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Gravity Man

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Robot Master Info
MM5 - Gravity Man Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man 5.
MM5 - Gravity Man Portrait.png
Stage portrait(s).
General information
Name(s):Gravity Man, Gravityman
Group(s):Robot Masters
Appearances:Mega Man 5
Related Numbers:Serial Number: DWN-033
Mega Man & Bass CD: 033
Built by:Dr. Wily
Designer:Yukiko Mori
Game Info
Weapon(s):Gravity Hold
Weakness(es):Star Crash
Stage(s):Gravity Man's stage
1994 animated series info
Voiced By:Jim Byrnes
Episode(s):Master of Disaster

Gravity Man (or Gravityman) is a Robot Master appearing in Mega Man 5. He is one of the Robot Masters ostensibly working for Proto Man in a bid for world domination, though like the others, he is later revealed to have been created by Dr. Wily.

Gravity Man appears as a large, red robot with a wide, vaguely V-shaped torso and a belt with a letter "G" on it. His weapon, the Gravity Hold, allows him to control gravity in a limited range, which he uses to invert its effects for both himself and Mega Man.

In the Games

Mega Man 5

Boss sprite from Mega Man 5.

In Mega Man 5, Gravity Man is one of the main eight Robot Master bosses and appears as the second choice on the stage select screen. His stage contains unique elements that reverse Mega Man's (and some enemies') gravity when he walks past them, allowing him to walk on the ceiling.

In battle, Gravity Man starts out on the floor while Mega Man is on the ceiling, making them unable to touch. Throughout the fight, he repeatedly reverses his and Mega Man's gravity at random times, causing the two of them to fly across to the respective opposite side. If he collides with Mega Man during this, he deals 5 points of damage, and he is also able to shoot fast projectiles directly at Mega Man from anywhere in the room, which deal 4 damage on hit, but can be blocked with the Star Crash shield in a pinch.

To harm Gravity Man, Mega Man must shoot him while the two are flying past each other - ideally exploiting his weakness, the Star Crash, by hitting him with the spinning star shield for 4 points of damage. Defeating Gravity Man grants Mega Man the Gravity Hold, though it functions as a simple full-screen damaging weapon for him that only reverses gravity for enemies it defeats.

Battle Network era

Gravity Man has a Net Navi equivalent in GravityMan.EXE, who appears in Mega Man Network Transmission as a boss. He has no operator.

Super Smash Bros. series

Name Source Game Weapon Assist Trophy Smash Tour Item Boss Stage Mii Costume Enemy Trophy Spirit Music
Gravity Man Mega Man 5 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A 897 - SSBU - Gravity Man.png File:SSBU - Gravity Man Stage.oga

Official Data

Mega Man & Bass CD

In Mega Man & Bass, Gravity Man's CD is hidden in Dynamo Man's stage, which is thematically closest to his own. It is found in a short and narrow corridor at the top of a ladder and intended to be reached by Mega Man using his slide ability, without sliding into the spikes directly behind it.

033 Gravity Man
MM&B - CD - Gravity Man.png He can control gravity with the unit installed in his body. GOOD POINT:
Devoted researcher
Unsocial attitude
Physical science
"Yet the earth does move." DISLIKE:
Cosmic space

Mega Man Legacy Collection Database

Gravity Man appears under "Mega Man 5" in the Database in Mega Man Legacy Collection and is the first Robot Master listed for the game. Like other Robot Masters, he can be fought by pressing a designated button while viewing his data.

MM5 - Gravity Man Art.png Gravity Man
He can control gravity, albeit within a limited range. Attack him when you fly past each other!
HP 28 AT 05 MMLC - Icon Weakness.png MMLC - Icon Star Crash.png


Mega Man 5 PAL version package illustration.
  • Gravity Man is one of four Robot Masters from Mega Man 5 never to appear in a Game Boy series game, due to Mega Man IV containing only half of the game's Robot Masters and Mega Man V abandoning the concept of recycling bosses rather than featuring the other half. The other three are Wave Man, Star Man and Gyro Man.
  • Gravity Man is prominently featured on the North American and PAL box art for Mega Man 5, being the only boss from the game to appear on it.