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Spark Man

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Robot Master Info
MM3 - Spark Man Art.png
Artwork from Mega Man 3.
Portrait from Mega Man 3. Portrait from Mega Man III. Portrait from The Wily Wars.
Stage portrait(s).
General information
Name(s):Spark Man, Sparkman
Group(s):Robot Masters
Appearances:Mega Man 3, Mega Man III, Mega Man: The Wily Wars
Related Numbers:Serial Number: DWN-023
Mega Man & Bass CD: 023
Built by:Dr. Light and Dr. Wily
Designer:Mikihiro Suzuki
Game Info
Weapon(s):Spark Shock
Weakness(es):Shadow Blade
Stage(s):Spark Man's stage (Mega Man 3), Spark Man's stage (Mega Man III)
1994 animated series info
Voiced By:Garry Chalk, Tony Sampson
Episode(s):Mega-Pinocchio, Cold Steel

Spark Man (or Sparkman) is a Robot Master first appearing in Mega Man 3. He is one of the Robot Masters created by Dr. Light and Dr. Wily to search alien worlds for energy crystals so they could power their peace-keeping robot, Gamma. Like his fellow Robot Masters, he becomes part of Dr. Wily's evil plan, and has since been cast as a villain in most of his appearances.

Spark Man is an orange robot based on a spark plug, with the electrode part on top of his helmet and the insulator forming his torso. His hands are pointed metal rods, which he uses to generate electricity, either in form of sparks or larger electric charges. Though all his attacks deal damage, the Spark Shock copied from him is merely able to stun opponents.

In the Games

Mega Man 3

Boss sprite from Mega Man 3.

In Mega Man 3, Spark Man is one of the main bosses that can be selected from the start and the first listed on the stage select screen, in reading order. His stage is set in an industrial facility, with flashing lights and electrical-themed enemies.

Spark Man is fought in a room with stairs going up towards the middle. He will make up to four jumps in Mega Man's direction, then stop to use his two attacks, starting by causing small sparks to fly out in eight directions and then charging up a giant ball of electricity over his head, which he throws directly at Mega Man. Although separate, these attacks are never used independently and always in the same sequence.

Spark Man is weak to the Shadow Blade, which deals 4 damage to him, and has minor weaknesses to the Needle Cannon and Hard Knuckle, which each deal 2. Like all of Mega Man 3's Robot Masters, he also takes 4 damage from his own weapon during his Teleporter Room rematch. Defeating him grants Mega Man the Spark Shock, which deals no damage to regular enemies when used by the player, but will stun them for a short duration.

Mega Man III

Boss sprite from Mega Man III.

In Mega Man III on the Game Boy, Spark Man is one of the first batch of Robot Masters, accessible from the start. His stage is similar to his original one, and so is his fight, although he now uses his attacks one at a time instead of his original combo, beginning with the charge attack and alternating between them throughout the fight. He can also jump more often, while his room is much more constrained due to the smaller screen, making it harder to avoid contact damage.

Spark Man retains his weakness to the Shadow Blade, though it now deals only 3 damage. As before, defeating him awards the Spark Shock.

Battle Network era

Spark Man has a NetNavi equivalent in SparkMan.EXE, who appears very similar to the Robot Master. He first appears as a tournament opponent in Mega Man Battle Network 4 (both versions) and his operator is Terry Jomon.

Super Smash Bros. series

Name Source Game Weapon Assist Trophy Smash Tour Item Boss Stage Mii Costume Enemy Trophy Spirit Music
Spark Man Mega Man 3 Spark Shock, Mega Man's Up smash N/A N/A N/A Smash Run and Wily Castle (Wii U and Ultimate) N/A N/A N/A 892 - SSBU - Spark Man.png File:SSBU - Snake Man Stage.oga

File:SSBU - Mega Man 3 Retro Medley.oga

Official Data

Mega Man & Bass CD

Spark Man's CD in Mega Man & Bass is located in Dynamo Man's stage, another electric-themed Robot Master. It is found early in the stage and intended for Mega Man to get by using the Ice Wall for a boost and then sliding through a gap.

023 Spark Man
MM&B - CD - Spark Man.png A robot created to charge electricity and he can generate twice as high voltage as Elec Man can. GOOD POINT:
Forgetful robot
Electric eel
"Don't fall out of line, please." DISLIKE:

Mega Man Legacy Collection Database

Spark Man appears under "Mega Man 3" in the Database in Mega Man Legacy Collection and is the second-to-last Robot Master listed for the game. Like other Robot Masters, he can be fought by pressing a designated button while viewing his data.

MM3 - Spark Man Art.png Spark Man
Possesses twice the electrical power of Elec Man. That said, his programming makes him somewhat scatterbrained.
HP 28 AT 04 MMLC - Icon Weakness.png MMLC - Icon Shadow Blade.png

Related Robot Masters

Spark Man is one of many Robot Masters with an electricity theme. Others include:


  • Oddly, all the first batch Robot Masters in Mega Man III have a minor weakness (2 damage) to a weapon from the second batch, even though the lack of boss refights means they cannot be used against them without hacks. Spark Man's weakness among these is the Dive Missile.