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Driver Cannon

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Not to be confused with Cannon Driver.

Enemy Info
MM7 - Driver Cannon Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man 7.
General information
Name(s):Driver Cannon
Appearances:Mega Man 7
Game Info
Damage:3 (contact)
2 (projectiles)
Other Info
Variations:Screw Driver

Driver Cannon[1] is an enemy appearing in Mega Man 7. Based on the earlier Screw Driver enemy, it is a green (aqua in its artwork), screw-like robot that can extend from the ceiling and spin around to fire shots in various directions.

In the Games

Mega Man 7

Sprite from Mega Man 7.

In Mega Man 7, Driver Cannons appear in Freeze Man's stage, Junk Man's stage, Burst Man's stage and Dr. Wily stage 2. They are attached to ceilings, acting as stationary projectile shooters that activate while Mega Man is below them.

Driver Cannons repeat a consistent firing pattern, shooting first to the bottom-left and then bottom-right, spinning in place without shooting, then firing to the left and then right before spinning again and repeating. This order of directions never changes, no matter Mega Man's location, and a cannon that has been activated continues to shoot until Mega Man is no longer below it or it is taken care of.

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