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Mega Man ZX

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Game Info
MMZX - Box Art NA.jpg
MMZX - Box Art EU.jpg
Box Art
General information
Game Title(s):Mega Man ZX, Rockman ZX
Developer(s):Inti Creates
Release Date(s):
JP: July 6, 2006
NA: September 12, 2006
EU: June 20, 2007
Genre(s):Action, Platformer
Game mode(s):Single Player
Platform(s):Nintendo DS

Mega Man ZX, known as Rockman ZX (ロックマンゼクス) in Japan, is the first entry in the ZX era, developed by Inti Creates and published by Capcom. The game was first released on the Nintendo DS in Japan in July 2006, then September of the same year in North America and finally June 2007 in Europe.

Set 200 years after the events of the Zero era[1], the game introduces the M.E.G.A. System (Meta-Encapsulated Granule Awareness), known as R.O.C.K. System (R.O.C.K.システム Rebirth of Crystallized Knowledge). This mechanic that allows the chosen protagonist, either Vent or Aile, to fuse with a Biometal in a process known as Megamerge (ロックオン "R.O.C.K. ON" in Japan) that grants them the abilities and appearance of a legendary hero.

The game was later re-released as part of the Mega Man Zero/ZX Legacy Collection on multiple systems, in February 2020.


After years of constant battle between humans and Reploids, both sides, seeking peace and equality, reached an accord. They agreed to pass a law granting humans the same strength as the Reploids' mechanical bodies, and granting Reploids human mortality. After hundreds of years, humans and Reploids became virtually indistinguishable. The old war seemed like ancient history — all but forgotten.

Meanwhile, thanks to Slither Inc.'s new machinery for extracting and supplying the world with a fantastic new energy source, the world’s serious energy shortages were solved. Slither Inc. was hailed as a hero worldwide! But not everyone was fond of Slither Inc.... Somewhere a transporter, eyes filled with sadness, gazes at Slither Inc.'s giant headquarters. This transporter will soon learn what fate has in store...[2]


Name Sprite Description
Vent/Aile MMZX - Vent Portrait.png MMZX - Aile Portrait.png The heroes of this story, both Vent and Aile work for the delivery company Giro Express. Vent is brave and fearless, while Aile is very clear-headed with plenty of spunk. Both kids lost their parents to Mavericks at a young age. Their fate takes a new turn during a delivery of a shipment of Biometal.[2]
Girouette MMZX - Girouette Portrait.png Runs Giro Express. Vent and Aile call him "Boss," and he is knowledgeable about many things. He sometimes has trouble getting Vent and Aile to follow orders, not to mention keeping them focused and on task.[2]
Prairie MMZX - Prairie Portrait.png Commander of the Guardians, an organization run unofficially by the state. Hires Giro Express to transport Biometal, kicking off the game's events.[2]
Fleuve MMZX - Fleuve Portrait.png Vice-commander of the Guardians, this tiny old man conducts research on Biometal. Decades of knowledge and experience tell him he can trust Vent and Aile.[2]
Guardians MMZX - Guardian Male Portrait.png MMZX - Guardian Female Portrait.png Under the leadership of Commander Prairie, the volunteer Guardians protect the peripheral towns from Maverick attacks, as well as investigate causes of Maverick outbreaks.[2]
Serpent MMZX - Serpent Portrait.png President of Slither Inc., a corporation that owns one of only a handful of machines capable of extracting much-needed energy. Providing the populace with energy has helped make him a hero in the public eye.[2]
Prometheus & Pandora MMZX - Prometheus Portrait.png MMZX - Pandora Portrait.png Always at Serpent's side, their true identities are unknown.[2]


Minor Enemies

Name Sprite Description HP Damage Stage(s)
Angle Cannon MMZX - Angle Cannon.png This Mechaniloid's tough armor can repel any attack. Its powerful attack can also blast through any armor. However, every Achilles has a heel... Area E, Area I, Area O
Auto Counter MMZX - Auto Counter ECO.png When hit, this Mechaniloid rains fire down on the surrounding area. It was originally designed for incinerating garbage, but is now being used for evil purposes. Area G, Area K, Area O
Auto Counter MMZX - Auto Counter POP.png This Mechaniloid was originally designed to be a vending machine, but with a little tinkering it has been transformed into a strange weapon that rains junk food down on enemies when hit. Area H
Bambooloss MMZX - Bambooloss.png This plant Mechaniloid is found in the forests of Innerpeace. Its roots are so deep that it's rumored all of them are connected to a single source. Area A
Beanball MMZX - Beanball.png The principles of leverage are employed with this rock throwing Mechaniloid. If it manages to build up enough energy, the flaming rocks it hurls are enough to punch through walls and cause an explosion on impact. Area K
Bee Rockets MMZX - Bee Rockets.png These bee Mechaniloids are very territorial. They tend to travel in groups and are willing to sacrifice themselves for other members. On occasion, they will use their combined heat to trigger an explosion. Area G, Area I, Area K
Bora Bora MMZX - Bora Bora.png This fish Mechaniloid eats microbes, converting them to energy, and this helps clean the water making it quite environmentally friendly. However, it is not so friendly to enemies that enter its territory. Area F, Area J, Area K



Eight of the game's bosses are Pseudoroids, animal-like Reploids who are powered by Biometal fragments but are not true Mega Men. Upon their defeats, the protagonist takes their Biometal to use for themselves.

Name Image Description Area Biometal Model Weakness Refought?
Giga Aspis MMZX - Giga Aspis.png A giant snake Maverick that attacks the Guardians. Avoid its attacks and hit its head to defeat it. Area A None n/a No
Rayfly MMZX - Rayfly.png A jet-like manta ray Maverick. Attack the cannon towers it deploys to make their explosions damage it. Area B None n/a No
Girouette MMZX - Girouette Model Z.gif Giro's Model Z form, driven berserk by Serpent's Model W. Keep your distance and avoid his fierce blows while counter attacking. Area D Model ZX n/a No
Hivolt the Raptoroid MMZX - Hivolt the Raptoroid.gif An eagle Pseudoroid containing Model H data. He flies about and rains down electric attacks. His weak point is his wings. Area E Model H fragment Ice Yes
Lurerre the Abysroid MMZX - Lurerre the Abysroid.gif An anglerfish Pseudoroid containing Model L data. Attack her lure, but be careful of her swift counter attacks. Her weak point is her lure. Area F Model L fragment Fire Yes
Fistleo the Predatoroid MMZX - Fistleo the Predatoroid.gif A lion Pseudoroid containing Model F data. He fights with brute strength and can even throw debris. His weak point is his head. Area G Model F fragment Thunder Yes
Purprill the Mandroid MMZX - Purprill the Mandroid.gif A mandrill Pseudoroid containing Model P data. He moves nimbly by swinging and climbing around his arena. His weak point is his arms. Area H Model P fragment None Yes
Prometheus MMZX - Prometheus.gif One of Serpent's mysterious servants. He attacks with his scythe, invoking the elements of flame and darkness. Area X None None No
Hurricaune the Wolveroid MMZX - Hurricaune the Wolveroid.gif A weasel Pseudoroid containing Model H data. She spins her blades to take to the skies or create winds. Her weak point is her neck. Area I Model H fragment Ice Yes
Leganchor the Gelroid MMZX - Leganchor the Gelroid.gif A jellyfish Pseudoroid containing Model L data. He is entirely stationary, but can quickly freeze and overwhelm the player. His weak point is his head. Area J Model L fragment Fire Yes
Flammole the Moleroid MMZX - Flammole the Moleroid.gif A mole Pseudoroid containing Model F data. He digs through the floor and ceiling to kick up magma. His weak point is his arms. Area K Model F fragment Thunder Yes
Protectos the Goreroid MMZX - Protectos the Goreroid.gif A rhinoceros Pseudoroid containing Model P data. He moves slowly, but has impressive defenses and explosives. His weak point is his belly. Area L Model P fragment None Yes
Pandora MMZX - Pandora.png One of Serpent's mysterious servants. She attacks with her staff, invoking the elements of ice and lightning. Area M None None Yes
Prometheus & Pandora MMZX - Prometheus.gif MMZX - Pandora.png The two siblings fighting in tandem. They reuse their attack patterns from previous battles, along with new combination attacks. Area O None None No
Serpent (phase 1) MMZX - Serpent (phase 1).gif Serpent using his Model W fragment. He is fast, making use of both projectiles and close-quarters attacks, and activates Overdrive at low health. Slither Inc. head office None N/A No
Serpent (phase 2) MMZX - Serpent (phase 2).png Serpent, consumed by the awakened Model W core. As he takes damage, he transforms to become more dangerous and difficult to hit. Slither Inc. head office None N/A No

Area N Bosses

These bosses only appear in Area N (Remains 2), an optional area of the game. Eight of them are Mutos Reploids from Mega Man Zero 3 and Mega Man Zero 4, which can only be accessed by linking the games (via inserting a Game Boy Advance cartridge in the original release, or activating the corresponding Links in the Legacy Collection release). The other boss, Omega, can only be fought after the game has been completed once. Defeating Omega or all eight Mutos Reploids on Normal or Hard difficulty gives the protagonist access to Model O.

Name Image Description Weakness
Deathtanz Mantisk
MMZ3 - Deathtanz Mantisk Punishment.gif
Hellbat Schilt
MMZ3 - Devilbat Schilt Punishment.gif
Childre Inarabitta
MMZ3 - Childre Inarabitta Punishment.gif
Blazin' Flizard
MMZ3 - Blazin' Flizard Punishment.gif
Pegasolta Eclair
MMZ4 - Pegasolta Eclair.png
Sol Titanion
MMZ4 - Sol Titanion.gif
Fenri Lunaedge
MMZ4 - Fenri Lunaedge.gif
Noble Mandrago
MMZ4 - Noble Mandrago.gif
MMZ3 - Omega 3rd Form.gif






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