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Fire Storm

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Weapon Info
MM1 - Fire Storm Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man.
General information
Name(s):Fire Storm
Type(s):Special Weapon
Abbreviation(s):F, FI
Appearances:Mega Man, Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge, Mega Man: The Wily Wars, Mega Man Powered Up
Game Info
Effect:Shoots a flame and creates a brief fire shield
Obtained from:Fire Man
Strong against:Bomb Man, Cut Man
Other Info
Related Weapons:(Theme): Atomic Fire, Torch Arm, Flame Blast, Scorch Wheel, Flame Sword, Wave Burner, Flame Shower, Flame Mixer, Magma Bazooka, Solar Blaze, Blazing Torch
(Shield:) Leaf Shield, Force Field, Skull Barrier, Star Crash, Skull Barrier, Junk Shield, Turbo Wheel, Flame Mixer, Jewel Satellite, Water Shield, Acid Barrier

Fire Storm is a Robot Master weapon first appearing in the original Mega Man, where it is obtained from Fire Man. It has an orange and yellow colour scheme and shoots flames, while also creating a brief fire shield around the user.

In the Games

Mega Man

Sprite from Mega Man.

In Mega Man, the Fire Storm is obtained by defeating Fire Man, who uses it to release burning blasts that set the ground on fire. When used by Mega Man, it consumes 1 weapon energy to shoot a smaller flame forward in a straight line, as well as creating a fireball shield that quickly spins around him, but only lasts for a brief duration. Both the projectile and shield can harm enemies.

The Fire Storm is the primary weakness of Bomb Man and the first phase of the Wily Machine 1, dealing 4 damage to each. It also deals 3 damage to Cut Man (as much as the standard Mega Buster) and 2 damage to Guts Man and the Copy Robot.

Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge

Sprite from Dr. Wily's Revenge.

The Fire Storm returns as Fire Man's weapon in Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge. It acts fundamentally the same, but the shield spins more slowly and lasts roughly twice as long, which is balanced out by a slower shot.

As Bomb Man is not in this game, it is now the sole weakness of Cut Man, though it deals only 2 damage to him, while other bosses take either 1 damage or none at all. This makes the weapon unusually ineffective in boss fights, though it retains its uses against minor enemies.

Related Weapons

Fire Storm is one of several fire-themed weapons in the Classic era, though their functionality varies a lot. Others include:

The Fire Storm is also one of many weapons that grant Mega Man a shield, either temporary or permanent until cancelled out. Others include:

  • Leaf Shield (Mega Man 2) - Is not cancelled by damage, but is thrown when Mega Man moves.
  • Force Field (Mega Man (DOS)) - Drains weapon energy to keep up, ends when cancelled or taking too much damage.
  • Skull Barrier (Mega Man 4) - A lasting shield that is consumed by damage.
  • Star Crash (Mega Man 5) - A lasting shield that can be thrown on button press.
  • Plant Barrier (Mega Man 6) - A lasting shield that pulsates and pierces some enemy shields.
  • Junk Shield (Mega Man 7) - Individual junk bits that can be fired off and are slowly destroyed by damage.
  • Turbo Wheel (Mega Man 7) - A temporary fire shield that detaches and rolls across the floor.
  • Flame Mixer (Rockman & Forte Mirai Kara no Chōsensha) - A fire shield that costs weapon energy to maintain or can be thrown upwards.
  • Jewel Satellite (Mega Man 9) - Can be thrown on button press.
  • Water Shield (Mega Man 10) - Individual droplets that can be fires off and are destroyed by damage.
  • Acid Barrier (Mega Man 11) - A somewhat temporary shield of individual blobs that can be fired off.


  • Fire Storm's artwork shows the shield as consisting of multiple fireballs (three or five, depending on the art). In-game, only one fireball is displayed at a time, which rotates very quickly to give the impression of a more complete shield.