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Knight Crusher

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Weapon Info
MM6 - Knight Crusher Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man 6.
General information
Name(s):Knight Crusher
Type(s):Special Weapon
Appearances:Mega Man 6
Game Info
Effect:Shoots a mace ball that returns
Obtained from:Knight Man
Strong against:Centaur Man
Other Info
Related Weapons:Rolling Cutter, Quick Boomerang, Shadow Blade, Ring Boomerang, Magic Card

Knight Crusher is a Robot Master weapon first appearing in Mega Man 6, where it is obtained from Knight Man. It has an blue and grey colour scheme and uses a spiked mace ball to attack.

In the Games

Mega Man 6

Sprite from Mega Man 6.

In Mega Man 6, the Knight Crusher is obtained by defeating Knight Man, who uses it as his main attack. It consumes 1 point of energy to launch a large spikeball forward, which travels a distance of roughly 5 blocks and then returns to Mega Man in a loop. It can also be aimed diagonally by holding up or down while firing it. The direction of the loop depends on the direction in which the weapon is fired, generally going counter-clockwise (looping around the bottom if fired to the left or the top if fired to the right). As Mega Man does not have to stand still, the trajectory of the mace can further be influenced by moving around, and if it goes off-screen, it will disappear and not return to Mega Man at all.

The Knight Crusher is the main weakness of only one boss - Centaur Man, who it deals 4 damage to. However, it also deals 3 damage to Rounder II (which is generally weak against special weapons) and 2 to Power Piston, as well as both of the Wily Machine 6 forms and the Wily Capsule. When hitting an enemy that it does not destroy, the mace ball disappears, so it cannot hit the same boss multiple times.

Related Weapons

Knight Crusher is one of multiple weapons that return to Mega Man after firing them. Others include:


  • The demonstration shown when receiving the Knight Crusher in Mega Man 6 does not show the full behaviour of the weapon, as the mace balls in the animation simply disappear (as when leaving the screen boundaries) without returning.
  • Knight Man's artwork shows his mace ball attached to a chain coming from his buster, while the Knight Crusher art shows it completely detached. In the game, no chain is seen, no matter who uses the weapon.