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Flame Blast

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Weapon Info
MM6 - Flame Blast Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man 6.
General information
Name(s):Flame Blast
Type(s):Robot Master weapon
Appearances:Mega Man 6
Game Info
Effect:Shoots pellets that make small flame pillars
Obtained from:Flame Man
Strong against:Blizzard Man, Rounder II, X Crusher
Other Info
Related Weapons:Fire Storm, Atomic Fire, Torch Arm, Scorch Wheel, Flame Sword, Wave Burner, Flame Shower, Flame Mixer, Magma Bazooka, Solar Blaze, Blazing Torch

Flame Blast is a Robot Master weapon first appearing in Mega Man 6, where it is obtained from Flame Man. It has an orange and yellow colour scheme and fires round, orange projectiles that burst into flames.

In the Games

Mega Man 6

Sprite from Mega Man 6.

In Mega Man 6, Flame Blast is obtained by defeating Flame Man, who causes flame pillars similar to its effect to burst from the ground. It consumes 1 point of energy per shot and fires a small pellet forward that is affected by gravity, falling down in front of Mega Man fairly quickly. When it touches the floor or a wall, the pellet explodes, erupting into a small pillar of flame that stays around for a short duration, then disappears. If a wall is hit rather than the floor, the pillar will erupt sideways.

Flame Blast is the only weapon in the game that deals increased damage to more than one Robot Master, acting as Blizzard Man's primary weakness (4 points of damage) and a secondary weakness for Plant Man (2 damage). It is also the primary weakness of two bosses in Mr. X's fortress: Rounder II (which is weak to weapons in general) and the X Crusher, Mr. X's personal transport and final boss of the fortress.

Related Weapons

Flame Blast is one of many fire-themed weapons found throughout the Classic era, though their functionality varies a lot. Others include:


  • The Flame Blast strongly resembles the projectile attack used by Heat Man in Mega Man 2, whose own signature weapon (Atomic Fire) does not resemble his attacks at all.