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Mega Man X6

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Game Info
MMX6 - Box Art NA.jpg
Box Art
General information
Game Title(s):Mega Man X6, Megaman X6, Rockman X6
Release Date(s):
JP: November 29, 2001
NA: December 4, 2001
EU: February 8, 2002
KO: December 12, 2002
AS: June 13, 2003
Genre(s):Action, Platformer
Game mode(s):Single Player

Mega Man X6, known in Japan as Rockman X6 (ロックマンX6, Rokkuman X6) is the sixth entry in the main X series, developed and published by Capcom for the PlayStation in 2001-2002, becoming the final Mega Man game for the console. It later received a Windows port in a few regions.


Three weeks after the fall of the Eurasia colony, a mysterious phenomenon called the Nightmare begins to occur. Rumors spread that the cause of these Nightmares is the ghost of Zero, leading X to embark on an investigation. Secretly, the genius scientist Gate is manipulating the Nightmare from the shadows, having created it from a fragment containing Zero's DNA. He also used it to create the strongest Reploid ever, High Max, who now stands in X's way. Can X put a stop to Gate's ambitions...?[1]


Name Image Description
X MMX6 - X.gif X leads the 17th Unit of the Maverick Hunters. He's working on the Earth recovery operation with other Hunters when he receives Alia's SOS.[2]
Zero MMX6 - Zero.gif Zero once headed up the Special 0 Unit. An SA-Class Hunter, he single-handedly saved the Earth from destruction. He has been missing since the Sigma incident. Few believe he'll ever be found.[2]
Alia MMX6 - Alia Dialogue.png The Hunters' navigator, Alia analyzes situations and provides appropriate backup for Hunters on missions. She has an impressive aptitude for analyzing computer programs.[2]
Signas MMX6 - Signas Cropped Cutscene.png The young general of the Hunters, Signas has gained the corps' trust and loyalty with his cool judgement and level-headed leadership.[2]
Douglas MMX6 - Douglas Cropped Menu.png An expert mechanic, Douglas devises and maintains all the Hunters' equipment, including weapons, vehicles, and facilities. He has thrown himself into the recovery operation with fierce dedication.[2]
Zero Nightmare MMX6 - Zero Nightmare.gif A mysterious and dangerous being that highly resembles Zero. Some are calling it the "ghost of Zero", but what is its true nature?
High Max MMX6 - High Max.png High Max leads an investigative team created by Isoc. His abilities are said to surpass X and Zero's — yet no one knows why he was created.[2]
Isoc MMX6 - Isoc Cropped Cutscene.png The scientist Reploid Isoc pulls together an investigative team to resolve the mystery of the "Nightmare Phenomenon."[2]
Gate MMX6 - Gate.png Once considered a genius in Reploid development, Gate has lately been shunned in scientific circles because his research was misunderstood. His luck begins to change when he discovers something interesting...[2]
Sigma MMX6 - Sigma (1st form).gif The evil mastermind who was defeated by Zero after his plans nearly destroyed the planet. Someone has helped him return from the dead, but he's definitely worse for wear.
Dynamo MMX5 - Dynamo.gif A mercenary once hired by Sigma. He now seeks to profit off the power of the Nightmare.
Dr. Light MMX4 - Dr. Light.gif The creator of X, who has left Light Capsules to deliver Armor Parts to him, years after his own passing.


Minor Enemies

Name Image Description Stage(s)
Batton Bone B82 MMX6 - Batton Bone B82.png Inami Temple
Blast Raster MMX6 - Blast Raster.png
Caterpiride MMX6 - Caterpiride.png Amazon Area
Death Press D MMX6 - Death Press D.png Laser Institute
Ground Sniper File:MMX6 - Ground Sniper.png
Group Jet MMX6 - Group Jet.png Weapon Center
Hover Gunner MMX6 - Hover Gunner.png Opening stage
Junkroid MMX6 - Junkroid.png Opening stage, Recycle Lab
Killer Moth MMX6 - Killer Moth.png Amazon Area
Meta Dridler MMX6 - Meta Dridler.png Opening stage
Metall T MMX6 - Metall T.png Laser Institute, Recycle Lab
Meta Wheel F MMX6 - Meta Wheel F.png Opening stage
Monbando MMX6 - Monbando.png Inami Temple
Nightmare Bug MMX6 - Nightmare Bug.png Flies in in certain areas and stays near the character to block attacks if Commander Yammark's Nightmare is active. Attacking it a few times drives it away. Magma Area
Nightmare Cube MMX6 - Nightmare Cube.png Laser Institute
Nightmare Fire MMX6 - Nightmare Fire.png Falls from the sky at random in certain areas if Blaze Heatnix's Nightmare is active. Northpole Area
Nightmare Insect MMX6 - Nightmare Insect.png Amazon Area
Nightmare Iron MMX6 - Nightmare Iron.png Weapon Center
Nightmare Laser MMX6 - Nightmare Laser.png Laser Institute
Nightmare Mirror MMX6 - Nightmare Mirror.png A copy of X or Zero (the opposite to the player's character) sometimes appears in certain areas and charges at the player if Shield Sheldon's Nightmare is active. Inami Temple, Northpole Area
Nightmare Random MMX6 - Nightmare Random.png Central Museum
Nightmare Virus MMX6 - Nightmare Virus.png
Probe 8201-U type[conj.] MMX6 - Probe 8201-U type.png Inami Temple
Sea Attacker ST MMX6 - Sea Attacker ST.png Inami Temple
Totem Exit MMX6 - Totem Exit.png Central Museum
Totem Gate MMX6 - Totem Gate.png Central Museum
Weather Analyze MMX6 - Weather Analyze.png Inami Temple
Wolfloid MMX6 - Wolfloid.png Northpole Area
Worm Sniper MMX6 - Worm Sniper.png Amazon Area

Mini Bosses

Name Image Description Stage(s)
Illumina MMX6 - Illumina.png Weapon Center
Nightmare Pressure MMX6 - Nightmare Pressure.png Recycle Lab
Nightmare Snake MMX6 - Nightmare Snake.png Magma Area



Name Image Description Weapon Weakness
X Zero X Zero
Commander Yammark MMX6 - Commander Yammark.gif Yammar Option Ray Arrow Rekkoha
Rainy Turtloid MMX6 - Rainy Turtloid.gif Meteor Rain Ensuizan Ice Burst Hyoroga
Shield Sheldon MMX6 - Shield Sheldon.png Guard Shell Metal Anchor Rakukojin
Blizzard Wolfang MMX6 - Blizzard Wolfang.gif Ice Burst Hyoroga Magma Blade Shoenzan
Blaze Heatnix MMX6 - Blaze Heatnix.gif Magma Blade Shoenzan Ground Dash Sentsuizan
Infinity Mijinion MMX6 - Infinity Mijinion.gif Ray Arrow Rekkoha Guard Shell
Metal Shark Player MMX6 - Metal Shark Player.gif Metal Anchor Rakukojin Meteor Rain Ensuizan
Ground Scaravich MMX6 - Ground Scaravich.gif Ground Dash Sentsuizan Yammar Option

Other Bosses

Name Image Description Weakness
X Zero
D-1000 MMX6 - D-1000.png Z-Saber N/A
High Max (Opening Stage) MMX6 - High Max.png N/A N/A
Zero Nightmare MMX6 - Zero Nightmare.gif Z-Saber N/A
High Max (Another Route) MMX6 - High Max.png
Dynamo MMX5 - Dynamo.gif Meteor Rain Ensuizan
Nightmare Mother MMX6 - Nightmare Mother.gif Metal Anchor Rakukojin
High Max (Secret Lab) MMX6 - High Max.png
Gate MMX6 - Gate (Combat).gif N/A N/A
Sigma MMX6 - Sigma (1st form).gif Metal Anchor Rakukojin
Hell Sigma MMX6 - Hell Sigma.png Ground Dash Sentsuizan


For X

Name Sprite Description
X-Buster File:MMX6 - X-Buster.png
Ground Dash MMX6 - Ground Dash.png
Guard Shell MMX6 - Guard Shell.png
Ice Burst MMX6 - Ice Burst.png
Magma Blade MMX6 - Magma Blade.png
Metal Anchor MMX6 - Metal Anchor.png
Meteor Rain MMX6 - Meteor Rain.png
Ray Arrow MMX6 - Ray Arrow.png
Yammar Option MMX6 - Yammar Option.png

For Zero

Name Sprite Description
X-Buster File:MMX6 - X-Buster.png
Ensuizan File:MMX6 - Ensuizan.png
Guard Shell MMX6 - Guard Shell.png
Hyoroga File:MMX6 - Hyoroga.png
Rakukojin File:MMX6 - Rakukojin.png
Rekkoha File:MMX6 - Rekkoha.png
Sentsuizan File:MMX6 - Sentsuizan.png
Shoenzan File:MMX6 - Shoenzan.png
Yammar Option MMX6 - Yammar Option.png



Name Sprite Description
Energy (small) File:MMX6 - Energy (small).png
Energy (large) File:MMX6 - Energy (large).png
Weapon Energy (small) File:MMX6 - Weapon Energy (small).png
Weapon Energy (large) File:MMX6 - Weapon Energy (large).png
1 UP File:MMX6 - 1 UP.png
Heart Tank File:MMX6 - Heart Tank.png
Sub-Tank File:MMX6 - Sub-Tank.png
Weapon Sub-Tank File:MMX6 - Weapon Sub-Tank.png
EX Tank File:MMX6 - EX Tank.png


Name Sprite Description
Buster Plus File:MMX6 - Buster Plus.png
D. Barrier File:MMX6 - D. Barrier.png
D-Converter File:MMX6 - D-Converter.png
Energy Save File:MMX6 - Energy Save.png
Hyper Dash File:MMX6 - Hyper Dash.png
Hyperdrive File:MMX6 - Hyperdrive.png
Jumper File:MMX6 - Jumper.png
Life Recover File:MMX6 - Life Recover.png
Life Up File:MMX6 - Life Up.png
Master Saber File:MMX6 - Master Saber.png
Overdrive File:MMX6 - Overdrive.png
Powerdrive File:MMX6 - Powerdrive.png
Quick Charge File:MMX6 - Quick Charge.png
Rapid 5 File:MMX6 - Rapid 5.png
Saber Extend File:MMX6 - Saber Extend.png
Shock Buffer File:MMX6 - Shock Buffer.png
Speed Shot File:MMX6 - Speed Shot.png
Speedster File:MMX6 - Speedster.png
Super Recover File:MMX6 - Super Recover.png
Ultimate Buster File:MMX6 - Ultimate Buster.png
Weapon Drive File:MMX6 - Weapon Drive.png
Weapon Plus File:MMX6 - Weapon Plus.png
Weapon Recover File:MMX6 - Weapon Recover.png


Name Sprite Description
Anti-Virus Guard File:MMX6 - Anti-Virus Guard.png
Burst Shot File:MMX6 - Burst Shot.png
Buster Plus File:MMX6 - Buster Plus.png
Hyper Dash File:MMX6 - Hyper Dash.png
Jump File:MMX6 - Jump.png
Quick Charge File:MMX6 - Quick Charge.png
Shock Buffer File:MMX6 - Shock Buffer.png
Shot eraser File:MMX6 - Shot eraser.png
Speed Shot File:MMX6 - Speed Shot.png
Speedster File:MMX6 - Speedster.png
Super Recover File:MMX6 - Super Recover.png
Ultimate Buster File:MMX6 - Ultimate Buster.png
Virus Buster File:MMX6 - Virus Buster.png
W-Energy Saver File:MMX6 - W-Energy Saver.png
Z-Saber Extend File:MMX6 - Z-Saber Extend.png

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