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Glide Armor

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Armor Info
MMX7 - Glide Armor X Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man X7.
General information
Name(s):Glide Armor
Game(s):Mega Man X7
Designer:Tatsuya Yoshikawa[1]
Game Info
Head Parts:Cyber Field
Body Parts:Air Forces
Arm Parts:Lava Factory
Foot Parts:Deep Forest

The Glide Armor (グライドアーマー)[2] is a set of Armor Parts obtained from the Light Capsules in Mega Man X7.

In the Games

Mega Man X7

The Glide Armor debuted in Mega Man X7. It is most notable for its Glide ability and for returning the Giga Crash. In lore, its design is based on the Normal Armor (the Armor Parts from Mega Man X to Mega Man X4).[2] It can be equipped one piece at a time, unlike the Armor Parts in the previous two games.

Programs Icon Location Effect
Head Parts
MMX7 - Head Parts.png
Cyber Field Draws in Life Energy and Weapon Energy items from a longer distance.
Custom Parts
MMX7 - Body Parts.png
Air Forces Reduces all damage received by 50% and nullifies knockdown, and grants X the Giga Crash. Taking damage from enemy attacks fills its Weapon Energy; once the gauge is full, X can use the Giga Crash to damage all enemies on the screen.
Arm Parts
MMX7 - Arm Parts.png
Lava Factory Upgrades X's Charge Shot MAX, adding three additional homing shots on either side of the Charge Shot. It also increases the X-Buster's range, and X can charge Special Weapons.
Feet Parts
MMX7 - Foot Parts.png
Deep Forest Grants X the Glide; by pressing Jump while midair, he can glide through the air. It is slower than an Air Dash or Hover, but can travel across much longer distances.

Other Media

Behind the Scenes

Developer Commentary

"When this armor was first applied, it looked rough, so I tried to create a more sharp and slender structure. I had a surprisingly difficult time trying to create a three-dimensional V shape while making the vertical lines look thinner." - (Concept Art Room)[3]


Mega Man X7

Other Games & Media


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