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Mega Man Xtreme

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Game Info
File:MMXI - Box Art.png
Box Art
General information
Game Title(s):Mega Man Xtreme, Rockman X: Cyber Mission
Release Date(s):2000
Genre(s):Action, Platformer
Game mode(s):Single Player
Platform(s):Game Boy Color, 3DS Virtual Console


Name Sprite Description
X MMXI - X.png
Zero File:MMXI - Zero.png
Sigma MMXI - Sigma.png
Middy File:MMXI - Middy.png
Techno File:MMXI - Techno.png
Zain File:MMXI - Zain.png
Dr. Cain File:MMXI - Dr. Cain.png
Dr. Light MMXI - Dr. Light.png


Minor Enemies

Mini Bosses


Normal Mode
Name Sprite Description Weapon Weakness
Storm Eagle MMXI - Storm Eagle.png Storm Tornado Flash Stopper
Chill Penguin MMXI - Chill Penguin.png Shotgun Ice Speed Burner
Flame Stag MMXI - Flame Stag.png Speed Burner Storm Tornado
Spark Mandrill MMXI - Spark Mandrill.png Electric Spark Shotgun Ice
Hard Mode
Name Sprite Description Weapon Weakness
Armored Armadillo MMXI - Armored Armadillo.png Rolling Shield Electric Spark
Magna Centipede File:MMXI- Magna Centipede.png Magnet Mine Silk Shot
Morph Moth MMXI - Morph Moth.png Silk Shot Speed Burner
Wheel Gator MMXI - Wheel Gator.png Spin Wheel Magnet Mine

Fortress Bosses

Name Sprite Description Weakness
Normal Hard / Extreme
Vava File:MMXI - Vava.png -
Bospider File:MMXI - Bospider.png Shotgun Ice Magnet Mine
Serges File:MMXI - Serges.png Speed Burner Rolling Shield
Zain File:MMXI - Zain.png Shotgun Ice
Techno File:MMXI - Techno.png -
Geemel MMXI - Geemel.png Spin Wheel Speed Burner
Sigma (1st time) File:MMIV - Sigma 1st Time.png Electric Spark Shouryuken
Sigma (2nd time) File:MMIV - Sigma 2nd Time.png X-Buster Spin Wheel


Name Sprite Description
Normal Mode
Storm Tornado MMXI - Storm Tornado.png
Shotgun Ice File:MMXI - Shotgun Ice.png
Speed Burner MMXI - Speed Burner.png
Electric Spark MMXI - Electric Spark.png
Hard Mode
Rolling Shield MMXI - Rolling Shield.png
Magnet Mine MMXI - Magnet Mine.png
Silk Shot MMXI - Silk Shot.png
Spin Wheel MMXI - Spin Wheel.png
X-Buster File:MMXI - X-Buster.png



Name Sprite Description
Energy Pellet File:MMXI - Energy Pellet.png
Energy Capsule File:MMXI - Energy Capsule.png
Weapon Energy Pellet File:MMXI -Weapon Energy Pellet.png
Weapon Energy Capsule File:MMXI - Weapon Energy Capsule.png
1 UP File:MMXI - 1 UP.png
Heart Tank MMXI - Heart Tank.png
Sub Tank File:MMXI - Sub Tank.png
Ride Armor File:MMXI - Ride Armor.png
Boots Upgrade File:MMXI - Boots Upgrade.png
Helmet Upgrade File:MMXI - Helmet Upgrade.png
Armor Upgrade File:MMXI - Armor Upgrade.png
X-Buster Upgrade File:MMXI - X-Buster Upgrade.png
Dash File:MMXI - Dash.png
Rising File:MMXI - Rising.png
Earth Gaizer File:MMXI - Earth Gaizer.png
Final File:MMXI - Final.png
Shotokan File:MMXI - Shotokan.png



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