacker.png An enemy similar to Shield Attacker that flies left and right with an energy barrier protecting its front. X can either shoot it from behind, or briefly dissolve the barrier with a charge shot and then shoot its eye to destroy it. 1 2 Central Computer Stage, X-Hunter Stage 1
Batton Bone G MMX2 - Batton Bone G.png A bat robot almost identical to Batton Bone that starts out on the ceiling and starts following X around if he comes close. If it touches him or he moves too far, it stops following and flies back up to the ceiling. 1 1 Deep-Sea Base Stage, Energen Crystal Stage, X-Hunter Stage 1, X-Hunter Stage 2, X-Hunter Stage 3
Beetron MMX2 - Beetron.png A giant beetle that flies up and down near cliff walls and tries to ram X. Tricking it into ramming a breakable wall destroys both that wall and the Beetron. X may also stand on the platform on its back to ride it upwards. 16 4 Volcanic Zone Stage
Blecker MMX2 - Blecker.png Guard turrets that fall from the ceiling and start shooting directly at X if an alarm has been triggered. 6 2 (contact)
2 (projectiles)
Central Computer Stage
Cannon Driver MMX2 - Cannon Driver.png A tall, stationary robot that alternatively shoots from its upper and lower cannon. The cannonballs block shots. A single damaged Cannon Driver appears in the Maverick Factory Stage, which has only one cannon and 4 HP. 14 2 (contact)
4 (cannonballs)
Maverick Factory Stage, Robot Junkyard Stage, Dinosaur Tank Stage, X-Hunter Stage 2
Crash Roader MMX2 - Crash Roader.png A boar-headed vehicle that will speed in one direction until it hits a wall, then jump and turn around. 3 2 Desert Base Stage, X-Hunter Stage 1
Croak Hopper MMX2 - Croak Hopper.png Frog enemies that spit three projectiles in different directions. Although stationary in normal weather, they will hop around in rainy weather and occasionally bounce the smaller frog on their back upwards, which can be destroyed separately. Sunny weather short-circuits and destroys them. 4 (Croak Hopper)
1 (small frog)
3 (contact)
1 (projectiles)
Weather Control Stage
Crosshair MMX2 - Crosshair.png A reticle that follows X around, analysing him if it catches up to him. This does not hurt, but will upgrade the Raider Killer sub-boss in the next room with new attacks for every time X was caught. It appears three times and gets bigger every time. N/A N/A Central Computer Stage
Disk Boy 08 MMX2 - Disk Boy 08.png A stationary enemy with a shield. It throws discs like a boomerang and sometimes jumps. X can temporarily blast the shield out of its hand with a charged shot, making it vulnerable. 6 2 (contact)
2 (disc)
Robot Junkyard Stage, Dinosaur Tank Stage, X-Hunter Stage 3
Fishern MMX2 - Fishern.png A fish that swims left and right and may adjust its movement vertically. It can also swim in the air during the Sigma Virus fight. 1 1 Deep-Sea Base Stage, X-Hunter Stage 2
Garakuta Robot MMX2 - Garakuta Robot.png A robot made of junk, which falls off in three steps as it takes damage. If it is not destroyed quickly enough, it will magnetise new parts to itself and return to its previous state, regaining health. The magnetised parts can hurt X. 2 (state 1)
2 (state 2)
4 (state 3)
1 Robot Junkyard Stage, X-Hunter Stage 2, X-Hunter Stage 3
Hanged Reploid MMX2 - Hanged Reploid.png A reploid suspended from an energy beam. If X shoots the beam or moves too close, the reploid will drop and jump around. X can also destroy its body while it is hanging, leaving a head that spits projectiles and will not drop by itself. 3 (after falling)
1 (parts while hanging)
2 (contact)
2 (projectiles)
Robot Junkyard Stage
Jelly Seeker MMX2 - Jelly Seeker.png A robot jellyfish that slowly swims towards X, occasionally stopped to electrocute itself. 2 2 Deep-Sea Base Stage
Installer MMX2 - Installer.png Blocks that start moving when X reaches a certain spot and begin to assemble in a preset pattern. The lavender ones can be destroyed. Installers don't harm X and can be stood on, but he can get crushed between them, making him lose a life. N/A (grey)
7 (lavender)
N/A Central Computer Stage
Mecha-Arm MMX2 - Mecha-Arm.png An indestructible claw that swings from a chain and tries to grab X. If it does, it will move him a bit, then drop him. It cannot hurt X except by dropping him on something dangerous. N/A N/A Maverick Factory Stage, X-Hunter Stage 1
Morgun MMX2 - Morgun.png A flying squirrel that descends shafts by gliding from side wall to side wall. Its burning tail can set the gas vents in the Volcanic Zone Stage ablaze. It may also cling to a wall and toss two fireballs diagonally. 1 1 (contact)
3 (fireballs)
2 (ignited gas)
Volcanic Zone Stage
Pararoid R-5 MMX2 - Pararoid R-5.png An insect that flies in a wave motion and quickly darts forward when X gets near, trying to crash into him. 2 2 (contact) Robot Junkyard Stage, X-Hunter Stage 3
Pararoid V-1 MMX2 - Pararoid V-1.png An insect that jumps around and can latch on to X's head, making him either jump, shoot or dash at random. He can shake it off by mashing the button for an action he is not being forced to perform. 2 2 (contact) Robot Junkyard Stage, X-Hunter Stage 3
Probe 8201-U type MMX2 - Probe 8201-U type.png A useful platform more than an enemy, which X can stand on or stick to like a wall. It hovers up and down vertically, though a few move horizontally. It cannot harm X, but may be in the way. N/A N/A Weather Control Stage, Volcanic Zone Stage, Deep-Sea Base Stage, Energen Crystal Stage, X-Hunter Stage 1, X-Hunter Stage 2
Refleczer MMX2 - Refleczer.png A crystalline robot that clings to walls, floors or ceilings and shoots projectiles, which bounce off solid objects diagonally. 2 2 (contact)
1 (projectiles)
Energen Crystal Stage
Rideroid G MMX2 - Rideroid G.png A robot that pilots a Rabbit Ride Armor and uses it to punch, dash and jump at X. If X has no Ride Armor himself, the enemy will spawn outside of its Armor before jumping in, giving him time to destroy it and take its Armor. If X takes the Armor without destroying the pilot, it will shoot at him. 16 (Armor)
1 (pilot)
3 (contact)
4 (punch)
1 (contact)
1 (projectile)
Dinosaur Tank Stage
Rightod MMX2 - Rightod.png A flying robot spawned by Sky Farmer capsules in rainy weather. It attracts lightning, which can harm X but will destroy the Rightod as well if it hits. It can also latch on to X's head, reducing his jump height and attracting lightning to him, but he can get rid of it with a charge shot. 1 N/A (contact)
4 (lightning)
Weather Control Stage
Road Rider MMX2 - Road Rider.png A robot on a Ride Chaser. It drives around quickly and tosses grenades, which explode when touched or after a delay. 3 2 (contact)
3 (grenades)
Desert Base Stage
Sabottein MMX2 - Sabottein.png A cactus-like robot spawned by Sky Farmer capsules in normal or sunny weather. It is stationary, but will grow taller in sunny weather. 7 2 Weather Control Stage
Scrambler MMX2 - Scrambler.png A propeller robot that occasionally spreads its arms and swoops down at X. They are assembled on the conveyor in the Abandoned Reploid Factory. 1 1 Maverick Factory Stage, Central Computer Stage, X-Hunter Stage 1
Scriver MMX2 - Scriver.png A screwdriver-nosed robot that hops around and can extend its screwdriver for an attack. Some are positioned to jump on top of X. The Sigma Virus can summon them. 2 2 Maverick Factory Stage, Weather Control Stage, Deep-Sea Base Stage, X-Hunter Stage 1
Sky Farmer MMX2 - Sky Farmer.png A flying drone that drops a capsule and then flies towards X. The capsules are green and spawn Sabottein enemies in normal or sunny weather, but are blue and spawn Rightods in rainy weather. It does not appear in foggy conditions and capsules will contain nothing. 2 2 (contact)
1 (capsule)
Weather Control Stage
Slidame MMX2 - Slidame.png A flying enemy that waits for X to come near, then quickly escapes upwards and begins pulling the walls together. X must climb up quickly to not be crushed, or he can destroy the Slidame from a distance before it notices him. 1 2 Maverick Factory Stage, X-Hunter Stage 1
Sole Solar MMX2 - Sole Solar.png A pole-mounted cannon that grows or shrinks to X's level and charges up to fire destructible homing rockets or lasers. If there is no sun, it will be less aggressive or hide underground. X can stand on it or destroy it by attacking the cannon. 3 (Sole Solar)
1 (rockets)
2 (rockets)
2 (lasers)
Weather Control Stage
Tiranos MMX2 - Tiranos.png A triceratops-like robot that drives back and forth. When X is near, it stops and turns towards him to fire a stream of 3 tiny rockets forward. 4 2 (contact)
2 (rockets)
Dinosaur Tank Stage, X-Hunter Stage 3
Tubamail Generator MMX2 - Tubamail Generator.png A hatch on the ground that opens up to spawn bird-like Tubamail-S enemies. 8 2 Dinosaur Tank Stage
Tubamail-S MMX2 - Tubamail-S.png A bird that flies straight up/down, then rockets forward. It is either spawned by Tubamail Generators or comes down from the ceiling. The Sigma Virus may also spawn it. 2 1 Dinosaur Tank Stage
Weather Crystal MMX2 - Weather Crystal.png Generates weather effects in the Weather Control Stage. X can influence the weather by attacking it with certain special weapons: Crystal Hunter causes fog, Bubble Splash rain, Speed Burner sun and Strike Chain removes the special weather effects. Destroying the crystal does nothing. 22 N/A Weather Control Stage


Occasionally, X may encounter very powerful enemies throughout the stages, most of whom prevent him from progressing until they are defeated.

Name Sprite Description HP Damage Stage(s)
Chop Register MMX2 - Chop Register.png A holographic sword sub-boss that spins, slashes and jabs at X. Only its handle can be harmed. 32 2 Central Computer Stage
Magna Quartz MMX2 - Magna Quartz.png A robot encased in crystal and controlling a smaller drone, which darts around quickly and shoots reflecting projectiles at X. Only the big robot can be harmed, while the drone deflects shots. When it is down to half health, the crystal cracks and it spawns a second drone. 20 3 (contact, crystal)
2 (contact, drone)
2 (projectiles)
Energen Crystal Stage
Pararoid S-38 / Old Robot MMX2 - Pararoid S-38.png This Pararoid takes control of an Old Robot from the junk pile at the bottom of the room, which jumps around and must be shot in the stomach. It may also shoot shrapnel forward and can lose its head after a jump, making it easier to hit.

Once the Old Robot is destroyed, the Pararoid comes out and hops around, but will take over another robot body if X does not destroy it quickly. It takes massive damage from special weapons.
10 (Old Robot)
10 (Paraoid S-38)
1 (shrapnel)
2 (contact)
2 (shrapnel)
Robot Junkyard Stage
Raider Killer MMX2 - Raider Killer.png A sub-boss that gets upgraded if X got caught by the reticle in the room before it. By default, it shoots fireballs forward or jumps over X, shooting three lasers downward at its highest point. If X got caught once, it will gain a different shooting pattern; if twice, a different jumping pattern; if three times, it will be able to generate a shield and launch it forward, which can be destroyed while it is moving. 32 (Raider Killer)
4 (shield)
4 (contact)
2 (fireballs)
3 (lasers)
2 (shield)
Central Computer Stage
Sea Canthller MMX2 - Sea Canthller.png A giant fish that swims through the stage on a set path, regularly releasing three homing torpedos from its back, sinking mines from its mouth, or activating a search light, which turns into a laser if X is caught by it. It consists of 8 parts to destroy separately, with different amounts of HP; destroying certain parts also disables the attack connected with them. When at least 6/8 body parts are gone, the Seacanthller is defeated. 4-40 (per part) 3 (contact)
1 (rockets)
4 (mines)
1 (laser)
Deep-Sea Base Stage


After defeating two of the game's main Mavericks, the X-Hunters appear on the map and travel to random stages that have not been completed yet as optional sub-bosses. Each one holds one of Zero's parts, which allow the player to skip a battle later in the game and change the ending if all three are recovered without letting an X-Hunter get away.

To fight them, the player must venture into a stage where an X-Hunter is shown to be hiding and locate a hidden boss door, which will only open if an X-Hunter is present and allow him to challenge the sub-boss before continuing with the stage. Undefeated X-Hunters remain on the map and change locations every time X completes or exits a stage, but will disappear one by one if he completes too many stages without defeating them.

Name Sprite Description Weakness
Agile MMX2 - Agile.png Magnet Mine

Silk Shot (Deep Sea Base Stage or Volcanic Zone Stage)

Serges MMX2 - Serges.png Sonic Slicer

Silk Shot (Energen Crystal Stage)

Violen MMX2 - Violen.png Bubble Splash

Silk Shot (Weather Control Stage)


Main Mavericks

Like most of the X and Classic games, eight main stage bosses must be defeated, each of whom grants the player a weapon and is weak to at least one other weapon.

Name Sprite Description Stage Weapon Weakness
Wire Sponge MMX2 - Wire Sponge.png Weather Control Stage Strike Chain Sonic Slicer
Morph Moth MMX2 - Morph Moth.gif Robot Junkyard Stage Silk Shot Speed Burner
Flame Stag MMX2 - Flame Stag.gif Volcanic Zone Stage Speed Burner Bubble Splash
Magna Centipede MMX2 - Magna Centipede.png Central Computer Stage Magnet Mine Silk Shot
Overdrive Ostrich MMX2 - Overdrive Ostrich.png Desert Base Stage Sonic Slicer Crystal Hunter
Bubble Crab MMX2 - Bubble Crab.png Deep-Sea Base Stage Bubble Splash Spin Wheel
Wheel Gator MMX2 - Wheel Gator.png Dinosaur Tank Stage Spin Wheel Strike Chain
Crystal Snail MMX2 - Crystal Snail.png Energen Crystal Stage Crystal Hunter Magnet Mine

Other Bosses

Name Sprite Description Stage Weakness
Gigantic Mechaniloid CF-0 MMX2 - Gigantic Mechaniloid CF-0.png The boss of the opening stage, who is multiple screens tall and mostly in the background. It walks and jumps around, attacking with its spikeball hands by spinning around or rapidly punching. Its feet may also hurt X, should he fall down to the bottom of the room. Only its head can take damage. Maverick Factory Stage N/A
Neo Violen MMX2 - Violen.png X-Hunter Stage 1 Bubble Splash
Serges Tank MMX2 - Serges Tank.png X-Hunter Stage 2 Sonic Slicer
Giga Crush
Agile Flyer MMX2 - Agile Flyer.png X-Hunter Stage 3 Magnet Mine
Zero / Black Zero MMX2 - Zero.pngMMX2 - Black Zero.png If X has found all of Zero's parts, the boss will be an impostor Black Zero, who is destroyed by the real Zero in a cutscene, allowing X to skip the fight. Central Computer Stage (final) Speed Burner
Neo Sigma MMX2 - Neo Sigma.png Central Computer Stage (final) Sonic Slicer
Sigma Virus MMX2 - Sigma Virus.png Central Computer Stage (final) X-Buster (charged)
Strike Chain


By default, X wields the X-Buster. He can then collect Special Weapons by defeating the eight Maverick bosses, each with its own elemental alignment and properties. Two of his Armor Parts offer new abilities: the Head Parts grant Item Tracer and the Body Parts grant the Giga Crush. There is also a secret unlockable attack, the Shoryuken.

Name Icon Description Source
MMX - X-Buster Icon.png
X's default weapon. It fires up to three shots horizontally, and can be charged up for a Charge Shot of two levels. Collecting the Arm Parts unlocks a third and fourth Charge Shot level. Default
Crystal Hunter
MMX2 - Crystal Hunter Icon.png
Fires gel that crystallizes enemies on contact. They can then be stood upon, or destroyed by Dashing into them. Defeated enemies always drop Weapon Energy.
Charge Shot temporarily slows down time for the player and all enemies.
Crystal Snail
Bubble Splash
MMX2 - Bubble Splash Icon.png
Fires bubbles that float upwards and pop; holding makes more bubbles. They rise faster underwater.
Charge Shot summons bubbles around X, which deal damage to enemies on contact. Consumes Weapon Energy for the duration. When underwater, it increases X's jump height.
Bubble Crab
Spin Wheel
MMX2 - Spin Wheel Icon.png
Fires a buzz saw that drops and rolls forwards, climbing small steps. Can destroy certain blocks.
Charge Shot creates a buzz saw blade that explodes into eight energy bolts in multiple directions.
Wheel Gator
Silk Shot
MMX2 - Silk Shot Icon.png
Fires a ball of junk that breaks on the contact, varying slightly from stage to stage.
Charge Shot attracts junk to the X-Buster, which can then be fired. Can be used to instead gather Life or Weapon Energy pickups in certain hidden rooms.
Morph Moth
Sonic Slicer
MMX2 - Sonic Slicer Icon.png
Fires two energy cutters that ricochet off of objects, changing angles.
Charge Shot launches five energy cutters upwards, which then rain down across the area.
Overdrive Ostrich
Strike Chain
MMX2 - Strike Chain Icon.png
Fires a chain with a hook that can grab items, and can pull X towards walls when midair.
Charge Shot fires a longer chain with a claw at the end. All enemies destroyed drop Weapon Energy.
Wire Sponge
Magnet Mine
MMX2 - Magnet Mine Icon.png
Fires a mine that sticks to objects before exploding. Can be angled up or down.
Charge Shot fires a slow-moving black hole that grows as it destroys. Can be moved up or down.
Magna Centipede
Speed Burner
MMX2 - Speed Burner Icon.png
Fires two spinning fireballs that leave a trail on the ground. Weakened when used underwater.
Charge Shot wraps X in flames as he dashes forwards, damaging enemies on contact.
Flame Stag
Giga Crush
MMX2 - Giga Crush Icon.png
Causes a huge explosion that damages every enemy on the screen. Its Weapon Energy starts empty, and is filled by taking damage from enemy attacks. Body Parts
Item Tracer
MMX2 - Item Tracer Icon.png
Sends out a crosshairs that locks onto secret areas or hidden passages in surfaces. Head Parts
Shoryuken N/A By inputting the Shoryuken command from Street Fighter (dragon-punch right FIRE), X performs a rising uppercut punch can defeat all enemies and bosses in one hit. Secret Light Capsule


Weather Control Stage (Mega Man X2)Robot Junkyard StageVolcanic Zone Stage (Mega Man X2)Central Computer Stage (Mega Man X2)Desert Base StageDeep-Sea Base StageDinosaur Tank Stage (Mega Man X2)Energen Crystal StageMega Man X2 Boss Select Screen
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Name Sprite Description
Life Energy MMX - Life Energy Small.gif MMX - Life Energy Large.gif Small units restore 2 points of Life Energy.
Large units restore 8 points of Life Energy.
Weapon Energy MMX - Weapon Energy Small.gif MMX - Weapon Energy Large.gif Small units restore 2 points of Weapon Energy.
Large units restore 8 points of Weapon Energy.
1 UP
MMX - 1 UP.gif
Grants an extra life.
Ride Armor
MMX2 - Ride Armor Rabbit.png
In a Ride Armor, the player takes no damage, and can hover and use punch attacks. They can be found in Energen Crystal Stage and Dinosaur Tank Stage.
Ride Chaser
MMX2 - Ride Chaser.png
On a Ride Chaser, the player can dash and fire laser shots. One appears in Desert Base Stage.
Life Up
MMX - Life Up.gif
Permanently increases maximum Life Energy by 2 points.
Sub Tank
MMX - Sub Tank.gif
Grants a reserve tank which can be filled by Life Energy pickups and used later.
Light Capsule
MMX - Light Capsule.gif
Grants Armor Parts, which apply a permanent upgrade to X's abilities.
Zero Parts MMX2 - Zero Part 1.png MMX2 - Zero Part 2.png MMX2 - Zero Part 3.png By collecting these from the X-Hunters, the player can change Zero's fate in the final stage.

Armor Parts

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Ports and Remakes

Icon Title Unlocked by Related Games
File:MMXLC - Second Armor.png Second Armor Obtain all four armor upgrades in Mega Man X2. Mega Man X2
File:MMXLC - Half the Sponge He Used to Be.png Half the Sponge He Used to Be Cut Wire Sponge in half in Mega Man X2. Mega Man X2
File:MMXLC - Half the Saga.png Half the Saga Complete Mega Man X1, X2, X3, and X4. Mega Man X, Mega Man X2, Mega Man X3 and Mega Man X4
File:MMXLC - He's Actually Called Vava.png He's Actually Called Vava Complete the opening stage of any game in both the English and Japanese versions. Mega Man X, Mega Man X2, Mega Man X3 and Mega Man X4
File:MMXLC - Friendly Neighborhood Mega Man.png Friendly Neighborhood Mega Man Use Silk Shot to grab an item in Mega Man X2. Mega Man X2
File:MMXLC - Zero Squared.png Zero Squared Gather all of Zero's parts and get rescued by the resurrected Zero in Mega Man X2. Mega Man X2
File:MMXLC - Covert Ops.png Covert Ops Complete Magna Centipede's stage without being spotted by a single searchlight in Mega Man X2. Mega Man X2
File:MMXLC - Size Matters Not.png Size Matters Not Complete the opening stage of Mega Man X2 with a full energy gauge. Mega Man X2
File:MMXLC - Attack Me if You Dare.png Attack Me if You Dare Learn the Shoryuken in Mega Man X2. Mega Man X2
File:MMXLC - Dodge This.png Dodge This Use Giga Crush to score the final hit against any of the eight Maverick bosses in Mega Man X2. Mega Man X2
File:MMXLC - Take Your Time.png Take Your Time Watch Morph Moth's metamorphosis in Mega Man X2 without interfering. Mega Man X2
File:MMXLC - It's Really Over.png It's Really Over Defeat the Sigma Virus in Mega Man X2 Mega Man X2
File:MMXLC - The Price of Peace Is Often High.png The Price of Peace Is Often High Complete Mega Man X2 (cannot be earned in Rookie Hunter mode). Mega Man X2

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