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Mega Man Xtreme

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Game Info
File:MMXI - Box Art.png
Box Art
General information
Game Title(s):Mega Man Xtreme, Rockman X: Cyber Mission
Release Date(s):2000
Genre(s):Action, Platformer
Game mode(s):Single Player
Platform(s):Game Boy Color, 3DS Virtual Console


Name Sprite Description
X MMXI - X.png
Zero File:MMXI - Zero.png
Sigma MMXI - Sigma.png
Middy File:MMXI - Middy.png
Techno File:MMXI - Techno.png
Zain MMXI - Zain.png
Geemel MMXI - Geemel.png
Dr. Cain File:MMXI - Dr. Cain.png
Dr. Light MMXI - Dr. Light.png


Minor Enemies

Name Sprite Description HP Damage Stage(s)
Axe Max MMXI - Axe Max.png A robotic lumberjack that uses its axe to knock segments of the pillar in front of it at X. The segments can be stood on or destroyed, but they regrow after a while blocking a clear shot on the Axe Max. If it scores a hit, it will laugh and stop attacking/growing segments for a short time. 8 (Axe Max)
5 (segment)
3 (Axe Max)
2 (segment)
Snow Mountain Stage
Ball De Voux MMXI - Ball De Voux.png A robot with a spherical body that walks back and forth on its and long, bendy legs. Only its main body can be harmed. 2 1 Highway Stage
Barite Lastar MMXI - Barite Lastar.png An enemy that clings to walls and fires lasers in three different directions when X is near. Some walk up and down along the wall, while others are stationary. A special variety clings to moving Probe 8201-U types and moves up and down with them. 1 2 (contact)
2 (lasers)
Volcanic Zone Stage, Central Computer Stage, Sigma Stage 1, Sigma Stage 3
Barrier Attacker MMXI - Barrier Attacker.png An enemy similar to Shield Attacker that flies left and right with an energy barrier protecting its front. X can either shoot it from behind, or briefly dissolve the barrier with a charge shot and then shoot its eye to destroy it. 1 2 Central Computer Stage, Sigma Stage 2
Bar Waying MMXI - Bar Waying.png A gate that closes when X comes near and blocks his way. He can destroy it or dash through before it closes if he is quick enough. It can only harm X by closing on top of him. 9 2 (contact) Volcanic Zone Stage
Batton Bone G MMXI - Batton Bone.png A bat robot almost identical to Batton Bone that starts out on the ceiling or in midair and starts following X around if he comes close. If it touches him or he moves too far, it stops following and flies back up to the ceiling. 1 1 Snow Mountain Stage, Gallery Stage, Sigma Stage 3
Beetron MMXI - Beetron.png A giant beetle that flies up and down near cliff walls and tries to ram X. Tricking it into ramming a breakable wall destroys both that wall and the Beetron. X may also stand on the platform on its back to ride it upwards. 8 4 Volcanic Zone Stage
Blecker MMXI - Blecker.png Guard turrets that fall from the ceiling and start shooting directly at X if an alarm has been triggered. 6 2 (contact)
2 (projectiles)
Central Computer Stage
Cannon Driver MMXI - Cannon Driver.png A tall, stationary robot that alternatively shoots from its upper and lower cannon. The cannonballs block shots. 20 2 (contact)
4 (cannonballs)
2 (explosions)
Robot Junkyard Stage, Dinosaur Tank Stage, Sigma Stage 2
Crosshair MMXI - Crosshair.png A reticle that follows X around, analysing him if it catches up to him. This does not hurt, but will upgrade the Raider Killer mini-boss in the next room with new attacks for every time X was caught. It can analyse him up to three times, then it disappears. N/A N/A Central Computer Stage
Crusher MMXI - Crusher.png Flying robots that often appear in groups. They patrol a small area, stopping to drop their spiky weight, which destroys a large section of the floor before being retracted again. 2 4 Highway Stage
Dig Labour MMXI - Dig Labour.png Pickman-like robots that stand in place and throw their picks at X in an arc. They only appear in the path of the mine vehicle in the Gallery Stage, which destroys them instantly by touching them. 4 3 (contact)
2 (pickaxe)
Gallery Stage
Disk Boy 08 MMXI - Disk Boy 08.png A stationary enemy with a shield. It throws discs like a boomerang and sometimes jumps. X can temporarily blast the shield out of its hand with a charged shot, making it vulnerable. 6 2 (contact)
2 (disc)
Robot Junkyard Stage, Dinosaur Tank Stage
Flamer MMXI - Flamer.png A flamethrower turret that creates a beam of fire with a set length in front of it. It is only found on moving platforms. 6 3 (contact)
2 (flames)
Sky Stage, Sigma Stage 3
Flammingle MMXI - Flammingle.png A tall, stationary bird robot that spins its body around to throw the sawblade crest on its head at X. 8 3 (contact)
2 (sawblade)
Snow Mountain Stage, Power Plant Stage, Gallery Stage
Gun Volt MMXI - Gun Volt.png A stationary robot that either fires two rockets straight ahead or releases sparks that go straight forward. 16 3 (contact)
2 (projectiles)
Power Plant Stage, Sigma Stage 1
Hanged Reploid MMXI - Hanged Reploid.png A reploid suspended from an energy beam. If X shoots the beam or moves too close, the reploid will drop and jump around. X can also destroy its body while it is hanging, leaving a head that spits projectiles and will not drop by itself. 1 (after falling)
1 (parts while hanging)
2 (contact)
2 (projectiles)
Robot Junkyard Stage
Hoganmer MMXI - Hoganmer.png A stationary enemy that throws its ball & chain at X when he come close. It carries a shield that blocks X's shots when not attacking, and the spiked ball will likewise deflect them, making the enemy difficult to damage. 8 3 (contact)
2 (spike ball)
Sky Stage, Sigma Stage 1, Sigma Stage 2
Hotarion MMXI - Hotarion.png A fast-moving firefly found in dark rooms. It soars in a straight line and briefly illuminates the screen. 1 2 Power Plant Stage
Installer MMXI - Installer.png Blocks that start moving when X reaches a certain spot and begin to assemble in a preset pattern. The pink ones can be destroyed, but shots bounce off the others. Installers don't harm X and can be stood on, but he can get crushed between them, making him lose a life. N/A (grey)
4 (pink)
N/A Central Computer Stage
Jamminger MMXI - Jamminger.png A flying robot that flies in quickly, stops, and slowly moves towards X's last position before flying off the top of the screen if it cannot get to him. If it can touch him, it repeats its movement. 2 1 Highway Stage, Snow Mountain Stage, Sigma Stage 1
Mega Tortois MMXI - Mega Tortois.png A large and very durable tortoise robot that fires bombs from its back, which fall down on parachutes and deflect shots. 16 4 (contact)
3 (bombs)
Power Plant Stage, Sigma Stage 1
Metal Wing MMXI - Metal Wing.png A bird that flies towards the cave exit during the last minecart section of the Gallery Stage. It flies away from X, making it mostly harmless, but it can be shot down. 1 3 Gallery Stage
Metall C-15 MMXI - Metall C-15.png A Metall that hides under its helmet, popping up occasionally to spit a projectile at X when he is close or run towards him when his back is turned. While under its helmet, it is invincible. 2 2 (contact)
1 (projectile)
Sky Stage, Gallery Stage, Sigma Stage 1
Morgun MMXI - Morgun.png A flying squirrel that descends shafts by gliding from side wall to side wall. Unlike in Mega Man X2, there is no gas that it can ignite, but it may still cling to a wall and toss two fireballs diagonally. 1 1 (contact)
3 (fireballs)
Volcanic Zone Stage
Pararoid R-5 MMXI - Pararoid R-5.png An insect that flies in a wave motion and quickly darts forward when X gets near, trying to crash into him. 2 2 (contact) Robot Junkyard Stage, Sigma Stage 2
Pararoid S-38 / Old Robot MMXI - Pararoid S-38.png This Pararoid takes control of an Old Robot from the junk pile at the bottom of the room, which jumps around and must be shot in the stomach. It tends to lose its head and hands after a while.

Once the Old Robot is destroyed, the Pararoid comes out and hops around, but will take over another robot body if X does not destroy it quickly. It takes massive damage from special weapons.
10 (Old Robot)
10 (Paraoid S-38)
2 (contact) Robot Junkyard Stage
Pararoid V-1 MMXI - Pararoid V-1.png An insect that jumps around and can latch on to X's head, making him either jump, shoot or dash at random. He can shake it off by mashing the button for an action he is not being forced to perform. 2 2 (contact) Robot Junkyard Stage
Ray Trap MMXI - Ray Trap.png An invincible, floating drone that shoots fast-moving projectiles at X if he trips any of the light beams near it, which flash in and out. X can move through it unharmed, though his shots bounce off. N/A 2 (projectile) Sigma Stage 1
Rideroid G MMXI - Rideroid G.png A robot that pilots a Rabbit Ride Armor and uses it to punch, dash and jump at X. Unlike in Mega Man x2, it is never found outside the Armor. 16 3 (contact)
4 (punch)
Snow Mountain Stage, Dinosaur Tank Stage
Rush Roader MMXI - Rush Roader.png A Roader-like enemy with a single wheel that drives back and forth and attempts to ram X. 6 2 Power Plant Stage, Dinosaur Tank Stage
Sky Claw MMXI - Sky Claw.png A flying drone that attempts to snatch up X, eventually self-destructing and dropping him. He can free himself by wiggling or firing a charge shot, the latter of which also destroys the enemy. 2 2 (contact)
3 (explosion)
Sky Stage, Central Computer Stage 1
Snow Shooter MMXI - Snow Shooter.png A contraption that announces itself with one or two large, rolling snowballs, which can be destroyed and grow as they roll. It then proceeds to throw smaller snowballs at X (the first one encountered throws only one snowball). 4 (Snow Shooter)
3 (large snowball)
3 (contact)
2 (any snowball)
Snow Mountain Stage
Spark MMXI - Spark.png A spark of electricity that travels through the glass pipe floor in the Power Plant Stage, harming X on touch. N/A 2 Power Plant Stage
Spiky MMXI - Spiky.png A spiked wheel that rolls in one direction. It falls over and slides when on its last point of health, before harmlessly self-destructing. 2 2 Highway Stage, Snow Mountain Stage, Gallery Stage, Sigma Stage 1
Tubamail Generator MMXI - Tubamail Generator.png A hatch on the ground that opens up to spawn bird-like Tubamail-S enemies. 8 2 Dinosaur Tank Stage, Sigma Stage 2
Tubamail-S MMXI - Tubamail-S.png A bird that flies straight up, then rockets forward. It is spawned by Tubamail Generators. 2 1 Dinosaur Tank Stage, Sigma Stage 2
Turn Cannon MMXI - Turn Cannon.png A cannon that turns between shots to alternatively shoot at diagonals or left and right. It can appear on the ground or on the ceiling. 5 3 (contact)
2 (projectiles)
Power Plant Stage, Sky Stage, Sigma Stage 1

Mini Bosses

Name Sprite Description HP Damage Stage(s)
Bee Blader MMXI - Bee Blader.png A large, bee-like robot that hovers above the ground, shooting machine gun fire diagonally downward and releasing Ball De Voux or missiles that fly forward. It moves closer to X every time it is hit and causes the floor to collapse after it is destroyed. 20 4 (contact)
2 (rockets)
1 (gunfire)
Highway Stage
Geemel MMXI - Geemel.png Stands in place and throws shuriken forward at two different heights, sometimes teleporting to another spot.

In the Sigma Stage, Geemel has twice as much HP and changes patterns when he is down to half health, flying around the room with a kite and throwing shuriken down or swooping at X. The Speed Burner can knock him out of the air. He only appears in Hard and Extreme modes.
16 (1st)
32 (2nd)
6 (contact)
6 (shuriken)
8 (kite)
Dinosaur Tank Stage, Sigma Stage 1
Mole Borer MMXI - Mole Borer.png A large mining machine that moves relentlessly forward, destroying the walls in front of it. X can destroy it, but loses a life instantly if he touches it. 60 30 Gallery Stage
Raider Killer MMXI - Raider Killer.png A mini-boss that gets upgraded if X got caught by the reticle in the room before it (second encounter only). By default, it shoots fireballs forward or jumps over X, shooting three lasers downward at its highest point. If X got caught once, it will gain a different shooting pattern; if twice, a different jumping pattern; if three times, it will be able to generate a shield and launch it forward, which can be destroyed while it is moving. 32 (Raider Killer)
4 (shield)
4 (contact)
2 (fireballs)
3 (lasers)
2 (shield)
Central Computer Stage
Thunder Slimer MMXI - Thunder Slimer.png A miniboss that bounces between the floor and ceiling, regularly spreading four slime drops that X can get stuck in. He can wiggle free by rapidly moving. The miniboss also periodically zaps the ground with lightning. 32 5 (contact)
4 (lightning)
Power Plant Stage
Zain MMXI - Zain.png Makes tall leaps around the room to slash at X with his sword, briefly leaving him open for attack. He sometimes stands still and blocks with his sword, after which he performs a smaller jump and spins in place, deflecting incoming projectiles.

In the Sigma stage, Zain fights the same, but has twice as much HP and can move while spinning. He is weak to Shotgun Ice and only appears in Normal and Extreme modes.
16 (1st)
32 (2nd)
6 Volcanic Zone Stage, Sigma Stage 1


A different set of four main Mavericks is fought depending on whether the player is playing in the Normal Mode or Hard Mode, which becomes available after beating the game in Normal Mode. In Extreme Mode, the final mode to be unlocked, all eight Mavericks are encountered.

Normal Mode
Name Sprite Description Stage Weapon Weakness
Chill Penguin MMXI - Chill Penguin.png Snow Mountain Stage Shotgun Ice Speed Burner
Spark Mandrill MMXI - Spark Mandrill.png Power Plant Stage Electric Spark Shotgun Ice
Storm Eagle MMXI - Storm Eagle.png Sky Stage Storm Tornado Spin Wheel
Flame Stag MMXI - Flame Stag.png Volcanic Zone Stage Speed Burner Storm Tornado
Hard Mode
Name Sprite Description Stage Weapon Weakness
Wheel Gator MMXI - Wheel Gator.png Dinosaur Tank Stage Spin Wheel Magnet Mine
Magna Centipede MMXI - Magna Centipede.png Central Computer Stage Magnet Mine Silk Shot
Armored Armadillo MMXI - Armored Armadillo.png Gallery Stage Rolling Shield Electric Spark
Morph Moth MMXI - Morph Moth.png Robot Junkyard Stage Silk Shot Speed Burner

Other Bosses

These bosses are identical and must be fought regardless of mode.

Name Sprite Description Stage Weakness
Vile MMXI - Vile.png Highway Stage N/A
Bospider File:MMXI - Bospider.png Sigma Stage 1 Shotgun Ice
Magnet Mine
Serges Tank File:MMXI - Serges Tank.png Sigma Stage 2 Speed Burner
Rolling Shield
Sigma MMXI - Sigma.png Sigma Stage 3 Electric Spark
Wolf Sigma File:MMXI - Wolf Sigma.png Sigma Stage 3 X-Buster
Spin Wheel


As each mode has a different lineup of Mavericks, different weapons may be available to the player. However, any weapons obtained in a Normal Mode playthrough may be kept when continuing into Hard Mode on the same save, and all weapons are available in Extreme Mode.

Name Sprite Description
Normal Mode
Storm Tornado MMXI - Storm Tornado.png
Shotgun Ice MMXI - Shotgun Ice.png
Speed Burner MMXI - Speed Burner.png
Electric Spark MMXI - Electric Spark.png
Hard Mode
Rolling Shield MMXI - Rolling Shield.png
Magnet Mine MMXI - Magnet Mine.png
Silk Shot MMXI - Silk Shot.png
Spin Wheel MMXI - Spin Wheel.png
X-Buster MMXI - X Buster.png


The Normal and Hard Modes contain different main Maverick stages, though all eight are available when playing on Extreme Mode. Note that the game always begins with the Highway Stage and ends with the three Sigma stages, which are identical regardless of mode (apart from Zain/Geemel's presence in Sigma Stage 1 and which Mavericks a refought in the teleporter room of Sigma Stage 3).

Normal and Extreme Mode:

Hard and Extreme Mode:

Sigma stages:


Name Sprite Description
1 UP File:MMXI - 1 UP.png
Energy (small) File:MMXI - Energy (small).png
Energy (large) File:MMXI - Energy (large).png
Ride Armor File:MMXI - Ride Armor.png
Weapon Energy (small) File:MMXI -Weapon Energy (small).png
Weapon Energy (large) File:MMXI - Weapon Energy (large).png


Name Sprite Description Stage(s)
Heart Tank MMXI - Heart Tank.png
Sub Tank File:MMXI - Sub Tank.png

Armor Parts

X wearing the completed First Armor. Individual parts do not show on his sprite before completion of the armor.

By finding Light Capsules, X can obtain parts of the First Armor from Dr. Light.

Name Sprite Description Stage(s)
Head part File:MMXI - Head part.png
Body part File:MMXI - Body part.png
Arm part File:MMXI - Arm part.png
Foot part File:MMXI - Foot part.png

Zero Scramble

Certain Light Capsules enable X to learn a Zero Scramble from Dr. Light, which allows him to briefly summon Zero to perform a single attack. If the player is playing on Hard Mode and X does not have the First Armor parts yet, these capsules will instead contain armor parts.

Name Sprite Description Stage
Dash MMXI - Zero Scramble Dash.png
Rising MMXI - Zero Scramble Rising.png
Earth Gaizer MMXI - Zero Scramble Earth Gaizer.png
Final MMXI - Zero Scramble Final.png


If X has obtained all other upgrades, he may acquire the powerful Shotokan from a hidden Light Capsule in Sigma Stage 2. If he does not have all the upgrades yet, the capsule will not be there, making it unobtainable by default in Normal Mode.

Name Sprite Description Stage
Shotokan File:MMXI - Shotokan.png Sigma Stage 2


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